Troubles From Without

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  • Troubles From Without
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "This waterlogged Shado-Pan missive describes the strange behavior of the makrura."
  • Sell Price: 10s

Troubles From Without can be looted from Akkalar, Akkalou, Clamstok, Damlak, Kishak, and Odd'nirok in Pandaria. It is used to help the player locate the mobs.

A player cannot hold more than one at any time, so it may or may not be seen dropping again until his or her copy is removed.


Troubles From Without

-- Page 1

Brothers and Sisters,

We need to keep our eyes beyond our shores. The mists have fallen. We, the Shado-Pan are the next and final line of defense.

The first to come, as you know, were the Horde and Alliance. While they have not shown themselves to be hostile, we continue to follow them with a wary eye.

The next to come did not arrive by air, but from beneath the sea. The makrura have shown increased activity on our shores, which suggests a possible future attack. I will highlight a few high-priority targets to look out for.

-- Page 2

This female has been known to attack the fishermen of Sri-La Village in times of hunger. Reports vary whether she is simply a nuisance or an outright menace. Last seen on the rocks southwest of Windward Isle, in the Jade Forest.

Akkalar is renowned among his kind for his thick carapace. His brazen attacks on the jinyu of the Jade Forest suggest either arrogance or strength. Potentially both. Last seen on the southern tip of the Jade Forest, south of Pearlfin Village.

-- Page 3

Omnia scholars have suggested that the makrura have some capacity in magic. Those who have seen Damlak know this to be true. This shadowy creature wanders the islands and seafloor between the Cradle of Chi-Ji and Nayeli Lagoon, in the Krasarang Wilds.

A furious warrior from the icy waters of the north. Last seen patrolling the rocky coast of Kun-Lai Summit, west of Zouchin Village.

-- Page 4

An absolute brute from beyond the wall, known for his overwhelming strength. Even the mantid keep a fair distance from this one. Last seen off the northwestern coast of Zan'vess.

Odd'nirok does not fight with his claws as the other makrura do. Instead, he possesses a crude shamanic power, fighting with the force of water itself. He was last seen on the shores south of the cliffs of Sik'vess, in Townlong Steppes.

-- Page 5

While we are discussing makrura, I must mention Kril'mandar, known as the Clawlord, or the Terror of the Southern Tide.

Kril'mandar has NOT been seen in years. Our lookouts along the southern wall have inspected his island, far to the west of the Cradle of Chi-Ji, and have not seen any signs of his return.

Remain vigilant.

-Hawkmaster Nurong

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