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Not to be confused with Horned Horse.
A unicorn in Hearthstone.

There are unicorn species of horse-like creatures living on Azeroth and who, unlike horses, have a horn growing out of their head. The Quel'dorei steed are descended from a fine line of horses that once grazed near the shores of the Well of Eternity.[1] Many unicorns live on the Broken Isles. The majority of the nightborne refers to zhevras as "monohorns" instead of "unicorns", claiming that it is a much more fitting name, though there is debate among their community. They consider them a rare breed, their distinctive hides being used for all manner of fashion, including hats, coat linings, and other fine apparel.[2] At least some unicorns are tied to the Emerald Dream. Dreamrunners, for instance, are capable of traveling between Azeroth and the Emerald Dream at will.[3] Ephemeral Runners are ghostly unicorns living on the world of Bonich.

Cloudrunners are unicorns native to the Shadowlands.


As a mount

As a hunter pet

Main article: Stag#As a hunter pet

Broken Isles unicorns are tamable by hunters as part of the stag family.

Other appearances and mentions

A unicorn in Azsuna.


  • The Legion unicorn model is named "horse2" in the files.
    • Blizzard has a running gag with refusing to acknowledge unicorns as such, instead referring to them as "not unicorns",[5] "horses with horns",[6][7] or simply "horse2s" in reference to their model name.[8]
  • The unicorn is possibly one of the oldest and most recognized mythical creatures in the world. The traditional European unicorn looks similar to a horse, save for cloven hooves, a goat beard, and a lion-like tail. Unicorns are known for their healing powers and their solitary nature.


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