Twilight Canticle

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The Twilight Canticle is a book written by Cho'gall during the First War to codify teachings about the Void. As the ogre mage attuned himself to the Old Gods, he branded the prophecies of the Twilight's Hammer onto the skin of his Pale orc followers before cutting off their flesh to form the pages of the book. The Twilight Canticle would become a source of power and motivation for the followers of the Old Gods for decades.[1]


  • During B [98] The Ritual of Binding in the alternate Nagrand, the alternate Cho'gall says We've learned much from K'ure. (We're writing a book.) While his tone of voice implies this was a joke, the line may nonetheless have served as Blizzard's inspiration for the Twilight Canticle.


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