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Unfailing Cloak

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Random enchantments

Please note that these bonuses are base value. Item improvement correspondingly increases the bonus amounts to stats.

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of the Adaptable +115 Versatility
of the Aurora +57-86 Haste, +57-86 Versatility
of the Decimator +115 Critical Strike
of the Deft +57-86 Haste, +57-86 Multistrike
of the Feverflare +57-86 Haste, +57-86 Mastery
of the Fireflash +57-86 Critical Strike, +57-86 Haste
of the Guileful +57-86 Bonus Armor, +57-86 Critical Strike
of the Harmonious +57-86 Mastery, +44-66 Versatility
of the Impatient +115 Haste
of the Merciless +57-86 Mastery, +57-86 Multistrike
of the Noble +57-86 Bonus Armor, +57-86 Mastery
of the Peerless +57-86 Critical Strike, +57-86 Mastery
of the Quickblade +57-86 Critical Strike, +57-86 Versatility
of the Relentless +115 Multistrike
of the Savage +57-86 Critical Strike, +57-86 Multistrike
of the Savant +115 Mastery
of the Stalwart +57-86 Bonus Armor, +57-86 Versatility
of the Stormbreaker +57-86 Bonus Armor, +57-86 Multistrike
of the Strategist +57-86 Multistrike, +57-86 Versatility
of the Unbreakable +151 Bonus Armor
of the Windshaper +57-86 Bonus Armor, +57-86 Haste


Unfailing Cloak is created from  [Baleful Cloak] when used by a:


The cape has two possible ways of being upgraded: a random chance to be epic and item level 675 upon its creation; and an "Empowered" version (epic and item level 695) created by applying  [Empowered Apexis Fragment] to it.

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