Un'Goro Stomper

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MobUn'Goro Stomper
Image of Un'Goro Stomper
Race Gorilla (Beast)
Level 50 - 52
Location Fungal Rock, Un'Goro Crater
Pet family Gorilla

Un'Goro Stompers are level 50 - 52 gorillas native to Un'Goro Crater, they are found at Fungal Rock. They get angry when their health drops under 50%, increasing their attack speed.


Objective of


During N [55] Ever Watching From Above
  • The lashers to the south will eat small creatures, like frogs and parrots. We, the gorillas, will eat the lashers. And dinosaurs will eat gorillas. All this is honorable and natural.
The humans and orcs also hunt the gorilla,[sic] but they take the skin and leave the body to rot. This is why we attack the humans and orcs.

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