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Tyr's Fall

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Not to be confused with Tyr's Hand.

Tyr's Fall is a location in the Tirisfal Glades, for which it is the namesake, within the Whispering Forest. As the name suggests, it is the place where Tyr made his final stand. Tyr's Fall is near a lake, under which lies a tomb, the final resting place of Tyr. The lake is noted to look like some form of crater, as if something had exploded.

The tomb and the surrounding area has been guarded by a secretive group of paladins known as the Tyr's Guard, claiming to have been charged as such by Tyr himself, for thousands of years.


Zakajz the Corruptor was sent millennia ago by his master and the corrupted Prime Designate Loken to hunt down the titanic watcher Tyr, who had stolen the Discs of Norgannon from Loken. Eventually, Tyr sacrificed himself to kill the Corruptor in the land that would later bear the name "Tirisfal" in his memory.

Tomb of Tyr

Tomb of Tyr world map.

A tomb was built by Ironaya and some other titan-forged[1] at some point afterwards to house the body of the fallen watcher and imprison the body of Zakajz.

Tyr's weapon, the Silver Hand, was held here alongside Tyr, with a failsafe set up in the tomb that should the hammer ever be removed from where it was held, the tomb would collapse. The tomb has been guarded by a secretive group of paladins known as Tyr's Guard for thousands of years, who claim to have been charged by Tyr himself.

After the Troll Wars and seeing that the human kingdom of Arathor was in good hands, Thoradin, first king of Arathor, turned his attention to the origins of humanity. Traveling to the Tirisfal Glades, he discovered the tomb of Tyr[2] and accidentally broke the magic seals that kept Zakajz dead within the tomb.[3] Thoradin died in the tomb to keep the creature from escaping. His sword, Strom'kar, kept the monster at bay for millennia, keeping it from regenerating fully.[3]

Delving the tomb

Around the time of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth, a remnant group of the Twilight's Hammer, led by the Twilight Deacon Farthing, found and opened Tyr's tomb, hoping to awaken Zakajz the Corruptor, and possibly corrupt the body of the dead watcher, to bring about the end of Azeroth. To this end, they set up their base of operations on the shore of the lake.

Sometime after the tomb was broken open, at least two adventurers — a priest and a warrior — ventured to Tyr's Fall and defeated the Twilight forces at the lake. They then went into the tomb itself and retrieved the artifacts they sought, and, having killed all the Twilight's Hammer members they could find, left the tomb and Tyr's Fall behind.

Later on, a paladin adventurer seeking the Silver Hand, the very weapon of Tyr himself, delved into the tomb alongside Tyr's Guard, and, after killing the remaining dark forces found within, retrieved the fallen watcher's hammer. Due to a failsafe that was connected to the artifact, the tomb then collapsed, preventing further incursions, so as to protect Tyr's secrets forever. The paladin then left the area as well.

It is unknown exactly what became of the Tyr's Guard order, but it is likely they plan to continue keeping watch over the area in case anyone plans to excavate the tomb in the future.

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