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Twisted Magus

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Main article: Soulbinder Nyami (tactics)
MobTwisted Magus
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Gender Male
Race Draenei (Undead)
Level 101 Elite
Class Mage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nave of Eternal Rest, Auchindoun
Status Killable

Twisted Magi are draenei ghosts located in Auchindoun. They are summoned by Soulbinder Nyami.


  • Arcane Bolt - Blasts a target with a burst of Arcane energy, inflicting 111105 to 116775 Arcane damage.
  • Arcane Bomb - Focuses nearby Arcane energies into several orbs of immense power. Upon contact or after 10 sec, these orbs explode, inflicting 157654 Arcane damage to enemies within 5 yards.

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