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For the achievement, see [Underrot].

The Underrot
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Blood trollBlood troll Blood troll
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The Underrot
The tunnel below Uldir

The Underrot is a dungeon in Battle for Azeroth. It is entered from the Altar of Rot in the pit that surrounds the Uldir complex.

The name underrot also refers to G'huun's corruption in Nazmir.[1]

Adventure Guide

Deep within the swamps of Nazmir, a blight grows beneath the surface. Unless this corruption is purged immediately, its influence will spread across the land like a ravenous plague, leaving behind nothing but a festering world.


  • IconSmall BloodTroll Female.gif Elder Leaxa - A devout worshipper of G'huun, Elder Leaxa seeks to further the spread of rot through ritualistic blood sacrifices.
  • IconSmall Crawg.gif Cragmaw the Infested - Infested with plague carrying parasites, this beast's only desire is to escape the caves where it can spread G'huun's infection throughout the world.
  • IconSmall SkeletalDireTroll.gif Sporecaller Zancha - Twisted by G'huun's corruption, Zancha's only remaining desire is to spread the plague festering within his animated corpse.
  • IconSmall BloodAberration.gif Unbound Abomination - G'huun's rot in its purest form, the Unbound Abomination's only purpose is to infect all life.

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  • In initial alpha builds, Taloc was the final boss. He was replaced with the Unbound Abomination in the Underrot, and turned into a raid boss in Uldir.[2]