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Trial Master Rotun

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NeutralTrial Master Rotun
Image of Trial Master Rotun
Title <Proving Grounds Instructor>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 100
Health 97,854
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Proving Grounds
Status Alive

Trial Master Rotun is a 100 pandaren that starts the roles trials in Proving Grounds.


  • Welcome to the Proving Grounds. Your first trial will now begin. Defeat each wave of Illusions before time runs out.
  • This Illusionary Slayer will test your ability to damage your opponent. Do not worry; it cannot harm you.
  • A master of defense, the Illusionary Guardian deflects all attacks from the front. Stay behind it.
  • Illusionary Varmints come from packs, and are harmless. Use attacks that affect multiple opponents to kill them quickly.
  • As before, defeat each wave of Illusions before time runs out. This time, you will encounter more difficult Illusions.
  • The Illusionary Amber-Weaver conjures globes of amber that float toward you and explode on any contact. Lead the globs into other Illusions.
  • The Illusionary Mystic will heal any ally that is significantly wounded. Interrupt its healing spells.
  • Prepare yourself for the most difficult illusions. Defeat them before time expires, and success will be yours.
  • Ah, the Illusionary Banana-Tosser! It will rapidly toss bananas toward you. Move to avoid them. Prevent it from run away from you, if you can.
  • An Illusionary Banshee! Kill it, quickly, before it explodes!
  • Oh, the Illusionary Sha! Save your strongest attacks from when its barrier falls, leaving it exposed.
This trial will test you how far your skill can take you. It will never end; it only gets more challenging.
You have run out of time. Shall we try again?
Success! Hah, well done. See me for your next trial.

Notes and trivia

  • Starts the scenario, begins the trials inside the scenario.
  • Rotun is voiced by Todd Stone.

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