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Mounds of K'aresh
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The Burning Legion has sent their scouting party to find what is happening in Outlands. Ar'Kara, a temple of the Burning Legion, carves its path through the Twisting Nether colliding into the scattered ruins of K'aresh and Outlands. Is the Burning Legion the greatest threat in this new continent or is there something more dark, more sinister in the bowels of K'aresh.



Choas runs supreme. Mortals are learning to manipulate time. There is a portal to an alternate Draenor into Azeroth. The minds of the leaders of the world have been heavy on the threat of Gul’dan. There are many vindictive characters that may take advantage of the situation.

With Gul’dan defeated attention turns to returning to Azeroth where there have been deeply devastating changes. And more troubling are Gul’dan’s final words: It is too late. They have found us.

They. The Burning Legion. They have been found in the alternate timeline. The unregulated use of magic by the Iron Horde, Shadow Council and those who ventured to defeat them have caused ripples across the Twisting Nether. The Burning Legion is on its way.

And if they have been found in this alternate timeline, then they will be found in their own timeline. The Burning Legion’s eyes transcend timelines, placing Outland at risk.

Closing the Alternate Timeline

The first major event is the closing of the alternate timeline. As the Burning Legion starts its attack on Draenor, the masses that entered this world must now leave. Meteors rain down devastating Draenor, expediting the exodus. Not everyone can be saved, and the natives from the alternate Draenor do not have the time to make it to the portal. And unfortunately, closing the timeline means someone has to stay behind to seal the portal from the other side. Khadgar, our beloved champion, is the only one capable to do so. On his farewell he states that this is not goodbye, and that the champions present will meet again.

In the Blasted Lands it is a sombre seen as members of each faction part, holding a temporary truce.

Body Jacking of Illidan

Everyone knows Illidan died in the assault on the Black Temple.

Wrathion is at it again. This time he has escaped into outlands. No one would think to look for him in this deserted place. Members of both factions have long left this world to aid in other worldly causes in Azeroth and the alternate Draenor.

The Burning Legion is still coming and Wrathion still does not have the army he needs. He needs a new champion and a new secret weapon. An army of Demon Hunters to use the strength of the Burning Legion against itself. In his mind the perfect instructor is Illidan.

Wrathion needs to meet two critical criteria – he needs to know exactly when Illidan is slayed, so he can body jack him just before the final blow, information that Maiev Shadowsong can provide, and someone who can manipulate time to perform the deed. Much like how Kairozdormu first appeared in the Timeless Isle, Aera is another bronze dragonflight who mysteriously appears. She shares Wrathion’s vision and will help him body jack Illidan.

Perhaps it is Aera’s tutelage of time magics to a select cohort in Outlands that first stirred the eyes of the Burning Legion in their direction. But she has no choice as without a powerful artefact she needs five additional members to perform the ritual. A ritual that will leave her and her disciples weakened for a lengthy period of time.

On a floating shelf in a remote part of northern Blade’s Edge Mountain, now known as Illidan’s Refuge, the ritual takes place. Aera and her five Disciples of Aera have created a portal through time and brought forward Illidan microseconds before his demise.

In the Black Temple, heroes are astonished to see only a cache of his belongings on the floor. They are left to wonder what has happened to Illidan’s body. Maiev Shadowsong is left to contemplate Illidan’s words – the huntress is nothing without the hunt. But with this turn of events Illidan is still alive and the hunt is still on.

On Illidan’s Refuge in Blade’s Edge Mountain facilities have been set up to accommodate a growing army. Wrathion has taken the liberty to bring with him the first volunteers to train in Demon Hunting. A small consort of Blood Elves and Night Elves have set up camp at Illidan’s Refuge. They number less than ten. Wrathion, believing that conduits of spirits may have more success at controlling demonic energies made a deal with the Amani trolls in the Ghostlands. In exchange for once again shackling the great bear Loa Nalorakk and teaching them to drain the Loa’s power, the Amani agreed to send a small party of their best and brightest to assist in Wrathion’s endeavors. Their regenerating abilities prove most useful for experimentation.

In exchange for saving his life, Illidan agrees to train a small number of Demon Hunters. Thereafter, paying his due. It enough that Wrathion agrees. So as the Aera and the Disciples of Aera recover their strength, training has begun to amass a new army to stand against the encroaching legion. But Illidan has no intention of fully training the new Demon Hunters and escapes to his own devices.

Meanwhile arcane energy has started to amass in the northern Outland territories as a result of dabbling in the arts of manipulating time. Void creatures are starting to overrun these areas, and will eventually destroy both Blade’s Edge Mountain and the Netherstorm. It provides Illidan the perfect opportunity to drain the energy of the void and strengthen his own power.

The Amani Incursion

Armed with the shackled bear Loa Nalorakk, the Amani are draining an incredible amount of power, granting them incredible strength the like not seen before. While their enemies are distracted and with such an incredible power surge the Amani trolls have decided to mount an attack on the Blood Elves of Eversong Woods and Silvermoon City.

Trolls shapeshifted into massive bears encroach the city as smaller elven settlement fall under their might. They control the might of the Eversong Woods and with the Blood Elf city of Silvermoon virtually deserted the remaining elves have no choice but to flee their capital. They had no hope in mounting a defence. The Amani are triumphant and now control the northeastern territories of the Eastern Kingdom.

The Blood Elves find refuge with the forsaken, but not comforted by living in the sewers of Undercity they begin to build in the ruins of Lordaeron. They waiting to take revenge on the Amani and get their homeland back.

The Nage Expansion

Increasing numbers of Naga have been seen among the shores of Azeroth. Their scouting parties have noticed the movement of both the Alliance and Horde. And their expedition into Draenor has not gone unnoticed.

The Naga capitalize on the absence of both armies who have gone to deal with the threat of Gul’dan in the alternate timeline. In the absence of an adequate defence, the Naga have been able to successfully take the islands of Bloodmyst Isle, Azuremyst Island, and Exodur, even Gilneas, and the waters surrounding Kezan, and the Lost Island. Their numbers are overwhelming. No one was prepared. The Draenei, Worgen and Goblins have had to turn to their allies for refuge.

Further yet, Queen Azshara has forged a powerful artefact, the Dream of the Highborne, which allows the Naga to appear as Highborne Elves on land. It is an illusion serving as nostalgic reminder of their former beauty. However, the artefact has no effect on Queen Azshara. Still obsessed with her beauty she still seeks to restore her once revered Highborne beauty.

Queen Azshara has set up a taskforce – the Vainglorious and used the Dream of the Highborne on them. Their job is to both seek ways to meet her desires to be both beautiful and powerful, searching for more powerful artifacts and sources of magic. She wants to be more than just Queen of Najzatar. Perhaps she can instigate an attack on Neptulon, and take control of the seas.

The Burning Legion

Reckless use of magic on Azeroth has been slowly drawing the gaze of the Burning Legion. Azeroth may have been the next target of the Legion had not some surge have drawn them to Outlands. The magical surge is enough for a scouting party to be deployed, and although Kil’jaeden may not dedicated to personally tend to the matter, there is no doubt that the scouting party with provide the greatest challenge yet seen.

Wrathion may be not be aware that his plan to save Azeroth has contributed in stirring the attention of the Legion. Nor had intended to destroy the northern territories of Outland, but this is precisely where the Burning Legion’s scouting party have moved their land mass.

Terrifying demons are waiting on a new mass to explore the Outlands and even cross through the portal to Azeroth searching for beings addicted to magic. The Alliance and Horde may need to unite to keep the scouting party at bay, and halt the start of a Burning Legion invasion.

A Temporary Truce

Vol’jin and his Shadow Hunters proved to be a turning factor in the combined assault against Gul’dan. So much so that Varian himself has approached Vol’jin, given that the Burning Legion had just started to invade the alternate Draenor. He knew that the Burning Legion were looking for them, and he wanted to ensure that they were prepared. The two brokered a temporary truce, not without heavy interjection from Jaina Proudmoore. She stands her ground stating that the Horde could not be trusted to hold any peace and reminds Varian of the past. But Varian is steadfast in his decision, ordering Alliance troops to be trained.

In the brokered deal, the training ground was agreed to be in Moonglade, under the watchful eyes of the neutral druids, and as the Horde members had to travel through Night Elf territory they agreed to both training only a small number of Alliance troops and that Horde troops will also be present during training.

Rokhan will lead the instruction and brings with him effigies to the Shadow Hunter Loa. Escorting him is a contingent of Orcs, Trolls and Tauren, including a Tauren Spirit Walker Roshan Ghosthoof, who ends up teaching the group to turn use Ethereal Form and communicate with ancestral spirits. Some disheartened Blood Elves, looking are a fresh start after the loss of their beloved Silvermoon also make the long journey.

