Twilight Documents

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NeutralTwilight Documents
Start Earthwarden Yrsa
End automatic
Level 84 (Requires 82)
Type Group
Category Stonecore
Previous N [83D] Into the Stonecore (optional)
Next N [84G] Followers and Leaders


Obtain the N [84G] Twilight Documents.


We've tailed one of the Twilight's Hammer operatives here. He goes by the name of Millhouse Manastorm.

We have reason to believe he's carrying important documents.

This is as far as we can safely go, however, without neglecting our duty to defend the Temple of Earth's inner perimeter.

Track down Manastorm and retrieve the documents from him.

("Millhouse Manastorm: Obtain the Twilight Documents.")


These appear to be the right documents.


<You open the documents and look for any noteworthy information.>


  1. N [84G] Twilight Documents
  2. N [84G] Followers and Leaders

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