Triumphant Runetotem's Battlegear (heroic)

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Triumphant Runetotem's Battlegear (heroic) was the upper rank of the Runetotem's Battlegear set, the horde feral druid Tier 9 set. The lower set is Conqueror's Runetotem's Battlegear, the middle set is Triumphant Runetotem's Battlegear.

The Alliance equivalent of this set is Triumphant Malfurion's Battlegear (heroic).


shortcut iconSee also: AllianceMalfurion's Garb set or HordeRunetotem's Garb set for the healer (restoration) set.
See also: AllianceMalfurion's Regalia set or HordeRunetotem's Regalia set for the caster(balance) set.


The Triumphant Runetotem's Battlegear (heroic) items were sold by Horde Champion Faesrol <Triumphant Armor Vendor> in Icecrown for  [Regalia of the Grand Vanquisher].

It is no longer available to players.


Triumphant Runetotem's Battlegear (heroic)

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