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Trey Lightforge

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Trey Lightforge
Image of Trey Lightforge
Trey being tortured
Gender Male
Race(s) Human
Class Paladin
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Silver Hand
Location Shadow Hold, Felwood
Status Deceased
Are you looking for the Spirit of Trey Lightforge or the Remains of Trey Lightforge?

Trey Lightforge was a Knight of the Silver Hand.


Trey Lightforge was a close friend of Jessir Moonbow and Arko'narin but was tortured to death by the Jaedenar in Shadow Hold. He and Arko'narin were captured by the Jaedenar while investigating their dealings and the resurgence of the Shadow Council. He was a Knight of the Silver Hand likely having come to Kalimdor alongside Delgren the Purifier and Feero Ironhand. They professed that they arrived to help the night elves fight the demons and undead that plague their forests. His sword was the powerful Lightforge.

With the help of adventurers, his remains were presumably interred near the Emerald Sanctuary.