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Image of Turgore
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 14/80/83
Health 210/21,666/536,810
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Grizzly Hills; Kelp'thar Forest; Uldum

Turgore is an orc and a member of Budd's gang.

He first appeared outside Zul'Aman in the Ghostlands, later traveling to Granite Springs in the Grizzly Hills. After the Shattering, he traveled with Budd and the others aboard a mercenary ship that was attacked and wound up underwater in Vashj'ir. After escaping back to land, he joined an expedition to Uldum.


  • Step aboard, friends! Carefully now...
  • There ya go, all aboard. That's right...
  • And please. Pay no heed to the...uhh...diversity of our crew.
  • Rest assured, they'll deliver ya safely to yer destination.
  • That being the fresh piece of land just off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Alright then. Make ready everyone...here we go!

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