The Keepers of Moonglade deny the group access claiming that they will not allow their lands to be desecrated. Only druids are allowed into Moonglade. Instead, the group continue their travels to Shatterspear Vale, a former peaceful troll camp. The Night Elves had previously razed the village, killing their leader and scattering the remaining Shatterspear Trolls. On their arrival they find one lone elderly troll shadow hunter that has returned – Tathaka the last of the Shatterspear, who aids in the training process.

On the Alliance side it is the Night Elves and Humans that form the largest of the contingent. Originally it was just to be Humans, but Tyrande wanted to send a contingent of Night Elves to ensure they do not defile Moonglade lands, unaware of the change of training venue. The Night Elves remained committed after the venue change, aware that suddenly leaving would look suspicious. Like the Blood Elves looking for a fresh start, both Worgen and Draenei make their way to Shatterspear Vale. The group is larger than what was brokered, but the peace holds and the leaders’ eyes turn to Shatterspear Vale to see just how long the peace holds.

Alleria and Turalyon Found

Alleria and Turalyon went missing when the portal was first sealed. They had not been found when the portal to Outlands was opened. But everyone sensed they were still alive. They had been drifting into the Twisting Nether on a floating island, together with a group of Humans and High Elves.

The group had been mostly isolated, until the barging new land mass was set into a collision course with the floating island. The remote broken regions of outland were the last to fuse into the new continent. But that meant that the Humans and High Elves were no longer alone. They did not know what new horrors this new land would bring, but they did know that they did harbor their own horror.

A fortified outpost had been built with the rocks on the barren island, which was called Lightguarde. They used whatever supplies they had to build their homes, town hall and barracks. But structures were mostly carved into the rocks they drifted on. The problem they faced was not building material, as they had been resourceful. The problem they faced was a lack of food. Their small island provided very little nourishment, and the only garden in their outpost could not handle the needs of the population.

Cannibalism was suggested by some of the Human populous. “Eat them, while they still have meat on their bones”. But Alleria outlawed the idea and declared the punishment be banishment. Nevertheless, as food became more scarce and with no new potential source of food, the humans in the outpost turned to eating one another, and organize a mutiny. Their efforts were stopped by Turalyon and the group exiled and locked outside the outpost walls. Outside the walls and fuelled by their hunger for flesh they degenerate into lesser humans, being referred to as the Effete.

Inside the walls, most of the populace is now High Elves, and the remaining group greatly fortify the walls against the Effete abominations that are outside their gates.

When the continental collision took place, the Effete scattered onto the new lands. It is only a matter of time that the Humans and High Elves of Lightguarde come across them once again. In their early scouting missions outside the fortified walls they discovered that the Effete had been tunnelling under the outpost, and were trying to launch an attack from underneath. The Effete that remained in the cavernous tunnels were slaughtered and the wall of the underground tunnels collapsed.

The people of Lightguarde now begin the exploration of their new world, ever weary of the presence of the Effete and potentially greater threats.

The Orcs through the Portals

There were three floating land masses that fused into the new continent that were once part of Draenor. The first was a small island occupied by Humans and High Elves that holds Lightguarde.

When Draenor was destroyed, Ner’zhul created portals for the Orcs to escape. A group of Orcs that passed through the portal ended on the second of the floating islands that fused with the new continent. However, the Orc’s island fused on the opposite side to that of the Humans and High Elves so they never held any interaction.

Believing Ner’zhul to be their saviour, they name their new home in his honor, Nerzhulium. It would not be until they come into contact with the Horde that they learn the truth about Ner’zhul. Unlike, the Human and Elven counterparts, the Orcs were fortunate enough to have plentiful Fel Boars as a source of food. They came to tame and farm these beasts. But there is one major problem with Fel Boar meat – it is corrupted. Eating this meat would have a similar effect to drinking the blood of Mannoroth. But unknown to the Orcs, they had brought a lesser Draenic Fire Fury, Magby, with them through the portal. Any meat cooked using the fire from the fury is purified and safe to eat.

The Orcs have unknowingly grown an affinity to fire and positioned the flame of the fury in a central and protected hearth in their outpost. They will do anything and everything possible to keep it alive, although they do not know why they revere it so.

The Orcs have less urgency to leave their outpost given it is well stocked, but wish to explore the new land, hoping to find more orcs.

The Third Draenor Mass

The third Draenor masses that fused into the new continent are remnants of what once the Shadowed Seas, the gulf between Tanaan Jungle and Shadowmoon Valley. It is by far the largest of the three land masses that joined the new continent. It was also the first of the three land masses to join the new continent.

The sea drained away after the shattering, leaving behind an eerie green salt in parts of the land. The only source of water is from the springs the far west, fed by what may be the only aquifer on the continent.

Zeth’kur, the former Orc shipyard is in the northeast section of the region, and the few orcs that remain take refuge in the town hall, blockading the entrance, sealing them inside and protecting them from the world outside. When the Nerzhulium Orcs find them in their exploration, they return to Nerzhulium as refugees. Just as they leave Zeth’kur, the Effete move in and occupy the city, surviving off raided rotting corpses that have been decaying since the shattering.

In the shifting sand dunes further east, beyond Zeth’kur, dwell a small sect of sand gnomes. Their small stature does not make them easy targets, as they have discovered a way to make themselves look bigger and amplify their power. They stack atop each other in three gnome totems. The arrangement works surprisingly well, and when the Gnomes of Azeroth arrive they are inspired by the success of the Sand Gnomes. The arrangement is always a warrior on the bottom for swift movement, and ensuring the strongest and sturdiest base, a sand master in the middle, manipulating the sand dunes around them as an extension of their arms and a pyromancer on top, providing the deadly sniper viewpoint.

There were two colonies of Arrakoa that started on the Shadowed Sea remnant. They were what remained after the shattering. They were the Arrakoa that terrorized the Bleeding Hollow Orcs in Tanaan Jungle. Adept in shadow magic, the two colonies were a beacon for the remaining Arrakoa. One settlement in the far west was called Veil Ruthak and was built around one of the springs. Talismans and totems around their colony warned others not to enter. The other settlement was far to the East, built into the rock cliffs of what used to be an island in the Shadowed Sea, called Veil Biryc by the Arrakoa. Further east, was the last of rocky outcrops before the edge of the Draenor lands and where the strange mass began. One of the eastern most outcrops served as the catacombs of Ogres who have long been gone in this floating rock. The only evidence of their existence is the Ogre catacombs.

Sunken, broken and rusted Orcish ships litter the eastern front, evidence of their failure in past wars. What are not on the verge of collapsing have provided shelter for the beasts that now roam these flats.

The final place of interest in this region is the jelly fields, where some ancient sea beasts have died. Now their gelatinous bodies are the source of the oozes that swamp the fields. How they have come to be and how they have survived is a matter that may be up for investigation.

The Ethereal and K'aresh Denizens

The middle sections of the new continent are remnants of the world of K’aresh, the homeland of the Ethereal. These sections have been the most volatile since the collision. Originally the void had shattered the planet, and the Ethereal’s arcane defence caused their material bodies to vaporize leaving behind their souls. Many would make their way to Outlands, but some remained on their floating rock. One sect of Ethereal built a dome in the northwest section of their land, founding a city called Yazz’shal. It was the only area that could support plant life and Yazz’shali Ethereal become the trading superpower of the Ethereal left behind. Led by Nexus-Prince Bashim, the Yazz’shali are rich with their stockpiles of Void-Imbued Crystals. These crystals are the result of the void energies that settled upon the lands, and are used to power their eco-dome.

Another sect of Ethereal were led by Nexus-Prince Gaffari and settled in the shifting arcane sands, in a place called Mana’Eshi. They too seek the Void-Imbued Crystals and have attempted to build their own eco-dome, but it will be nowhere near as grand of the Yazz’shali’s eco-dome.

A third sect of Ethereal led by Nexus-Prince Hamzad also settled in the shifting arcane sands, further than either of the other Ethereal, in a place called E’Mana. They discovered a strange being in the sands. The only one they have ever seen. A Naaru. It’s name was E’Man, and is where the name their city came from. The Ethereal approached the Naaru as friends and build their city around the Naaru. Their night skies were lit by the Naaru and thus had less need for the Void-Imbued Crystals, only using it for trade with their brethren.

