Unworthy Soul

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NeutralUnworthy Soul
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Gender Male
Race Undead (Humanoid)
Level 108
Health 658,801
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Helheim

Unworthy Souls are undead souls located in Helheim.


  • Helira! You can't hold me here forever! I will be free!
  • I'm not dying again without a fight!
  • You're not feeding me to the hounds this time!
  • All is lost...
  • As soon as I get free I'm going to kill the first kvaldir I see.
  • Don't let them feed me to the hounds again...
  • Doomed... we are all doomed.
  • Helira! Hear my calls! Please... set me free.
  • Helira, send me to the eternal battlefield. I am worthy!
  • I fought well in life... I don't belong here
  • I should be on the battlefield with the others.

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