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Translated Letter is provided as an objective for A [30] Translation to Ello, which is part of the Bride of the Embalmer quest chain.


Greetings Ello Ebonlocke, Mayor of Darkshire. I'm afraid I have news for your town. Grave news.

You see, I am a creator. I fooled the bearer of this note into aiding me in my latest, most dire creation - a fiend of flesh and bone and twisted metal! As you read this, it's likely outside my humble dwelling, gnashing its teeth and waiting for my word to go forth and slaughter.

But you'll know soon enough.

-The Embalmer


This is the  [Letter to Ello] after it has been translated by Sirra Von'Indi. When you carry the Translated Letter from Sirra Von'Indi back to Mayor Ello Ebonlocke and complete the A [30] Translation to Ello You are offered the final quest in the quest chain, A [30] Bride of the Embalmer. At this point you receive the Translated Letter back, but you no longer need it and can safely discard it. It will not be cleared from your inventory by the quest chain.

The letter refers to Stitches, an abomination spawned when A [30] Translation to Ello is completed (but only if he is not already active.) Stiches has over 12,000 health and is far harder than even the bosses in Duskwood.

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