Unyielding Behemoth

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MobUnyielding Behemoth
Image of Unyielding Behemoth
Race N'raqi (Aberration)
Level 81 - 86 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Throne of the Tides
Main article: Ozumat

Unyielding Behemoths are faceless ones found in the Throne of the Tides.


  • Spell shadow teleport.png  Shadow Blast — The Unyielding Behemoth leaps into the air before crashing back down, releasing a charge of dark energy upon impact. The released energy inflicts 23562 to 26437 Shadow damage to all enemy players within 5 yards and knocks them away.
  • Ability rogue shadowdance.png  Blight Spray Tank Alert — The Unyielding Behemoth channels a 25 yard long stream of blight in a frontal 90 degree cone for 4 sec. Enemies are dealt 3298 to 3701 Shadow damage every second they are inside the blight spray.

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