Twilight Emissary

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MobTwilight Emissary
Image of Twilight Emissary
Race(s) Human, Gnome, Jungle troll
Level 51 - 52 Elite
Class Mage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer
Occupation Ambassador
Location Blackrock Depths
Status Killable

Twilight Emissaries are members of the Twilight's Hammer that can be found in Blackrock Depths.


  • Spell arcane starfire.png Arcane Bolt
  • Spell nature wispsplode.png Arcane Explosion
  • Spell fire flamebolt.png Fireball
  • Spell frost frostarmor02.png Frost Armor
  • Spell frost frostnova.png Frost Nova
  • Spell frost frostbolt02.png Frostbolt
  • Spell holy mindsooth.png Fury of Ragnaros

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