Amongst the other humanoids from K’aresh that roam the new continent are two races vastly different from one another. The first are stocky small dwarf-like creatures called the Bantai, that live in mountains and tunnels under the ground. Their hair is reminiscent of tree roots and have bellies as hard as rocks. The second, called the Askan, are tall and slender and carve their homes on the sides of cliffs. Both races hid from their planet’s destruction by hiding deep within the earth. The rocky gorge filled centre of the lands made the perfect home for both races. The Bantai carved tunnels underneath Erewon, a massive solitary mountain spire directly in the centre of the region, and used it as their capital. Their excavations unearthed massive quantities of Void-Imbued Crystals that the traded with the Askan, whom settled on the outside ridges on the boundary with the arcane deserts, and Ethereal.

A New Threat - The Moundbuilders

Many years before the collision with the new continent a new threat emerged. No one knows from where they came. Perhaps they were harbored in the remnants of another planet that crashed into their world. Or perhaps they were there all along, deep in the bowels of K’aresh. They only know that they came and in number. They called them the Moundbuilders. They do not communicate, nor seek to make contact.

The rolled through the lands in the cover of night and first took the cliff in the north, and moved straight to Erewon, slaughtering the Bantai. After the attack, the Bantai were on the edge of extinction. Only a handful managed to escape and made their way to Yazz’shal. The Askan were luckier, as being on the rim of the gorgelands allowed many of them to escape. Many also turned to the Yazz’shali, but many knowing that the Yazz’shali would make them pseudo-slaves to work off their presence, some opted to travel west and held out in the sand dunes. When the Draenor mass collided, they were on the edge of starvation and about to surrender themselves to the mercy of the Yazz’shali. They crossed into the new land and settled in the walls of an outcrop spire, they called Alakon, in the shadow of Veil Biryc.

The Moundbuilders started to build an empire centred around Erewon. They moved north towards Mana’Eshi, and decimated the Ethereal that lived there. There were no survivors. During the battle with the Moundbuilders, the Mana’Eshi unleashed the power of their Void-Imbued Crystals to defend themselves, but were no match for the Moundbuilders who swarmed in inconceivable numbers. In addition, the Moundbuilders learned how to use the power of the Void-Imbued Crystals by observing the Mana’Eshi. So now the Moundbuilders had an expanding border, a massive supply of crystals and they knew how to use them. The Moundbuilders used the crystals to resurrect the Ethereal energy, and took them to Erewon to transform them into horrors to help them patrol their lands.

When the Yazz’Shali noticed their absence they investigated they found only the bandages of the Mana’Eshi. When they first spotted the Moundbuilders they kept their distance knowing that anyone that could contend with their brethren would not such a push over.

When the Moundbuilders headed east to E’mana, the Ethereal also tried to put out a defence. The Moundbuilders were strong and on the verge of victory, when a discovery was made – the Moundbuilders kept away from E’Man. They hate the light. In the lightless world in the new continent, the Moundbuilders thrived and could move freely, but here they had to keep a distance. The E’mana Ethereal could safely take refuge in the centre of their city by the light. But then, they decided that they could take advantage of the situation and fight back. By imprisoning E’Man and draining the light from him they could force back the Moundbuilder onslaught. They were successful, and the battle drove the Moundbuilders back to their gorges.

But as the E’mana drained the light of E’Man void portals started to open around them. The Ethereal’s old enemy was coming once again coming to them. Void creatures spewed into their realm. The Ethereal drained more light from E’Man to fight them, and the more light drained from E’Man the more void portals opened. A messenger envoy was sent to Yazz’shal to plead for their help but by the time help returned E’Man’s light faded. They were now out of a light source and swarming with void creature. Those who could evacuate did so. Those who did not fell victim to the void.

The Man’ari were not to be threatened by creatures of a new land. Man’ari Lords were sent of scavenging missions around these new lands. One Man’ari Eredar Lord Thelezaar was dispatched to deal with the insects that lived in lowlands below. If Mana’Eshi had not been destroyed by the Moundbuilders then Lord Thelezaar would have. Nevertheless, Lord Thelezaar summoned Chaos Imps to kill anyone that would return.

Next, Lord Thelezaar would head south to squash the insects that lived under the mountain. He would call upon chaos to rain fire across the gorgelands. But he did not count on encountering a massive ball of Moundbuilders rolling towards him. His chaos bolts only singed the outmost Moundbuilders and the vast majority still lived inside to massive ball. He had underestimated the Moundbuilders and fell to their sheer numbers. After being resurrected, his body was infested with Moundbuilders, like worms crawling under one skin. Lord Thelezaar was essentially a skin full Moundbuilders.

The infested Lord Thelezaar would eventually march towards the new lands first taking the Ogre Burial Mound, where the Moundbuilders resurrect the Ogre remains into lich-like ogre spirits. Next Lord Thelezaar move to Alakon, where the Askon have rebuilt their home. But as the Askon are attacked they cleverly climb to the peak and stayed out of range of both Lord Thelezaar and in enough cosmic light to keep the Moundbuilders at bay. Part of the Moundbuilders claim the tunnels of Alakon and wait for the Askan to come down from the top of the rock.

Lord Thalazaar and the remaining infesting Moundbuilders march on towards Veil Biryc, where many of the Arrakoa fall. Yet some run away to Veil Ruthak and some to Nerzhulium and Lightsguarde seeking both refuge and help. The Arrakoa at Veil Ruthak turn to ask for help from a sacred being. They start to call upon the Old God that the Shadowmoon Arrakoa tried to summon. Perhaps with the power of the Old God they can contend with the unholy degenerative Moundbuilders. Lord Thalazaar would eventually fall in the campaign of the Alliance and the Horde.

Back in the Gorgelands, the Moundbuilders return to E’mana, and find that the bright light of E’Man has darkened. They push back the void creatures and capture the darkened Naaru and start to drain its power in preference to the Void-Imbued Crystals. They discover that the potential of this power that they drain is much more useful to another of their ambitions around the same time they stop resurrecting other being into horror forms for their army. The power they harness will eventually be used to summon their own gods to this world.

Before their plans could come to fruition they drain too much of E’Man’s dark power, which causes him to die. His death breathes life into a new figure – a Void God called Ataxia. Ataxia is so incredibly powerful, that he single-handedly pushes the Moundbuilders back. The region east of the Gorgelands is now void land, and is ruled by the Void God Ataxia.

The Moundbuilders have to revert to collecting Void-Imbued Crystals to complete their dark ambitions.

Illidan's Ambitions

Having betrayed Wrathion and leaving his instruction early, Illidan starts to explore the void remnants of what used to be Blade’s Edge Mountain and Netherstorm. If he could collect the void energy that lay there he would become so incredibly powerful.

In his travels between the void, he comes across yet another newly created powerful artifact. The void had imbued the eye of a fallen Gronn. Illidan claims the Void-Touched Eye of Gruul. Using it means weakening his spectral sight, but he will be able to better contend with void creatures and be able to harness void energy which seemed endless.

Having been abandoned by Illidan and with the Disciples of Aera still out of action Wrathion decides to leave his encampment, looking for another solution. The Demon Hunter trainees continue their training teaching themselves, without their instructor. Eventually the Amani Demon Hunter trainees leave and return their homelands, and most of the other trainees return home to Azeroth.

Illidan makes his way to Azeroth, sneaking through the portal and commandeering The Pagan Goddess, a South Seas Pirate ship, and its crew. He sails the ship across the world to northern Kalimdor where he commands the crew to remain. He threatens them with the promise of pursuing them and personally gutting them one at a time. Illidan then venture to Mount Hyjal and claims yet another artifact, the Right Petrified Eye of Archimonde, discarding the left eye as worthless. On his way back his stolen ship he comes across the Vainglorious, Queen Azshara’s personal taskforce. They pursue Illidan to his ship, wanting to take both eye artifacts for their queen. The pirates see their opportunity and mutiny against Illidan. Illidan uses metamorphosis and unleashes chaos against both the Vainglorious and the mutinous pirates. The Vainglorious are only stunned, but the pirates are all slain. Illidan is able to escape back to Outlands.

The Left Petrified Eye of Archimonde becomes lost amongst the vegetation until Falbur of the Timbermaw Furbolgs finds it. He takes it and offers it as a gift to Elder Ragalosh, a one-eyed Totemist, as a surrogate eye.

In Outland, Illidan hears of the new continent and travels there in search of stronger void energies. What he discovers is the Void God Ataxia. It is now Illidan’s prime goal to drain the power of Ataxia and become a god himself. With the Void-Touched Eye of Gruul and the Right Petrified Eye of Archimonde his goals may soon come to fruition. All he needs is an army to distract the Void God.

Kalimdor Furbolgs

Three Furbolg tribe have started to venture out and communicate with outsiders: the Timbermaw, the Barkskin and the Blackmaw.

