Troll Charm (quest)

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HordeTroll Charm
Start Mitsuwa
End Mitsuwa
Level 24 (Requires 19)
Type Solo
Category Ashenvale
Experience 1850
Reputation Darkspear Trolls +250
Rewards 15s


Bring 8 Troll Charms to Mitsuwa at Hellscream's Watch.

You will need:


My kinfolk were traveling here with many sacred troll charms, but the Thistlefur furbolgs attacked and killed them before they reached Zoram'gar[1]! Those vile furbolgs!

I miss my brothers and sisters who were killed, but we will meet again in the afterlife. However, their troll charms hold great value in this world. It is an outrage that the furbolgs have them!

<name>, you must retrieve the charms! They are in chests in Thistlefur Hold, a cave at the end of Thistlefur Village, north of Astranaar.


Did you find the charms, <name>? Every moment the furbolgs possess those sacred items, my blood boils with rage!


You found them! Thank you! Thank you, <name>! You do not know how great a thing you have done for me.

A troll without her charm is like an orc without her battle scars...




  1. ^ Pre-Shattering, Mitsuwa was located at Zoram'gar Outpost. The quest text must not have been updated to reflect his change in location.

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