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For the quest, see N [120] The Uldum Accord.
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The Uldum Accord is a reputation faction in Uldum that opposes the encroaching forces of N'Zoth as well as the Amathet tol'vir. It is comprised of various denizens of Uldum, including the Ramkahen, Explorers' League, and Wastewander nomads.

Faction description

A loose coalition of allies headed by the Tol'vir, the Uldum Accord was founded to protect the Forge of Origination from enemy forces.


Provisioner Qorra
<Uldum Accord Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Void Tendril Pet Leash] 1 Corrupted Mementos
Recipe: Contract: Uldum Accord 1,400g Recipe
Honored  [Void Tendril Pet Leash] 20 Polished Pet Charm100 Corrupted Mementos Toy
Revered  [Token of Death's Glee] 50 Corrupted Mementos Essence
 [Troop Requisition: Ramkahen Lancer] 500 War Resources
 [Pygmy Camel] 300 Polished Pet Charm Pet
Exalted  [Uldum Accord Tabard] 240g Tabard
 [Wastewander Skyterror] 24,000g Mount

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