The Barkskin tribe has started to leave the Barrow Deeps and look to their former allies to gain perspective in this strange new outdoor world. They are torn between the differing opinions of the Night Elves and the Tauren. They do not want to pick a side in what they deem a silly, pointless and distracting conflict.

The Blackmaw tribe is the eastern most tribe on Kalimdor, and are only beginning to venture beyond their own closed world. They still have hatred towards goblins, whom they have come into conflict with in Azshara.

The Timbermaw have long trusted outsiders, including many adventurers that helped them in Felwood.

Recently, representatives from the three tribes have met in the Barrow Deeps to discuss the status of the tribes, what action if any should be taken towards the corrupted Furbolg tribes, and the construction of a large statue to the twin demigods Ursoc and Ursol which will serve as a promise to unite the Furbolg tribes. It was decided by all three representatives, who follow the instruction of their chieftains, that they should try to cure their brethren of their corruption, strengthening the resolve of the Furblogs. Under the advice of Elder Ragalosh of the Timbermaw unification of the Furbolg tribes is the highest priority. If they are to face his prophetic vision, they would have to work as a unified force. Together they might be able to heal the forests of their corruption and unit all the creatures in northern Kalimdor.

In actuality Elder Ragalosh’s visions are the actions that Illidan himself is undertaking. While the Right Petrified Eye of Archimonde provided Illidan with greater chaotic power, the left eye lets the holder view the right eye, and provides some elementary illusion magic. That is why Illidan discarded the left eye so easily. So what Elder Ragalosh believes will happen have already happened.

The Furbolgs set their focus on the Deadwood tribe, the Foulweald tribe and the Winterfall tribe. In their effect to try to cure their brethren they discover that demonic entities are responsible for the corruption of each tribe and a coordinated effort will be needed to purge the evil from the corrupted tribes. The uncorrupted tribes need help from outsiders if they are to be successful, but they are reluctant to ask for help, particularly when their Night Elf and Tauren friends do not get along.

The Furbolg Council eventually decide to call upon members of both nations for advice to deal with the demonic corruptions. The Horde send someone the Furbolg strongly trust – Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, but the Alliance send Tyrande Whisperwind and Velen. Wanting a Human present, Varian insists that Anduin be present. That way the Humans have a representative and Anduin can continue his mentorship under Velen. Jaina also decides to attend the meeting, hearing rumours that Illidan had passed through Mount Hyjal. Another surprise attendee also heard the same rumor – Maiev Shadowsong.

On learning that the Alliance presence is so strong, the Horde leaders discuss whether the Alliance have fallen already broken their truce. Sylvanas suggests that if Vol’jin is so concerned that he should send reinforcements to the Shadow Hunter camp and extract his Horde troops. But Vol’jin tells the others he has more faith in their truce.

The Alliance’s ambition may have been to assure that the Alliance is prepared to back the Furbolg, and potentially gain a new ally in northern Kalimdor. Perhaps the Furbolg are about to enter the war on the Alliance side. *SPOILER* They do not, they remain neutral.

Jaina and Velen confirm that they could sense that a demonic presence had passed through the region, and are able to ascertain that he spent a brief time in Mount Hyjal. Maiev tells the others that she can smell his stench.

Akama and Maiev Shadowsong

Elder Ragalosh describes the leaders what he has seen. Maiev recongnizes that Ragalosh can see what Illidan is doing and attacks him trying to get the eye for herself. With the eye, Illidan will not be able to hide or escape from her. But Tyrande intercepts her attack, reminding her that they are guests of the Furbolgs and would be obliged to show their hosts respect.

Maiev then lashes out at Tyrande blaming her for freeing Illidan during the war of the ancients. “None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you!” She pushing Tyrande back and attacks Ragalosh once more. It takes both Anduin, Velen and three Furbolgs to restrain Maiev.

They put her in the Barrow Deep Dungeons. The Alliance leaders tell the Furbolgs that they will punish her themselves, given she is a member of the Alliance. But the Furbolg disagree telling them that the attack was made on Furbolg land against a Furbolg and that this means their punishment should supersede their punishment.

The Alliance and Horde leaders leave promising help in the Furbolgs’ mission, and each faction is left to discuss another assault into Outlands.

There is not much time between when the faction leaders left and when the Vainglorious arrived. They too have come for the eye. Ragalosh accidentally uses the power of the eye to transform himself into a Highborne Elf. The Vainglorious are tricked by his disguise, and he convinces them that the eye was stolen by pirates and taken to the other side of Kalimdor. The Vainglorious leave.

Elder Ragalosh tells the other that the eye must be destroyed as it has brought nothing but misfortune. But the eye cannot be easily destroyed. Elder Ragalosh will ask trusted champions to help him discover a way to destroy the eye before a negative character can get their hands on it. *SPOILER* The champion will eventually take the eye believing they will destroy it, but end up delivering it to Maiev and accidently free her.

Meanwhile in Outland, Akama and his Ashtongue Broken also hear of Illidan’s return, and start to seek revenge. They had been robbed at the Black Temple, and now have to travel to a new continent to search for him. Maiev being imprisoned places the Broken in the lead to confront Illidan.

Shadow Hunters in Shatterspear

Shadow Hunter Training in Shatterspear Vale is on track and all involved will soon be able to go home. News of the Furbolg meeting reaches the Horde from Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, who checks in with the training progress before he is to meet with Vol’jin in Orgrimmar. Rokhan and the other senior Horde members are concerned how the Alliance seem to be pushing a strong presence in the area. Rokhan tells Hamuul that he has an eerie feeling that they have been watched ever since they arrived.

During Hamuul short stay in Shatterspear Vale another figure appears from the shadows. It is one of the Demon Hunter apprentices. The Demon Hunters that have returned from Outland have found themselves exiled from society. Tyrande made a clear statement when the first of the Demon Hunters returned to Darnassus – no demon fouled night elf will ever be welcomed back to Darnassus. They were exiled. The Dwarves and Gnomes did the same. Varian had some reservation given that they could use every able body if the Burning Legion did invade, but was convinced otherwise by Jaina.

When the Blood Elves Demon Hunters returned to their home, they found they had no home to go to and turned to their ally’s home in Undercity. Sylvanas agreed to allow them into the city as long as they agreed to always be monitored and to swear their allegiance to her. With the events at the Wrathgate in her mind she decides it best to tell Vol’jin of her deal with the Demon Hunters. He wants to keep an eye on what happens in Undercity before either accepting them or exiling them as the Alliance has.

In Shatterspear Vale, the Demon Hunter Apprentice Vallegra spoke to a group of Night Elves tantalizing them with the promise of incredible power. She even convinces some to gouge out their eyes and to start becoming Demon Hunters themselves. Almost instantaneously Tyrande arrives at the camp. She had been watching in the shadows with her Sentinels, not trusting the Horde. She states that this is an atrocity against nature, and commanded the freshly turned Demon Hunters out of the Night Elf lands.

The Horde members rush out of their meeting, shocked to see what has happened. Tyrande places blame directly on Rokhan and his Shadow Hunter training. She tells him it is best if they leave. Heavily outnumbered and deep in Night Elf territory the Horde members have no choice but to leave the camp and make out for Orgrimmar.

The recently turned Demon Hunters are given an ultimatum – leave or die. They all leave. But Varian, disheartened with the loss of his Shadow Hunters reluctantly accepts them into Stormwind restricting them to the Mage Quarter. He tells Tyrande the training would have all been for nothing. The alliance still remains but there is a division starting to rift between the two leaders.

Betrayal in Ashenvale

Hamuul Runetotem shapeshifts into a storm crow and flies ahead to Orgrimmar to tell Vol’jin what has happened. The Shadow Hunters march through Ashenvale on their return to Orgrimmar, but are ambushed by Night Elf Sentinels . The Shadow Hunters only escape by using their Ethereal Form which was taught to them by the Spirit Walker Roshan Ghostwolf. It seems that any truce between the factions may have just been broken.

In Orgrimmar Vol’jin is disheartened that the truce had been broken so easily. This is the first time that he has been severely backstabbed as Warchief. He and his Horde had stood by their word. He decides that his retribution will be heavy and brutal and asks Sylvanas to personally see to the matter, telling her that he wants them to know the might of the horde and to never forget.

