United As One (priest)

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For the paladin version, see N Paladin [110] United As One.
NeutralUnited As One

110 (Requires 110)




9g 70s




N Priest [110] Aiding the Conclave


Make your way to the Sanctum of Light to speak with Lady Liadrin, and hear the council of war.


You and Delas have had dealings with the paladins before, maybe it's possible they will grant you an audience with their war council. Head to the Sanctum of Light and ask the paladins to help us defend Netherlight Temple from Balnazzar's attack.


You will receive: 9g 70s


Now is not the time for interruptions, <name>. The council needs to determine its course of action.


We will help defend Netherlight Temple and lay a trap for Balnazzar.



Return to Dalaran and take the portal inside the Chamber of the Guardian to Dalaran Crater. Do not forget to use [Levitate]!

Once you have safely landed, get on your flying mount and travel to Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands. Inside the chapel there is a secret door hidden in the middle of the room. Open it and go speak to Lady Liadrin.

Enter the sanctum
Blood Guardian says: Greetings, priest. The Highlord says you are to be welcomed as a guest, so long as you don't cause trouble.
Lady Liadrin
I've been expecting you, <name>.
Delas has informed the council of Balnazzar's plan to attack Netherlight Temple. The question becomes, what role will the paladins play in this battle, if any? We risk a great deal if we choose to aid the Conclave.
This is not a decision to be made lightly. The council must discuss how to proceed.
Gossip Then let the council debate.
War council
Lady Liadrin says: We have a tough decision before us. Do we aid the priests in their battle against Balnazzar, or do we decline and wait to fight the dreadlord on our own terms?
Vindicator Boros says: Their temple is located deep in Legion territory. We would be putting ourselves at great risk.
Lord Maxwell Tyrosus says: It will be dangerous, but we may never get such a chance again. It may be the only way.
Justicar Julia Celeste says: If I may - Balnazzar will not suspect a united force. The Conclave and the Order of the Silver Hand, fighting together.
Lady Liadrin says: It is decided, then.


Level 98

  1. N Priest [98 - 110] Priestly Matters
  2. N Priest [98 - 110] A Legend You Can Hold
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Priest [98 - 110] The Light and the Void
  5. N Priest [98 - 110] Artifacts Need Artificers
  6. N Priest [98 - 110] Empowering Your Artifact
  7. N Priest [98 - 110] Actions on Azeroth

Level 101

  1. Complete all of:
  2. N Priest [101 - 110] Spread the Word
  3. N Priest [101 - 110] Recruiting the Troops
  4. N Priest [101 - 110] Troops in the Field
  5. N Priest [101 - 110] Tech It Up A Notch
  6. N Priest [101 - 110] Relieving the Front Lines

Level 103

  1. N Priest [103 - 110] Whispers in the Void
  2. N Priest [103 - 110] The Best and Brightest
  3. Complete both:
  4. N Priest [103 - 110] Problem Salver
  5. Complete both:
  6. N Priest [103 - 110D] Eye of Azshara: Looking Through the Lens
  7. N Priest [103 - 110] Velen's Vision
  8. Complete all of:
  9. N Priest [103 - 110] Awakening the Light
  10. N Priest [103 - 110] Champion: Sol

Level 110

  1. N Priest [110] Infiltrating Our Enemies
  2. N Priest [110] Onslaught Envoy
  3. Complete both:
  4. N Priest [110] Unexpected Guests
  5. N Priest [110] Champion: Mariella Ward
  6. N Priest [110] Forgotten Shadows
  7. N Priest [110] Secrets of the Void
  8. N Priest [110] Into the Void
  9. N Priest [110] Champion: Natalie Seline
  10. N Priest [110] Rising Shadows
  11. N Priest [110] Crossing Legion Lines
  12. Complete both:
  13. N Priest [110] United As One
  14. N Priest [110] Aiding the Conclave
  15. Complete all of:
  16. N Priest [110] A Light in the Darkness
  17. N Priest [110] High Priest of Netherlight
  18. N Priest [110] Champion: Alonsus Faol

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