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The US forums of World of Warcraft allow unrestricted access to anyone, but posting can only be done through an account obtained by purchasing a retail version of the game, and paying for an account. There are a number of sections all dealing with various aspects of the game, with the General Forum being the most popular due to its wide range of topics.

US Community Team


Iriel (UI & Macros Forum)
Alestane (UI & Macros Forum)
Lopeppeppy (UI & Macros Forum)
Tandaa (Customer Service Forum)
Eilethalua (Customer Service Forum)
Shandiee (Customer Service Forum)
Pahanda (Customer Service Forum)
Bluspacecow (Mac Technical Support Forum)
Faizaniel (Community)
Frejya (Community)
Kozzae (Community)
Palehoof (Community)
Crepe (Community)
Snowfox (Community)

Trepas (Community) [Resigned Spring 2006]
Deadlykris (Customer Service Forum) (see forum post) [Resigned Wednesday, January 31, 2007]
Thunderwulf (Technical Support Forum) (see forum post) [Resigned Thursday, February 22, 2007]
Hyacinth (Community) [Resigned sometime after 1/4/2007]
Cogwheel (UI & Macros Forum) [Resigned late December, 2008]
Piril (Mac Technical Support Forum) [Resigned with new forum move, November 2010]

April Fools 2010
Đeathwing (Black Dragonflight MVP) (see last post) [Unknown MVP posing as Deathwing for five hours on the forums]

Other Famous Posters

Frequent Forum Behaviour

Included here because of recurring appearances, the use of some of these items is considered by most forum users to be pointless, immature and generally idiotic.

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