Sylvanas brings her Dark Rangers and one of the nine, Svangalia. Sylvanas and her Dark Rangers annihilate a small Night Elven camp, then uses Svangalia to resurrect the fallen, but offers them no choice in life. They will serve her. She blazes through camp after camp, enslaving more and more risen Night Elves. When she reaches Talonbranch Glade she decimates the outpost and kills all the Night Elves and Worgen. She commands them all to be resurrected and fight each and any member of the Alliance. They are cursed in an endless battle against one another. Satisfied that Vol’jin message is loud and clear, Sylvanas and her team return to Undercity and Svangalia is put back into her guarded vault. Vol’jin orders his Shadow Hunters to go to Undercity and personally keep the Demon Hunters in check.

The message is loud and clear to the Alliance. The truce is over. The war is on.

The Amani and the Zandalari

This time it is the Amani that call upon the Zandalari. With their newfound powers provided by their imprisoned bear Loa Nalorakk they are more powerful than the Zandalari. They plot to head to Northrend and resurrect the demigods Ursoc and Ursine and enslave them as they have with Nalorakk. Their combined might may finally be able to withstand any attack and they may finally be able to hold a city.

Perhaps they may even be able to storm Icecrown Citadel and contend with Bolvar for the Throne.

The Man'ari Lords

Ar’Kara was not all quiet on the new continent. The highlands are infested with demons just waiting to be unleashed. But the Man’ari had a set list of goals to achieve. The first is to find an artifact to stabilize the spell the Council of Ar’Kara are channelling. Five Man’ari lords are dispatched to find such artifacts. They can single handily raise an army of demons and contend with almost any threat.

The first lord, Lord Thalazaar was killed and resurrected by the Moundbuilders and is now a living skin of Moundbuilders in the Shadowsea Flatlands.

The second lord, Lord Ajeedus was send to the land known as Vir’aania, connected to Yazz’shal. There he raises an army and is about to invade Yazz’shal to get access to an artifact that they are strongly suspected to hold.

The third lord, Lady Vesselenika is investigating the void lands and the presence of Void God Ataxia. She makes the mistake of confronting him and is overwhelmed. Pledging allegiance to him is the only way she survives. Now Lady Vesselenika is one of Ataxia’s personal body guards.

The final two lords, Lady Lena Larentha and Lady Lilantha Larentha are twin sisters who pass through the portal into Azeroth. Lilantha takes over the Blasted Lands, enslaving the local denizens and summoning an army of demons. Lena travels to the Swamp of Sorrows and proceeds to build the legion there, before the two continue onwards to seek their artifacts.

Rebuilding the Dam

The Dwarves and Gnomes have taken to rebuilding Stonewrought Dam. Evidence of the construction can be seen in Loch Modan and the Wetlands. Much of the Dwarven laborforce is focused on this monumental task. This explains why so few Dwarves are present in the forward campaign.

Excavation sites are set up in both Loch Modan and the Wetlands to mine the stone for the dam wall. This excavation has unsettled the Troggs that live in the tunnels below the hills. Dwarf work sites have to content with occasional Trogg attacks and ensure that no crucial works are ruined.

In addition cracks in the allegiance between the clans are beginning to show. Each excavation is headed and operated by a different clan. Some call the other’s work inferior, whilst others try to sabotage the work of the others. By accomplishing the most work on the dam that clan can claim greater rights to the land should a civil war break out.

Studying the Land

The Tauren have made their way to the new continent to study the new land. They believe the arcane energy within the rocks might be spiritual energies of lost ancestors.

Perhaps they can piece together what may have happened in these new lands if they can contact the spirits of the lost ancestors. They may have found what they have been looking for in Lake Waddi in the K’areshi wastes. The waters flow from the Acree highlands and end up in the lake. A massive ethereal mana carp may be the ancestor they have been looking for.

In northern Kalimdor the Tauren try to help the Furbolgs in studying the land for a potential source of corruption. And although the Night Elves have little tolerance for the Horde in northern Kalimdor, they are more lax about the presence of the Tauren, who only seem to want to heal the land. Perhaps they think they are druids seeking to revitalize the forests.

They Used to be Satyrs

New beings have been spotted in Kalimdor and southern Khaz Modan. They claim to formerly have been Satyrs. But their appearance is different. Their horns look like the antlers of an elk, their legs look like the trunks of limber trees, they do not have tails and in place of fur they have bark skin. Furthermore their eyes seem to glow with the energy of a divine power. They say they have been redeemed by the White Lady. She has transformed their curse into a blessing. They call themselves the Faldorei, children of the light, after their saviour.

There is a tree in the southern isles that has been blessed by the White Lady. Any Satyr that eats its fruit will be redeemed and transformed into the Faldorei. The tree lies on a sundered isle that once used to be part of the Temple of Elune in Suramar, but now stands on an island on its own. Many of the Faldorei remained behind to protect the tree from any force who would seek to destroy it or corrupt its power. The Tree of Light stands as a polar opposite to the Nightmare Lord whom stands in another part of the southern seas. The Faldorei that left are in search of their homelands of which they only have a vague memory.

The Faldorei that journey to Northern Kalimdor are the known as the Moonborne and are seeking the memory of a giant tree. The Moonborne witness Illidan’s escape from northern Kalimdor and are plagued with the demonic thoughts of their former curse. They want nothing to do with that so retreat further south where they come across Shadow Hunter scouting parties who are on the search for demon corruption in northern Kalimdor. They are astound to find that these beings have been cured of their corruption, and immediately find a common cause. The Horde want a way to combat the demons that are starting to flood in and the Moonborne have a potential cure.

The Horde escorts the Moonborne into the forests and mountains, where they come across the druids of the Cenarion Circle. It is Malfurion that recognizes that they have been touched by the White Lady, while the Troll shadow hunters fight the Night Elves. Immediately he asks if they would accompany him to Darnassus – Tyrande will want to meet them. There is something familiar about the Night Elves that sway the Moonborne to agree to meet Tyrande. They are thankful for the help of the Horde but there is something drawing them towards Malfurion.

In the Temple of the Moon Tyrande learns of how the White Lady saved them. If there is a place blessed by Elune then the Night Elves have a priority to secure it. Tyrande pushes the Moonborne to tell them where the tree is. Velen, who has taken up residence in Darnassus after the fall of their crash site, inquires about their blessing wondering if it is the same as the Naaru blessings the Draenei received. With both leaders pushing the Moonborne for information, the leader of the Moonborne Malavian senses that they may no longer be so welcomed in the city and leave to complete their journey to Nordrassil.

Both factions will come across the Faldorei as they continue their journey through Azeroth. In a future expansion the Night Elves will want to visit the Tree of Light.


Starting Zones

Given that there are fewer players starting or that have never undertaken quests in the levelling zones, the smart thing to do is to consolidate starting areas and decrease the total land dedicated to leveling. With some areas destroyed by invading hostiles, it is time to re-establish where each race start their adventure. In each case, an update in the zone and available quests would be required.

Updated Alliance Starting Zones

  • AllianceColdridge Valley – Dwarves, Gnomes
  • AllianceNorthshire Valley – Human, Worgen
  • AllianceShadowglen – Night Elves, Draenei

Updated Horde Starting Zones

  • HordeDeathknell – Forsaken, Blood Elves
  • HordeRed Cloud Mesa – Tauren
  • HordeValley of Trials – Orcs, Trolls, Goblin

New Continent: The Encroaching Mass

Argus, the homeworld of the Draenei and Man’ari Eredar, is destroyed, torn asunder by their addiction to fel magics. K’aresh, the homeworld of the Ethereals is destroyed, shattered by the void invasion which unleashed arcane and dark energy. The original timeline Draenor is destroyed, torn apart by an addiction to demonic energy. Shattered remnants floating in the Twisting Nether. The Encroaching Mass is a collection of part of these remnants crashed together by a sinister scouting party.

Six powerful Man’ari Eredar stand combined, channelling fel magic to move the burned out wastelands that were once part of Argus. They stand on the edge of Ar’Kara, formerly a temple city of Argus. Although it is a shack compared to Mac’Aree it is still a marvellous wonder to any who see it. The six, known as the Council of Ar’Kara are moving their ancient temple towards a rippling disturbance in the universe – a concentration of strong magic localized in Outlands.

The Council of Ar’Kara must continuously channel together to keep the land mass moving. Immensely powerful and their abilities amplified by their unnatural bond. They will instantly obliterate any weakling that interferes with their concentration.

They disregard whatever land masses that stand in their way, and with their combined power they have smashed into remnants from other destroyed worlds. They stand atop a ridge, high above the ruins of K’aresh, the former desert home of the Ethereals. The newest addition to the land mass are the broken lands of Draenor, remnants of outlands that have drifted far into the Twisting Nether. The blending of these lands and their inhabitants have created a hostile land to navigate. And worst yet, this is just the herald of the coming Legion.


