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The Uncrowned is a secret organization of rogues who claim to be "the slayers of kings, the downfall of empires, the unseen blades that write the true history of this world."[1] Their leaders, the Shadows, form the Council of Shadows.[2][3] The Uncrowned fight the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders during the demons' third invasion, and their order hall is the secret Hall of Shadows located in the sewers of Dalaran. Some members of the Uncrowned include members of Ravenholdt, SI:7, Defias Brotherhood, Shado-Pan and the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

The Shadows.


Council of Shadows

The Council of Shadows are the leaders of the Uncrowned.[2][3]

Name Role Status
Neutral  Jorach Ravenholdt Shadow Leader, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Alliance & Horde Rogue The Shadowblade Shadow Leader Alive / Active
Horde  Garona Halforcen Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Alliance  Tess Greymane Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Valeera Sanguinar Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Taoshi Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Tethys Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive


Name Role Status
Neutral  Marin Noggenfogger Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Vanessa VanCleef Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Horde  Lilian Voss Champion of the Uncrowned Active
Horde  Gordul Member Alive
Neutral  Narsilla Keensight Member Alive
Horde  Boss Mida Member Alive
Horde  Zelanis Member Alive
Horde  Gregory Charles Member Active
Alliance  Kelsey Steelspark Quartermaster Alive
Alliance  Lord Tony Romano Member Alive
Neutral  Filius Sparkstache Senior archivist Alive
Neutral  Nikki the Gossip Member Alive


Notes and trivia

  • It seems that the Uncrowned are ready to kill in order to protect their secrecy, as evidenced by the dead Unwary Adventurers in their class hall.
  • During Legion's alpha, Mathias Shaw was a Shadow of the Uncrowned instead of being their "enemy" impersonated by Detheroc. An orc called The Hood was also present as the leader of the Shattered Hand. It is possible that Shaw and the Hood were both there as Alliance and Horde representatives respectively. They were later removed in a patch that also added Tess Greymane.
  • A scrapped mission suggests that the Uncrowned would've been established only in Legion[4] rather than being a pre-existing organization.
  • In Hearthstone, Tess Greymane's greetings emote is: "The Uncrowned send their regards." which is apparently an homage to Game of Thrones's line "The Lannisters send their regards."
  • In the Battle for Azeroth alpha and beta, a club at Hook Point in Boralus had Uncrowned banners hanging on the walls.

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