Trial of the Sea Lion (Alliance)

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AllianceTrial of the Sea Lion

16 (Requires 16)


Third in the series that leads a druid to gaining [Aquatic Form].


Find the  [Half Pendant of Aquatic Agility] and the  [Half Pendant of Aquatic Endurance]. Speak with the residents of Moonglade to learn clues as to where these items may be located.

Form the  [Pendant of the Sea Lion] from the two pendant halves. You need to be in proximity of the Shrine of Remulos to do this.

Bring the joined pendant to Dendrite Starblaze in the village of Nighthaven, Moonglade.


For the second trial, you'll need the two halves that make the  [Pendant of the Sea Lion]. One half draws power from the agility of the sea lion aspect, gliding through water; the other draws power from the incredible endurance of the sea lion aspect. Druids draw on both these traits equally to embody the aspect of their aquatic form.

Speak with the locals of Moonglade to learn where the parts may lie, and bring both here to join them together. Once formed, take the pendant to Dendrite Starblaze.


Have you formed your pendant for me to inspect, <name>? If you need help in locating the parts, try asking the local populace for information. Not only will you find what you seek, but it will give you a reason to explore this wondrous and sacred glade.


You've completed the Trial of the Sea Lion, <name> - congratulations.

Each task in acquiring the pendant shows that both agility and endurance are necessary to act in harmony with what you desire to do underwater. Neither can exist without the other, and both cannot be done without your willingness to embrace the aspect of the sea lion.

Remember these lessons well, and count on them once you have gained your aquatic form.



The text of this quest is identical for both factions.

The Darnassus Flight Master can tell you where to find the pendant halves, or see


From the Tauren flight master
The waters of Westfall are where you mush search, due west-northwest of where the Gold Coast Quarry meets with the shore. An anchor shows where a boat has sunk beyond it, deep within the water. The underwater pressure is fierce here: swimming too far will crush even the mightiest swimmer from fatigue.
Look for a natural formation to aid you, <name> - a bubbly fissure is near here, offering deep-water swimmers a chance for renewed breath.
From the Night Elf flight master
In the northern part of Darkshore runs the Cliffspring River, flowing down from the lands now known as Felwood. As the river flows out and empties out into the Mist's Edge, travel north to where the deepest parts of the ocean begin. A stone formation that some call the Stone Claw due to its shape is where you may find what you seek.
Be warned - threshers gather by the Stone Claw, and will attack those who trespass on their territory.


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