Eternal darkness bestows the temple city of Ar’Kara. Ghastly fires light the halls, which are inhabited by demons that nightmares could not even imagine. Walkways of mineral and a single glittering river may be the last remnant of the Eredar’s old Ar’Kara. They glow in the dark, perhaps providing the last hope of the Eredar’s past.

Ar’Kara is protected by a mile high ridge into the collided lowland deserts. The gates to the temple city is guarded by a swarm of demons, headed by a pit lord, Azzazolus.

NeutralArcee Wastes

The stepping stone to Ar’Kara. The wastes are full of demons, making any expedition into the lands almost impossible.

Dead trees and an eternal aurora above the wastes are reminiscent of a surreal painting. The entrance to the wastes demands a treacherous trek up the cliff face. Imps throw fireballs from high on the side of the cliff face. Falling rocks are another of the issues heroes will have to face while trying to enter the wastes.

The wastes hold several legion camps that are waiting to be unleashed on the lowlands and beyond that each faction will have to contend with. Each faction’s front line consists of small insurgent camps as greater outposts become easy targets for the Legion. Most of the Horde camps are run by Shadow Hunters and Dark Rangers who blend into the land, whilst most of the Alliance camps are headed by Night Elves who use their shadowmeld ability to conceal themselves and SI rogues.

The Great Rift has been occupied by Moundbuilders. The Moundbuilders fight with the Burning Legion in this part of the continent. Currently the lowlands and canyons are controlled by the Moundbuilders and the highlands are controlled by the Legion.

NeutralThe Great K’areshi Desert

The Great K’areshi Desert is divided into three parts. The western most part is the smallest and is where the Ethereal city of Yazz’shal lies.

The central section is the Gorgelands, covered by rocks and dried up gorges. It is completely controlled by Moundbuilders and their risen allies.

The eastern section is the void touched lands that are infested by void creatures, led by the Void God Ataxia. Illidan presence is most prevalent in this part of the world. He might even encourage heroes to undertake an expedition into E’Mana.


To the north of the Great K’areshi Desert is Vir’aania, another former remnant of K’aresh. Vir’annia is the next section of land that the Legion will take in their advance. It is in this land where most of the conflict between the Ethereal and the Legion takes place.

Lake Waddi lies partly in Vir’aania and partly in the Great K’areshi Desert. It is an oasis for the native fauna that remain on these lands and the Tauren have set up a camp to try to communicate with what they believe to be a spirit in the Lake.

Draenei and Gnomes help the Ethereal in one part the land whilst Orcs and Goblins help them in another section of Vir’aania, as there is now so much mistrust between the factions.

NeutralShadowsea Flats and Zeth’Kur

This is the first section of land that heroes experience in the new continent. The Horde helps the orcs of Nerzhulium, whereas the Alliance helps the Humans and High Elves of Lightguarde. These outposts are on opposite sides in the zones.

The lands are full of green salts, remnants of the seas of Draenor. In the west, the Arrakoa have taken up residence at the only springs in the land. They are the only Arrakoa in the land. Some are turning to these new heroes for help, whilst others have turned to worshipping an old god for salvation.

In the east the Moundbuilders have invaded and have colonized the outcrops in the land.

Shipwrecks litter the land, and each faction will want to explore the wreckages for anything worth salvaging.

Zeth’kur, the former port city is now abandoned. Who knows what has taken up residence in the empty halls.

NEW CLASS: HEADHUNTER (Name up for discussion)


Armor: Mail

The Headhunter must tie up the missing gaps for class gear. The only tier of armor that does not have three classes is mail. Similarly, there is a lack in the number of classes that use range weapons. As such, should a new class be introduced, it should use mail armor and have the capacity to use ranged weaponry.

Each spec of this proposed class has the potential to be its own class. But it is important to note that adding more classes with complicate class balance. So it would be time-consuming and frustrating to achieve any desired balance, both from the developer’s and audience’s (where audience include game players) perspective. Thus, should an additional class be imagined, the combination of three separate classes could go beyond the needs to fill missing mail slot. Only there needs to be a common link to aesthetically collate such diverse class potentials.

In the cases of the three individual proposed classes the individual's body is a conduit for a greater entity. In the case of Demon Hunters the individual binds themselves to demons, becoming a conduit for demonic energy. Shadow Hunters use the blessing of various Loa to aid them in battle, becoming a conduit of the Loa. Spirit Walkers commune with the spirits of their ancestors, often becoming a bridge from the spirit world to our world. It is this act of becoming a conduit which creates the possibility of linking the three classes together. All that is left is to tie up the lore and places a heading over the three potential specialisations. Names such as Invoker may be apt in the description, but a name like Headhunter inspires the sense of a merciless pursuit and can describe two of the three specs. Nevertheless the title for the combined three specs can remain open for discussion.

Much how a Priest can choose to follow the light or engage in darker magic, the Headhunter can follow the revered path of the Spirit Walker, the deadly calling of the Shadow Hunter, or the taboo arts of the Demon Hunter.

Spec: Demon Hunter (DH)

Lorewise, Demon Hunters are outcasts. Exiled and shunned for using demonic energies. But should they disguise their demonic bonds they may be able to slip through mainstream society. If a warlock can walk around without a demon and pass as a shadow mage, then so can a Demon Hunter. Blending into society is a more difficult task given they gouge out their eyes for spectral sight. This aspect also creates a problem of switching between specs as most races cannot regenerate eyeballs. If they merely ritualistically blind themselves without gouging out their eyeballs they can overcome this problem, although that would mean they would not be true Demon Hunters. During levelling in the starting zones, the instructing trainer can joke about how the hero is too scared and not committed enough to do the task.

Demon Hunters are traditionally mostly Night Elves, with some Blood Elves and a rare sample of Humans. But with the surge of demonic entities encroaching into the world, the leaders of both factions recognize the need to recruit skilled Demon Hunters, much like the recruitment and acceptance of Warlocks and, more relevantly, Death Knights.

Resource: Demonic Energy(DE) bar (20DE, 1DE restored every 4 seconds while out of combat)
Role: Melee DPS
Weapons: Daggers, Fist Weapons, 1H Swords (Glaives)

Passive Abilities

  • Spectral Sight: Ritually bind oneself to a demon, blinding the DH, and allowing to see demons and undead with greater clarity. Reduces the contribution of armor from equipped items by 20% and increases the contribution of agility by 10% and increasing movement speed by 10%.
  • Fel Infusion: Restores 1DE every 8seconds while in combat.
  • Demon Heart: Critical strikes restore DE.
  • Duel Wield
  • Demon Tracks: Tracks demons and undead units on your minimap.
  • Inner Demon: Using Chaos Blast or Glade Barrage reduces the CD on Metamorphosis by 1sec.

Active Abilities

  • Mana Burn: Drain target mana dealing 1.5damage for each point of mana drained this way. 20sec CD. 1DE cost.
  • Possession: Will the soul of a demon into the target causing them to freeze in terror for 15sec. Only one target can be possessed at a time. 8sec CD. (all specs)
  • Ancestry: Raise a fallen hero from the dead. 10sec cast.

Core direct damage

  • Chaos Blade: A fiery attack with a glaive generating 1DE. 6sec CD.
  • Demon Blade: An arcane attack with the glaive generating 1DE. 7sec CD.
  • Chaos Blast: Burn the target with fire, dealing 10% additional damage over 3sec. 8sec CD. 1DE cost.
  • Glade Barrage: Barrage the target with a flurry of glaive strikes. Castable while moving, but DH moves at 90% speed. 3sec channel. 2DE cost.

Core area damage

  • Immolation: Engulfs the DH in flames causing damage to nearby units. DE drained until deactivated.
  • Fiery Cleave: Use the glaives to inflict fire damage to target and up to two additional targets. 8sec CD. 3DE cost.


  • Evasion: Increases dodge chance and resistances by 30% and reduces all incoming damage by 60% for 8 seconds. 3min CD.
  • Fel Skin: Harden the DH skin to absorb incoming damage. 1min CD.
  • Energize: Restore 20DE. 3min CD.
  • Metamorphosis: Transform into a demon, increasing damage by 20% and critical strike chance by 20% for 30sec. 3min CD.

Spec: Shadow Hunter (SH)

Shadow Hunters are a major part of Troll society, and traditionally all Shadow Hunters were Trolls. With developing bonds within the Horde, Troll Shadow Hunters have taught the art of their ways to their trusted Orc and Tauren allies.

On the Alliance side there needs to be a shift in the current paradigm for Alliance races to learn the ways of the Shadow Hunter. A Burning Legion incursion into Azeroth may provide the basis for the need to learn some of the skills of their Horde enemies.

