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For the item type, see trinket.
Image of Trinket
Race Raven (Beast)
Level 6
Health 185
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Talon's Vengeance
Occupation Talon's Vengeance quartermaster
Location Sylvan Falls, Highmountain [32.4, 66.8]
Status Alive

Trinket is a raven that can be found sitting on the base of the large statue at the Sylvan Falls in Highmountain. After players have unlocked access to the hidden Talon's Vengeance faction, Trinket serves as the faction's quartermaster.

Vendor information

Reputation Item Cost Type
Neutral  [Ivory Talon] 1s PvP item
 [Regurgitated Leaf] 1g Consumable
Friendly  [Bag of Twigs] 10g Consumable
Honored  [Ivory Feather] 100g PvP item
Revered  [Cracked Falcosaur Beak] 1000g Trinket
Exalted  [Ivory Hawkstrider] 10000g Mount

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