Unmarked Journal

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Unmarked Journal

The Unmarked Journal can be found in northeastern Talador[69.7, 33.2] next to the Wandering Vindicator's grave, in the center of a planter, on the path between the Mor'gran Logworks and Vol'jin's Pride.


Unmarked Journal

An arakkoa sun priestess has come to our home, seeking dominion over our lands. She brings dust and wind and death, scorching our fields with sunfire.

<There are a few pages missing.>

Our village bleeds slowly to death. Many of our defenders have fallen under an abominable curse, which we call "the sun sickness."

They return to our village, stumbling and dazed, and unable to feel the warmth of the Light.

Today I saw the sun priestess in the woods near our village. I was barely able to escape, but not before she cast the sun sickness upon me.

Since she uttered her foul incantation, I have tried praying to the Light... and felt nothing.

Where there was once everlasting divinity, now I sense only emptiness.

Never have I felt such terror.

I have sent the children, the sick, and the elderly away. May they find safety beyond the river, away from here.

Only I remain.

I will slay the sun priestess today.

<Most of the remaining pages are gone, except for the last entry.>

Much time has passed since I slew the feathered witch. How many seasons, how many years? I have lost count.

I am an old man, and my time is near.

All these years I have wandered, blind and alone, severed from the Light. What is a Vindicator without vindication?

It is to eat without tasting. It is to learn without understanding. It is to live without meaning.

The darkness beckons. The world grows dim. Without the Light, I am hopeless.

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