Triumphant Koltira's Battlegear (heroic)

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Triumphant Koltira's Battlegear (heroic) was the upper rank of the Koltira's Battlegear set, the Horde death knight Tier 9 damage dealing set. The lower set is Conqueror's Koltira's Battlegear, the middle set is Triumphant Koltira's Battlegear.

The Alliance equivalent to this set is Triumphant Thassarian's Battlegear (heroic).


The Triumphant Koltira's Battlegear (heroic) items were sold by Alliance Champion Isimode <Triumphant Armor Vendor> in Icecrown for  [Regalia of the Grand Vanquisher].

It is no longer available to players.


Triumphant Koltira's Battlegear (heroic)
Inv chest plate 24.png [Koltira's Battleplate of Triumph] Inv gauntlets 62.png [Koltira's Gauntlets of Triumph]
Inv helmet 130.png [Koltira's Helmet of Triumph] Inv pants plate 25.png [Koltira's Legplates of Triumph]
Inv shoulder 73.png [Koltira's Shoulderplates of Triumph]

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