Resource: Mana
Role: Melee / Ranged Damage & Utility
Weapons: Bows, Crossbows, Polearms, Staves, Thrown, 2H Axe, 2H Mace, 2H Swords


  • Serpentine: Increases the effect of mana drain abilities by 20%.


  • Dambala Blessing: Increases movement speed by 4% and increasing haste contribution from items by 2%.
  • Samedi Blessing: Killing a target increases the SH haste by 10% for 6secs.
  • Ogoun Blessing: Increases the duration of hexes by 3secs.

Active (Common damage to melee and ranged)

  • Serpent Ward: Summon a Serpent Ward to attack the target for 6secs and then providing a ward to the SH absorbing 30% of damage done. 2min CD. Replaces Fel Skin.
  • Unrest: Strike a target with less than 20% health. 8sec CD.
  • Snakes: Summon a swarm of snakes to attack all targets in a designated area for 10sec. Damage increased by 10% if target has a hex. 30sec CD.

Melee abilities

  • Taipan Strike: Slashes the target with a melee weapon inflicting nature damage and hexing the target inflicting additional damage over 12sec. 8sec CD. Requires melee weapon.
  • Toad Poison: Inflict a hex on the target dealing damage over 24seconds. 8sec CD. Requires melee weapon.
  • Toad Vile: Inflict a hex on the target dealing damage over 18seconds and healing SH each time damage is dealt from Toad Vile. 10sec CD. Requires melee weapon.

Ranged abilities

  • Taipan Shot: Shoot the target with a ranged weapon inflicting nature damage and hexing the target inflicting damage over 8sec. 10sec CD. Requires ranged weapon.
  • Murder Shot: Shoots target. This shot always critically strikes. 20sec CD. Requires ranged weapon.
  • Restlessness: Barrage the target. 3sec channel. 8sec CD. Replaces Glade Barrage.


  • Big Bad Voodoo: The HH is sacrificed to provide 3secs of immunity to all friendly units in 40yards. (SH & SW ability)
  • Eternal Rest: Hex the target to increase all incoming damage by 5% for 20seconds. 2min CD. (SH & SW ability)
  • Loa's Gift: Increases the damage output of target by 20% and increasing their size for 12 seconds. 2min CD. Loa’s Gift and Ancestral Gift share common raid CD.
  • Serpent Hex: Transform the target into a snake for 20secs. 1.5sec cast.
  • Possession: Will the soul of a spirit into the target causing them to freeze in terror for 15sec. Only one target can be possessed at a time. 8sec CD.
  • Mana Burn: Drain target mana dealing 1.5damage for each point of mana drained this way. 20sec CD.
  • Spirits Grace: Restore 4% of the target's maximum mana. 20sec CD.
  • Ogoun's Curse: Place a shield on a target to absorb damage. When the shield breaks unleashed 30% of damage absorbed as area damage around target. 40sec CD.
  • Disenchant: Remove up to 5 buffs from enemies and 5 debuffs from allies within 20yard. 1.5sec cast. 20sec CD.
  • Ancestry: Raise a fallen hero from the dead. 10sec cast.

Spec: Spirit Walker (SW)

Traditionally Spirit Walkers are Tauren who develop a bridge to their ancestors in the Emerald Dream. All spiritual and shaman races have the potential to become Spirit Walkers.

Resource: Mana
Role: Healer / Utility
Weapons: Bows, Crossbows, Polearms, Staves, Thrown, 2H Axe, 2H Mace, 1H Swords (Glaives) 2H Swords


  • Spirit Wrath: Increases mana drain abilities by 20% and mana restore abilities by 10%.
  • Companionship: Increases the duration of companions by 5seconds and their effect by 10%.
  • Ancient Dreaming: Critical heals passive heal an additional two friendly units for 20% of healing done.
  • Sword Wield: Allows duel wielding of 1H Swords.


  • Ethereal Form: Become immune to all damage for 6sec. Unable to use abilities while active. 3min CD.

Damage abilities

  • Taipan Sting: Inflict damage to target. 3sec CD. Requires melee or ranged weapon.

Healing and shields

  • Emerald Shield: Place a shield on the target absorbing damage. Shield lasts up to 15seconds. 3sec CD. Shares Power Word: Shield debuff.
  • Dreaming Life: Heal the target. 2sec cast.
  • Spiritual Radiance: Radiate a healing pulse from a target spirit healing all friendly units within 40yards. 40sec CD.
  • Ancient Glow: Mark the friendly target. Each time target is healed, friendly targets within 10yards are healed over 4seconds for 10% the amount healed. Only one Ancient Glow can be active. Lasts 3min.
  • Ancient Will: Instantly heal the target for 60% health and reduces damage by 20% for 6seconds. 3min CD.

Spirit abilities

  • Companion Spirit: Summon a spirit companion (based on race) to help you fight for 20sec. 2min CD.
  • Ancient Spirit: Each time the Ancient Spirit is healed, it heals friendly units within 20yards 50% of the healing taken. Lasts 20sec. 2min CD.
  • Emerald Spirit: Shadows the SW healing, converting 20% of heals to shields to an additional two nearby friendly unit. Lasts 15sec. 1min CD.


  • Ancestry: Raise a fallen hero from the dead. 10sec cast. (all specs)
  • Disenchant: Remove up to 5 buffs from enemies and 5 debuffs from allies within 20yard. 1.5sec cast. 20sec CD. (SW & SH ability)
  • Spirits Grace: Restore 4% of the target's maximum mana. 20sec CD. (SW & SH ability)
  • Serpent Hex: Transform the target into a snake for 20secs. 1.5sec cast.
  • Big Bad Voodoo: The HH is sacrificed to provide 3secs of immunity to all friendly units in 40yards.
  • Eternal Rest: Hex the target to increase all incoming damage by 5% for 20seconds. 2min CD. (SH & SW ability)
  • Possession: Will the soul of a spirit into the target causing them to freeze in terror for 15sec. Only one target can be possessed at a time. 8sec CD.
  • Mana Burn: Drain target mana dealing 1.5damage for each point of mana drained this way. 20sec CD.
  • Soullessness: Remove the spirit of the target causing them to become inactive for 20sec. 1.5sec cast. Replaces Serpent Hex.
  • Ancestral Gift: Bless the target increasing critical chance and haste by 10% and increasing their size for 12sec. 2min CD. Replaces Loa's Gift.


The new continent is home to a range of creatures from new worlds.

IconSmall Kil'jaeden.gifCouncil of Ar’Kara and the Burning Legion

The Burning Legion is the ultimate enemy. The heroes of Azeroth have faces the Burning Legion before, but the Legion is immensely powerful. They have only seen the tip of what they are to expect.

The Council of Ar’Kara are amongst the most powerful Man’ari, and are the most powerful sorcerers and warlocks on the new continent. The Legion are dominate in the highlands of the new continent and have a heavy presence in Vir’aania, a strong presence in the Shadowsea Flatlands and a growing presence in Azeroth.

IconSmall VoidGod.gifIconSmall VoidLord.gifAtaxia and the Void

Void creatures run rampant in the lowlands of the new continent. Void Portals provide a constant stream of void creatures to enter the world. In addition the void energies that spread through the land have infected the native creatures.

Void God Ataxia is the most powerful void creature yet faced. He is the leader of the creatures that have spilled into this world. The creatures of the void have a weak alliance with the Burning Legion. They are mostly out for themselves. And with the power of a Void God on their side, there are few in the new continent, Outland and Azeroth that can stand up against them.

IconSmall Pale.gifIconSmall DirePale.gifThe Moundbuilders

Moundbuilders are best described as being a blend between a gheist and a pale orc. For most purposes they are considered undead and strongly detest light. They make their homes in caves and rocks. They were attracted to the tunnels of Erewon for the complete darkness.

Nothing more is known of the Moundbuilders. They seem to not want to communicate with any of the other races, nor want to live alongside them. The other races will only discover what their sinister plot is when they delve into the tunnels under Erewon.

NeutralIconSmall Gul'dan.gifThe Hermit

On a rocky outcrop in the ruins of the northern Outland lives a reclusive ghostly orc-like outsider. He lives in his self-made hut with several chaos imps to keep him company. His eyes are always covered by his hood.

No one knows who this hermit is, but he seems to know about everything that is happening. He knows about the dark ritual underneath Karazhan where dark forces are attempting to summon the dark shade of Medivh. He knows about the Void God Ataxia in E’Mana, the horrors under Erewon, and the power of Council of Ar’Kara. He is central to the legendary questline and ultimate class level quests.

