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Transmute: Meat to Pet

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Transmute: Meat to Pet allows an alchemist to change Broken Isles meat into  [Pulsating Sac]. This triggers a 24-hour transmute cooldown.


This skill can only be learned through discovery of Wild Transmutation.

Inv misc food legion fattybearsteak.png 3x [Fatty Bearsteak] Inv misc wailingbone.png 20x [Unbroken Claw]
Inv misc bone 08.png 20x [Unbroken Tooth] Inv inscription pigment verdant.png [Viscous Transmutagen]
Inv inscription pigment ebon.png [Black Transmutagen] Inv inscription pigment burnt.png [Oily Transmutagen]
Inv misc food 114 orcablubber.png [Pulsating Sac]

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