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Underbog Colossus

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MobUnderbog Colossus
Image of Underbog Colossus
Race Fungal giant (Giant)
Level 72 Elite
Health 620,000
Wealth 1g 11s 46c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Serpentshrine Cavern

Underbog Colossus can be found in Serpentshrine Cavern.


Underbog Colossus are single pulls that come between the Type 1 packs early in the instance. Like the core hounds in Molten Core or the Anubisath Sentinels in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj these mobs pick from a random set of abilities. They will retain whichever set they have until respawn, when they will reset.

Aside from their random abilities, each one has a elemental weakness. Unlike other such vulnerabilities, these ones cause any spell of that element to always critical strike if possible.

Core Abilities

Type A

  • Rampant Infection - kind of the opposite of prayer of mending: does 3k or so damage and then jumps to someone (just one person) within 10 yards in 1.5 seconds. Damage seems to go up every time it jumps. Abolish disease or similar can remove it if people are quick enough to catch it before it jumps.
  • Spore Quake - Does ~2k nature damage per tick along with knockdowns over ~12 seconds to everyone within 30 yards. Melee should run out for this (they shouldn't take more then a tick or two of it as long as they don't get knocked down).

Type B

  • Acid Geyser - Does ~2k nature damage per tick over around 10 seconds in a frontal cone to a random player in range. Ranged DPS can out range being targeted since the target range is ~35 yards (shadow priests be careful!). You can not out range the damage if someone in front of you is targeted, the target and damage distances are different. The Underbog Colossus will turn to face a random person when using this, so you cannot face the colossus away from the raid to avoid people getting hit by it - spreading people out so that not everyone gets it at once is the best way we've found to deal with it.
    • An effective way of reducing damage done by the Geyser is to have all members of the raid stand close to the mob, and keep an eye on who he is targeting. The person who is targeted for the geyser should run through the mob, thereby spinning him around away from the group. However your raid may wipe because of the spore quake...
  • Parasite - Does a ?2k dot to target, after dot a small 1 hp 'parasite' will leave the infected person and go to a new target. Also spawns parasites if a parasite kills someone.

Type C

On Death

There will also be a choice of abilities he might use as he dies:

  • Toxic Pool - When the colossus dies, it turns the ground bright green in a huge area, which does ~2k nature damage a tick if you stand in it. Just run out of the bright green ground and wait for it to fade out.
  • Two Colossus Lurker - Tank + spank
  • Many small adds - Lots of HP so AOE isn't easy. Best practice we found was have the tanks gather them together in a pile, and leave 1 tank in the raid to pickup loose ones.
  • Refreshing mist - blue mushrooms with regenerative properties. Stand in them and be refreshed. (Regenerates 9-11 health and mana every 2 seconds, and some pet happiness).
  • Nothing!

Underbog Colossus can be picked with herbalism, and can drop up to 3 of any type of Outland-based herb including  [Ancient Lichen],  [Felweed],  [Dreaming Glory] and even  [Black Lotus].


Battlemastergossipicon.pngItem Level Skill Slot Drop%
 [Nether Vortex] 75 6.1%
 [Coilfang Armaments] 1 3.7%
 [Mote of Life] 65 3.3%
 [Pendant of the Perilous] 128 Neck 1.2%
 [Wildfury Greatstaff] 128 Staff Two-Hand 1.2%
 [Warlord's Iron-Girdle] 120 Plate Waist 1.2%
 [Plans: Red Belt of Battle] - Blacksmithing (375) 75 Plate Waist 1.2%
 [Deep Peridot] 65 1.2%
 [Mark of the Illidari] 70 0.8%
 [Plans: Boots of the Protector] - Blacksmithing (375) 75 Plate Feet 0.8%
 [Pattern: Belt of the Black Eagle] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Mail Waist 0.4%
 [Pattern: Belt of Blasting] - Tailoring (375) 75 Cloth Waist 0.4%
 [Pattern: Belt of Deep Shadow] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Leather Waist 0.4%
 [Pattern: Belt of Natural Power] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Leather Waist 0.4%
 [Pattern: Boots of the Long Road] - Tailoring (375) 75 Cloth Feet 0.4%
 [Pattern: Belt of the Long Road] - Tailoring (375) 75 Cloth Waist 0.4%
 [Pattern: Boots of Blasting] - Tailoring (375) 75 Cloth Feet 0.4%
 [Pattern: Boots of Natural Grace] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Leather Feet 0.4%
 [Spyglass of the Hidden Fleet] 128 Trinket 0.4%
 [Plans: Red Havoc Boots] - Blacksmithing (375) 75 Plate Feet 0.4%
 [Dragonhawk Gloves] 120 Leather Hands 0.4%
 [Plans: Belt of the Guardian] - Blacksmithing (375) 75 Plate Waist 0.4%
 [Pattern: Hurricane Boots] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Mail Feet 0.4%
 [Pattern: Boots of the Crimson Hawk] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Mail Feet 0.4%
 [Pattern: Boots of Utter Darkness] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Leather Feet 0.4%
 [Pattern: Monsoon Belt] - Leatherworking (375) 75 Mail Waist 0.4%
 [Boots of Courage Unending] 128 Plate Feet 0.4%
 [Phantom Dagger] 120 Dagger One-Hand 0.4%
 [Almandine Ring] 117 Finger 0.4%
 [Shattered Hand Gauntlets] 117 Plate Hands 0.4%
 [Unidentified Plant Parts] 0 0.4%
 [Serpentshrine Shuriken] 128 Thrown Ranged 0.4%
 [Totem of the Maelstrom] 128 Totem Ranged 0.4%


Trade herbalism.pngItem Level Drop%
 [Mana Thistle] 75 10%
 [Dreaming Glory] 60 4.5%
 [Terocone] 60 1.6%
 [Felweed] 60 1.2%
 [Ragveil] 65 0.4%

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