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Image of Undertow
Title <Living Typhoon>
Race Water fury (Elemental)
Level 101 - 102 Elite
Health ?? - 239k
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tanaan Channel, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Killable

Undertow is a water fury located in the Tanaan Channel off the coast of Shadowmoon Valley.


  • Inv misc volatilewater.png  Crashing Tide
  • Spell frost icestorm.png  Hailstorm — Calls down a blizzard that lasts 20 sec., inflicting 454 Frost damage every 1 sec. to all enemies in a selected area.
  • Ability shawaterelemental split.png  Tempest — Inflicts 4 Frost damage to all enemies.

Objective of


  • It uses the same model as the cleansed Immerseus.

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