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Race Dragon turtle (Beast)
Level 111 Rare elite
Health 31,447,347
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Broken Teeth, Neltharion's Lair
Status Killable

Ultanok is a dragon turtle located in a secret cave beneath the waterfall at Broken Teeth, in Neltharion's Lair.

Objective of


  • Inv enchant abysscrystal.png  Crackling Shards — Dives into its shell and hurls electrified crystals at random enemies, inflicting 142500 to 157500 Nature damage every 1 sec and knocking back nearby enemies.
  • Ability druid predatoryinstincts.png  Hunter's Rush — The Fangs of Ashamane have fed on the blood of beasts, providing a 3% movement speed increase.
  • Ability monk cracklingjadelightning.png  Shocking Earth — Slams the ground, sending violent energy through the earth that inflicts 247000 to 273000 Nature damage to targets in a frontal cone and applies Static Shock.

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