Unidentified ogre imperator

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Unidentified ogre imperator
Image of Unidentified ogre imperator
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Affiliation(s) Gorian Empire
Occupation Imperator of the Gorian Empire
Status Deceased
"I think he was a fool. He was a fool for not killing you."
Imperator Mar'gok[1]

An unidentified ogre imperator was the leader of the Gorian Empire prior to the reign of sorcerer-king Mar'gok.


Following a period of aggressive Warsong raids into ogre territory under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream, the ogres retaliated by nearly destroying the Warsong clan and fatally injuring Grommash's mate, Golka. After leaving his mate for dead, Grom called upon his forces to hunt down the ogres, but his fellow riders were all slain and Grom himself was captured. The ogre warlord attempted to break his spirit by tying him to a tree in a desert and taunting him over several days, but despite this, Grommash's spirit was never broken, and the warlord finally met his end when he came too close to Grom, allowing the orc to take a bite.[2]


The ogre imperator's head was hanging off of Grommash's throne in Grommashar, made from the very same tree to which the warlord had tied him. Mar'gok saw the head when he came to negotiate with the Iron Horde following an attack on the ogre capital.[1]


  • "Grommash. Mighty warrior. Brought to heel at last. You are weak. Say it!" Grommash roars at the imperator, but the ogre simply chuckles. "Is that all? To think you once struck fear into my people."[2]
  • "Look at you. The days have not been kind. Say the word, and I will kill you quickly. I admire your spirit... but I will break it."[2]
  • The imperator throws three Warsong heads on the ground.
Imperator: Your warriors. They begged for death. Your lands are mine. Your body is broken. You have nothing left! Say the word, and I will end your suffering.
Grommash rasps something.
Imperator: Yes...?
Maraad (narrator): He was certain that Grommash had given up, was ready to die. The body, afterall, had grown so weak, had become so thin.
Imperator: Say it.
Grommash (barely audible): This... wolf...
Imperator: Say the word, and it's over. (Last words)
Grommash: This... wolf... still has teeth.[2]


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Preceded by:
Hok'lon (latest known)
Imperator of the Gorian Empire
Succeeded by: