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Undercover Agent: Nugg Lumbo

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HordeUndercover Agent: Nugg Lumbo

120 (Requires 120)




23g 40s

For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [120] Undercover Agent: Silent Jussho.


Report to Nugg Lumbo aboard the Skybag, the zeppelin above Brawl'gar Arena.

The Skybag teleporter is located just outside of the Brawl'gar Arena bar.

To use the teleporter, you must either be Rank 6 in Brawl'gar Arena, or someone must purchase a Zeppelin Rental Form from Tiana Nevermorn.


I've got one more suspect I'm investigating: Libbiara Blightrunner. She's a wealthy blood elf death knight socialite who spends most of her time spectating the arena from the zeppelin up above.

I've got my best agent on the case: Nugg Lumbo. Check in with him to see how his report is coming along.

(Libbiara Blightrunner: Our third and final suspect. She has access to tremendous wealth... and she's kind of a jerk.)


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Shh! No blow Nugg cover.

She over there. You go talk. Nugg watch.


  1. H [120] Murder at the Brawl'gar Arena
  2. H [120] Put Up Your Dukes
  3. H [120] Undercover Agent: Sharisanda
  4. H [120] The Financial Participation Incentive
  5. H [120] A Favor for Your Ol' Pal Buxdoggle
  6. H [120] The Pit Boss's Debts
  7. H [120] Evidence Packet: Pit Boss Buxdoggle
  8. H [120] Undercover Agent: Stone Guard Mollivox
  9. H [120] Soul Splinters
  10. H [120] Super Soul Splinters
  11. H [120] Cause for Concern
  12. H [120] The Precious 13-Tooth Gogglegear
  13. H [120] The Mollivox Goggle Experiment
  14. H [120] Evidence Packet: Shadowmaster Skrizzik
  15. H [120] Undercover Agent: Nugg Lumbo
  16. H [120] Flaunt It If You Got It
  17. H [120] Simply Dying of Boredom
  18. H [120] Evidence Packet: Libbiara Blightrunner
  19. H [120] The Brawl'gar Trial
  20. H [120] A Clue from Area 52
  21. H [120] Solving the Mystery

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