Trollbane family

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The Trollbane family is a human family and is the ruling family of Stromgarde.

Trol'kalar is a precious family heirloom.[1]

Known members

Name Spouse Notes Status
IconSmall Human Male.gif Ignaeus N/A Ancestor of the bloodline and general of Thoradin. Deceased
IconSmall Human Male.gif Liam N/A Father of Thoras. Deceased
IconSmall Thoras.gifIconSmall ThorasDK.gif Thoras N/A Son of Liam and Lord of Stromgarde during the Second War. Undead
IconSmall Galen.gifIconSmall UndeadGalen.gif Galen N/A Son of Thoras and former Lord of Stromgarde Deceased[2]
IconSmall Danath.gif Danath N/A Thoras' nephew and Militia Commander of Stromgarde, Master of Honor Hold, and current leader of Stromgarde. Alive