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The Trenchwalkers are a group of skrogs inhabiting Azuregale Bay. Most of them are found underwater, including the caves Azuregale Hollow and Forgalash's Den. They have allied themselves to Tidemistress Sashj'tar and her naga.[1]

As allies of the naga they are enemies of the vrykul of Jandvik.[2] They have captured several vrykul, holding them in air bubbles at the bottom of the bay. Seawarden Largush has made a deal with the naga, handing over several of the vrykul captives to them.[3]



Notes and trivia

  • In the beta, this group was led by a King Forgalash. The empty location Forgalash's Den bears his name. Dying Trenchwalker skrog will often cry Forgalash... I was not... strong enough..., suggesting he still may be a leader within the Trenchwalkers. His current status is thus unknown.
  • The quest N [110] King Forgalash's Burden, which did not make it out of beta, made it clear that King Forgalash conferred with Tidemistress Sashj'tar multiple times. The vrykul of Jandvik would thus send adventurers to kill him. Regardless of the omission of this questline in the game, the Trenchwalkers are still strong allies of the Sashj'tar.
  • King Morgalash has a very similar name and status than Forgalash. It is unknown if the two are supposed to represent the same character, two rival kings or two consecutive kings.


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