Under the Cover of Swiftwing

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AllianceUnder the Cover of Swiftwing

120 (Requires 120)




2g 34s



Ride Swiftwing to the Isle of Fangs.

  • Ride Swiftwing to Isle of Fangs


Aye! So we be the first in this crazy operation. We'll be hitchin' a ride on Swiftwing to tha Isle of Fangs.

The Zandalari got one of their main ships there, called the Breath of Pa'ku, whatever that is.

Hop on ta Swiftwing when yer ready te go. It's gonna get real cozy on there with all of ye comin' aboard.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,790 XP


Hop on!


All we need to do is plant some bombs and cause some chaos without the mainland Zandalari knowing.

Easy, right?


Mounting Swiftwing
Keeshan, Kelsey, and Falstad hop on the gryphon with you.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Hold on tight, we gotta get REAL high to avoid detection!
Falstad Wildhammer says: There! This should be high enough to avoid the Zandalari spottin' us.
John J. Keeshan says: That Alliance camp stands out like a sore thumb. We need to be ready for when the Zandalari discover us.
Kelsey Steelspark says: Why do you think Halford is moving so fast? He knows we're doomed if the Zandalari catch us in their home.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Aye. Finding a small number, like <name> over here, is one thing. But if they see the whole bleedin' camp?
Kelsey Steelspark says: They'd feed us to their pet dinosaurs. We'd be chewed to tiny little pieces.
John J. Keeshan says: I was almost eaten once. I don't recommend it.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Ye don't have te tell me twice. I be droppin' ye all off on the Isle of Fangs. It be far enough from the city that ye can act with some impunity against them Zandalari.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Ye just need te make sure they don't see ye plantin' those bombs at the base of their ships.
Kelsey Steelspark says: I'll be working on a device to help <name> get across the water for the next part of this plan.
John J. Keeshan says: And I'll be helping <name> by planting Kelsey's bombs on the smaller ships... and gutting any Zandalari that see me.
Kelsey Steelspark says: You're a man after my own heart, Keeshan. We'll have to compare knife collections after this.
John J. Keeshan says: You have a knife collection?
Kelsey Steelspark says: A? No no no, I have SEVERAL knife collections.
John J. Keeshan says: ... This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
You, John, and Kelsey are dropped.
Falstad Wildhammer says: This be yer stop. Be careful and remember, plant the bombs and don't let 'em alert the mainland about yer presence!


  1. A [120] Operation: Heartstrike
  2. A [120] Bringing Down the Fleet
  3. A [120] How to Sink a Zandalari Battleship
  4. A [120] Under the Cover of Swiftwing
  5. A [120] Sabotaging the Pa'ku & A [120] Ship Logs
  6. A [120] The Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine
  7. A [120] My Enemy's Enemy is My Disguise
  8. A [120] Intelligence Denial & A [120] Void Vacation & A [120] Right Beneath Their Nose
  9. A [120] Victory is Assured
  10. A [120] Victory Was Assured
  11. A [120] Leave None Alive
  12. A [120] Silencing the Advisor
  13. A [120] An End to the Killing
  14. A [120] Champion: Shandris Feathermoon

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