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Turning the Tidemistress

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NeutralTurning the Tidemistress

110 (Requires 110)






Construct a Makeshift Ballista and kill Tidemistress Sashj'tar in the Sashj'tar Ruins.


The Tidemistress has fallen back to the elven ruins and is licking her wounds.

Her guard is undoubtedly protecting her. To best her, you will have to break her defenses.

Construct a ballista using the parts that you salvaged and end her once and for all.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv misc gem pearl 14.png [The Tidemistress' Enchanted Pearl]


We finally have the advantage against the Sashj'tar.

Now is the time to kill the Tidemistress.


You have done it, <name>. You have slain the Tidemistress and saved Jandvik from the Sashj'tar.


As she calls out, various Jandvik Runecallers and Jandvik Splintershields spawn and gather around the bonfire.
Toryl yells: Citizens of Jandvik! Gather round the fire and hear the glorious news!
Toryl yells: We have lost much at the hands of the Sashj'tar. Calder, Eynar, and Jarl Throndyr have all fallen to their treachery.
Toryl yells: Hail the glorious dead!
The crowd reciprocates.
  • Jandvik Runecaller yells: Hail the fallen!
  • Jandvik Splintershield yells: Hail the glorious dead!
Toryl yells: We all owe Jandvik's salvation to one brave <class>. Glory to <name>! Slayer of Tidemistress Sashj'tar!
Toryl yells: As sole remaining elder of Jandvik, it is my duty to lead Jandvik into prosperity.
Toryl yells: For this, I proclaim that <name> is the new Jarl of Jandvik. All hail <name>!
  • Jandvik Runecaller yells: Hail <name>! Savior of Jandvik!
  • Jandvik Splintershield yells: Hail Jarl <name>! Hail!
The citizens kneel in respect, then stand and celebrate.



  1. N [110] Removing Obstacles
  2. N [110] Jarl Come Back Now
  3. N [110] Beach Bonfire & N [110] Band of Blood Brothers & N [110] Bite of the Sashj'tar
  4. N [110] Fisherman's Tonic
  5. N [110] Testing the Waters
  6. N [110] Jandvik's Last Hope
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N [110] Turning the Tidemistress & N [110] Shatter the Sashj'tar & N [110] Squid Out of Water

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