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A Greenstone Miner trapped

86 (Requires 85)




9g 80s


N [86] Mann's Man



Free 8 Greenstone Miners in the Greenstone Quarry.


<Hao struggles against the rubble with all his might.>


Let me guess: my wife sent you? Imagine that, my delicate little snow lily all worried. Ha ha! She's always frettin' over me. Look--HNNGHH!!!--it'll take more than a little--HNNGGHHH!!--cave-in to keep ol' Hao down.

Some o' the boys, on the other hand, are in trouble. Help 'em out if you find any, will ya? I'll be fine.



You will receive: 9g 80s


<Hao lets out a hearty laugh.>

I seen 'em come runnin' out o' there like ol' Kher Shan himself were givin' chase.


  • 110000 XP


On accept:

Hao Mann says: HNNGGG!!!
Hao frees himself from the rubble.
Hao Mann says: Ahh, there we go. Told you I had it!
Hao walks up towards the entrance.
Hao Mann says: I'm sure you can handle things in here. I'll be outside settling things down.

Keep heading in, then start killing shale spiders and freeing miners.


  • Greenstone Miner says: Woah... get away from me, crazy... spider-thing!
  • Greenstone Miner says: I better be getting overtime for this.
  • Greenstone Miner says: No! I don't want to be nibbled!
  • Greenstone Miner says: Ah! It's comin' right for me!
  • Greenstone Miner says: Ahh, get these things away from me!
  • Greenstone Miner struggles to turn his face away from the Greenstone Nibbler.
  • Greenstone Miner huffs and puffs, trying to blow at the Greenstone Nibbler.


  • Greenstone Miner says: Much obliged, stranger.
  • Greenstone Miner says: That's it: I'm demanding hazard pay after this.
  • Greenstone Miner says: Oh, I was just resting... I rest sometimes... under rocks...
  • Greenstone Miner says: I gotta tell my cubs about this! Of course, I'll change the part where their paw-paw got stuck...
  • Greenstone Miner says: I'll check in with Hao. Thank you!
  • Greenstone Miner says: Foreman's gotta be fumin' right now. Glad yer dealin' with her and not me.
  • Greenstone Miner says: I was JUST about to wiggle myself free... I think.
  • Greenstone Miner says: I ain't settin' foot in this place ever again!
  • Greenstone Miner says: My favorite kind of <class>: the brave, rescue-y type!
  • Greenstone Miner says: Today it's cave-ins and nibblers, tomorrow it'll be floods and jinyu. Just another day at the quarry.


Optional breadcrumb: A [86] In Search of Wisdom / H [86] Dawn's Blossom

  1. N [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom
  2. N [86] The Double Hozen Dare & N [86] Down Kitty!
  3. N [86] The Jade Witch
  4. N [86] All We Can Spare
  5. N [86] I Have No Jade And I Must Scream
  6. N [86] Mann's Man
  7. N [86] Trapped!
  8. N [86] What's Mined Is Yours
  9. N [86] The Serpent's Heart
  10. N [86] Love's Labor
  11. N [86] The Temple of the Jade Serpent
  12. Complete all of:
    1. N [86] The Librarian's Quandary
    2. N [86] Moth-Ridden & N [86] Pages of History
    3. N [86] Everything In Its Place
  13. N [86] The Jade Serpent

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