Uncovering the Orb of Sciallax

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NeutralUncovering the Orb of Sciallax

110 (Requires 110)


N Archaeology [110] Narrowing Down


Meet Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher at the entrance to the chamber where the Orb of Sciallax is held. Once inside, set the charges on the casing and recover the artifact.

  • Meet with Tae'thelan
  • Plant the explosives


We'll need to hurry before the nightborne realize what we're after.

I'm bringing the goblins along in case we run into any obstacles along the way.

I've marked the location of the entrance to the chamber the Orb resides in on your map.

Meet me there as soon as you're ready and we'll claim this artifact for our own.


You will be able to choose one of the following:
Inv jewelcrafting gem 06.png [Glinting Shard of Sciallax] Inv jewelcrafting icediamond 02.png [Crystallized Shard of Sciallax]
Inv jewelcrafting nobletopaz 02.png [Glowing Shard of Sciallax] Inv jewelcrafting taladiterecrystal.png [Dark Shard of Sciallax]
Inv jewelcrafting 50.png [Ardent Shard of Sciallax] Trade archaeology dentedshield.png [Adamant Shard of Sciallax]




NO! How did we fail? We were so close.

The explosives were too powerful. Those damned goblins ruined everything!

Now only a handful of shards of what was once an object of unimaginable power remain.

Take whichever one you want, <name>. I'd like to keep the rest for study.



Use your  [Flight Master's Whistle] to be sent to Meredil, then take the flight master to Crimson Thicket. Mount up and make your way due west, where Tae'thelan will be waiting for you at the entrance to Kel'balor.

The rewards are BtA. You do not need to be a certain specialization either, as all the choices are displayed.

Quest accept
Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher says: I've marked the location of the entrance on your map. Meet me there when you're ready to continue.
Tae'thelan hurries off.
Just follow my lead when we're inside and try not to disturb anything unless I say so.
Gossip I'm ready to go.
Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher says: Alright, let's go.
He heads off into the tunnel and takes the first left. A huge chunk of Ancient Mana is seen in the blocked-off corridor.
Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher says: This must be it, over here!


  1. N Archaeology [110] Unspeakable Power
  2. N Archaeology [110] Narrowing Down
  3. N Archaeology [110] Uncovering the Orb of Sciallax

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