Trouble Brewing (Kun-Lai Summit)

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NeutralTrouble Brewing

88 (Requires 87)




10x  [Cup of Kafa]
10g 60s

For the Stormstout Brewery quest, see N [87D] Trouble Brewing.


Kill 5 Kafa-Crazed Yetis in the caves on Kota Peak.


Lots of yetis in Kota, yup. Usually not too dangerous. Usually just eat goots.

Then they ate the goots full of kafa...

<Keenbean shoots Gootfur a mean glance.>

Now they're moody, cranky, sleep a lot but never seem rested. Typical kafa addicts.

Gonna come outta those caves soon, I'm sure. Come lookin' for more kafa.

Then we all in trouble.


You will receive: 10x  [Cup of Kafa] and 10g 60s


Don't wanna fight yetis? Can't say I blame you.


You made it!

Yetis are tough enough on their own - can't imagine what a cranky kafa-addict yeti must be like. You brave. Or lucky. Or dumb.

Maybe all three.


  • 162000 XP


Pick up N [88] Kota Blend, N [88] Shut it Down, and N [88] Gourmet Kafa before heading out.

Keenbean will provide one  [Kafa'kota Berry] on accept, so feel free to sample it.

The path up the mountain starts inside the basecamp to the southwest, marked by waving red flags. Start killing goats, marking "deposits", snagging berry bushes (in bunches of 6-11), and moving further uphill. Keep an eye out for the cave and start killing yeti. Bunches of berries are all over the cave, so don't panic if not many are found outside. Kota Blend will complete automatically as soon as at least 100 berries are in adventurers' bags at one time. Don't turn in the followup, N [88] A Fair Trade, until the other three quests are done, as A Fair Trade will drop players off at the base of the mountain on complete.


  1. N [88] Kota Blend
  2. N [88] A Fair Trade
  3. N [88] The Burlap Grind
  4. N [88 Daily] The Burlap Grind

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