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Most mounts can be categorized by the type of creature or device you are riding. While these mounts can also be categorized that way, there are only one or two examples of that type of mount. This, then, is a page to describe all the oddball or unique mounts available.

Trading Card Game / Black Market Auction House






Blizzard Store

Several unique mounts can only be purchased from the Blizzard Store, usually for for $25US or €20/£17, though prices vary and sometimes have a special going. They often scale with the player's riding skill and location.

  • The Winged Guardian is a blazing, eagle-winged lion.
  • The Swift Windsteed is Pandaria's rarest and most majestic beast.
  • The Enchanted Fey Dragon is the first newly designed fey dragon.
  • The Iron Skyreaver is rylak mount loaded with rocket boosters; the  [Soaring Skyterror] is the first time a similar player mount was added in to match the purchasable one.
  • The Grinning Reaver is an uncorrupted red ravager.
  • The Luminous Starseeker is a color-changing panthara.
  • Shu-Zen, the Divine Sentinel is a large, magical dog.
  • Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune is a magical pig.
  • Squeakers, the Trickster is a white rat with wings of jade.


  • Farseer's Raging Tempest is rewarded to shamans from completing N Shaman [110] Gathering of the Storms. It changes color based on specialization.
  • High Priest's Lightsworn Seeker is rewarded to priests from completing N Priest [110] The Sunken Vault. It changes color based on specialization.
  • Huntmaster's Loyal Wolfhawk is rewarded to hunters from completing N Hunter [110] Night of the Wilds.
  • Archmage's Prismatic Disc is rewarded to mages from completing N Mage [110] Dispersion of the Discs. It changes color based on specialization.
  • Dark Iron Core Hound is a quest reward from A [120] Dark Iron Dwarves.
  • Bruce is a quest reward.


Not yet available

Hallow's End event item mounts

These mounts are available during the Hallow's End seasonal event. Neither can be added to your collection of mounts, and both types of mount disappear at the end of the event.

Toy mount