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Trent Kaniuga

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Trent Kaniuga is an artist who worked at Blizzard Entertainment from 2006 to 2019. He was a Concept Designer on The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, as well as an artist for the TCG and Hearthstone. Kaniuga left Blizzard because he prefers working with smaller teams where he can connect with the players and the development team, a connection which he felt he lost when Blizzard quickly grew into a larger company. He currently runs the independent art house Aquatic Moon, which does contract work for Blizzard, Riot, and other companies.[1][2][3][4] He and his team notably did the artwork for Traveler's second volume.[5]


TCG and Hearthstone


  1. ^ Trent Kaniuga on Reddit (2020-04-20). Retrieved on 2020-05-14. “Yes. I run an independent art house, and we're currently working on the Legends of Runeterra game, as well as many other projects. We also work on Fortnite, Overwatch and sometimes Hearthstone. When I have free time I work on my own universe called Twilight Monk which is a series of Art books and novels.
  2. ^ Trent Kaniuga on Reddit (2020-04-21). Retrieved on 2020-05-14. “I like working with small teams, where I get to connect with the players and the dev team. Blizzard grew so fast that I lost that connection. I was not allowed to discuss the games that I worked on. So I became depressed and left. Then I took a job at Riot games for a while until that happened again. Now I do indie stuff, or just do contracts for Blizzard or Riot, or teams that appreciate my work.
  3. ^ Trent Kaniuga on Reddit (2020-04-21). Retrieved on 2020-05-14. “I left Blizzard because I did not feel connected with the players. With the company growing from 100 people to 6000 people, it wasn't the same company anymore. I loved working at Blizzard when it felt like an indie company.
  4. ^ Trent Kaniuga on Reddit (2020-04-21). Retrieved on 2020-05-14. “Also, I run an art house now, and sometimes we are hired by Blizzard to work on art books or Overwatch concept art. It's not like I never work with Blizzard anymore, I just do the work with an art team that I've hired myself.
  5. ^ Trent Kaniuga on Twitter (2017-07-24). Retrieved on 2020-05-14. “Finally announced. My team and I are doing the artwork for Warcraft Travelers book 2 w/ @Greg_Weisman

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