Some think he might be the redeemed spirit of Gul’dan who was blessed at the Tree of Light before travelling to the new continent to try to redeem himself. Others think it might be the spirit of Medivh who also wants to redeem himself.

AllianceAllerian Guard

The Allerian Guard is the faction the Alliance meet at Lightguarde. They are led by Alleria and Turalyon. Their focus is the new continent and is centred at Shadowsea Flatlands.

HordeNerzhulium Orcs

The Nerzhulan Orcs is the faction the Horde meet at Nerzhulium. Faction quests are centred around Shadowsea Flatlands and beyond to the greater new continent.

Disciples of Aera

The group responsible for the presence of Illidan. They are currently in recovery at Illidan’s Refuge. They are no threat while they slumber, but when they wake they have the capacity to change anything in history. Perhaps it would be best to take them out while they sleep, before they are responsible for any future problems.

NeutralIconSmall Ethereal.gifYazz’Shali

The Ethereal faction of the major Ethereal city in the new continent. Most of the Yazz’shali are locked in a battle against the Burning Legion in Vir’aania and the Moundbuilders in the Gorgelands.

IconSmall CrystalSatyr.gifThe Moonborne and the Faldorei

Contact with the Faldorei will primarly be through the Moonborne in Kalimdor. It is the first contact with this new race which foreshadows their appearance in a later expansion. The Moonborne will offer several quests for both factions in Kalimdor but will not represent any particular faction in doing so.

NeutralIconSmall Furbolg.gifThe Furbolgs

Curing the corrupted Furbolgs is the primary mission of the Horde campaign in Kalimdor. The Alliance will also come across them during their sabotage.

The friendly tribes include the Timbermaw, the Barkskin and the Blackmaw tribes. In investigating the corruption amongst other Furbolg tribes some members of the friendly tribes are convinced to travel to the new continent to further understand the corruption of their brethren.

HordeIconSmall Troll Male.gifShatterspear Tribe

A group of trolls who are now predominantly located in Felwood. Among their ranks are many shadow hunters. They head the Horde campaign in Felwood and are the primary faction in these lands.

AllianceDeadwind Expedition

A collection of Worgen, Human and Dwarves who drive the Alliance campaign in Deadwind Pass.

IconSmall Djinn.gifJinn

The Jinn are native beings to K’aresh. They wonder the deserts and worship native elementals called Sylph. When Dimensius the All-Devouring shattered K’aresh some of the Sylph managed to save the Jinn by sacrificing themselves. Some Sylph were disfigured and transformed by the void. The remaining Sylph are elementals of the desert, masters of sand and air.

The Jinn are physically large. Swirling winds transform to humanoid torsos and arms. Many male Jinn grow their facial hair, whilst the female Jinn grow their hair that seems to float as they move.

The Jinn are currently divided into three factions. The Ifrinn, the Jann and the Maraad.

The Jann are the Jinn that continued to follow the Sylph that were warped by void. The Jann have allied themselves with the void creatures that have taken over the eastern parts of the Great K’areshi Desert and the other parts of the land that have been ravaged by the void. They are currently in a war with the Ethereal and the Maraad. Amongst their leaders are Ghul the Lifestealer and Algol the Voidmaster.

The friendly section of Jinn, the Maraad, are led by Marid. The Maraad are first encountered in the Great K’areshi Desert where they have forged an alliance with the Ethereal in fighting against the void, where their efforts are mainly focused on the Jann and their twisted Sylph.

The Ifrinn continue to follow the surviving Sylph. But unlike the Maraad they do not wish to ally themselves with either faction. They want to hold onto their traditional way of life. They do not like outsiders and will attack anyone who trespasses on their lands. Even though the Ifrinn have a strong dislike of other beings they continue to trade with the Ethereal.


Garrisons were an interesting feature, but there are many reasons why garrisons will not be a feature in future expansion. However they do act as a stepping stone to the concept of Outposts. Where Garrisons are phased and individual based, Outposts are not phased and are guild based. Outposts are mobile, not set in one area like Garrisons, and have much more variety. In Outposts, players are able to build and customize their own towns where they want.

There are three main facets to an Outpost – the Followers in the Outpost, the Buildings and the Decorations. The most important of these is the Commander.

Outposts are centred around a single Commander, who acts as the anchor. Guilds wishing to start constructing an Outpost will escort a Commander to their chosen location, before construction on the buildings can begin. There is a restriction on the number of Commanders to ensure that the world is not overrun by Outposts.

The restriction on number of Commanders will also give rise to Allegiances, which identify which other Guilds your guild is friendly with. Friendly Allegiances allow free access to your Outpost, where Hated makes the members attack on site. There are three Allegiance ranks – Hated, Neutral and Friendly.

More buildings and followers contribute to a stronger Outpost, each buffing the other.

Attacking an Outpost will make use of profession based items that can be used to assault the buildings in an Outpost. Once a Commander is slayed, the ruins of the old Outpost will remain for several more days, and will appear as charred remains.


The first step to setting up an Outpost is recruiting a Commander. There is a finite number of Commanders, meaning guilds will have to set up Allegiances or raid an Outpost to free the Commander and make him/her available again for recruitment. Recruitment can be an arduous process as the finite number of available Commanders requires a degree of commitment. Among the Commanders are:

7 Alliance Commanders (exclusive to Alliance)

  • IconSmall Human Male.gifPaladin Human Retribution Paladin
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifPaladin Dwarf Protection Paladin
  • IconSmall Draenei Female.gifPaladin Draenei Holy Paladin
  • IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Night Elf Demon Hunter
  • IconSmall Gnome Female.gifMage Gnome Arcane Mage
  • IconSmall Worgen Male.gifHunter Worgen Beast Master Hunter
  • IconSmall NightElf Female.gifPriest Night Elf Discipline Priest

7 Horde Commanders (exclusive to Horde)

  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifWarrior Orc Fury Warrior
  • IconSmall Tauren Male.gifShaman Tauren Restoration Shaman
  • IconSmall Troll Female.gifShaman Troll Enhancement Shaman
  • IconSmall Undead Male.gifDeath Knight Forsaken Unholy Death Knight
  • IconSmall Goblin Male.gifShaman Goblin Elemental Shaman
  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Blood Elf Demon Hunter
  • IconSmall BloodElf Female.pngWarlock Blood Elf Demonology Warlock

3 Neutral Commanders (available to either faction)

  • IconSmall Pandaren Female.gifMonk Pandaren Windwalker Monk
  • IconSmall Furbolg.gifDruid Furbolg Restoration Druid
  • IconSmall Ethereal.gif Rogue Ethereal Assassination Rogue

The recruited Commander serves as the boss in an Outpost. Constructing buildings, recruiting followers and using decoration will all enhance you Commanders health and abilities.


Buildings create the sense of permanency. They are divided into two categories; Housing and Defence. Most buildings require crafting parts from the new Architecture profession, and often have a variety of styles.

The most basic type of housing is a tent, which the Commander will offer without the Architecture profession. Then increasing in complexity are simple housing (such as cottages and huts), profession building (which can have a similar design to the Garrison small plot buildings), Stables, Inn, Mage Tower/Spirit Tower and Barracks.

Defensive buildings consist of walls, defence towers, gates and traps. These require profession resources to build and complete.

Buildings can be constructed anywhere as long as they follow terrain rules and are constructed within a certain range of the commander. Also the number of buildings that can be places is restricted to the amount of space available.


Followers, like buildings, are divided into two categories – functional and defensive. Defensive followers include guards and patrolmen. Ultimate defensive units, which are giant defensive elementals, can also be recruited if the right conditions are met.

Functional followers form the basis of the quest hub in an Outpost. Trade good vendors, weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, inn keepers, bar tenders, and food vendors are all functional followers. Profession and class trainers can also be recruited to an Outpost and offer interesting daily and weekly quests. Almost any unit seen in any capital city can be recruited to an Outpost.

For instance, a Mage Trainer will be able to provide Mage Trainer services in addition to offering a mage only weekly quest which might require the mage to polymorph a certain number of targets over the week, things that they should be doing anyways, and reward them with something that contributes to a greater questline. Other classes can have access to capture the sheep, where the Mage Trainer will polymorph a target into a sheep that the hero will have to chase and catch.

Outposts become a central hub to a guild and their Allegiances, and as such it becomes a priority for them provide a good defence, as non-friendly enemies may seek to raid and destroy their Outpost.


Decoration include items that create flavor in the Outpost. Campfires and light posts are included in decorations. Special decorations from certain architecture styles can become available, such as Moonwells for Night Elves and Totem Poles for Tauren.


Invasions proved to be quite a popular feature of garrisons and can be extended to Outposts, where heroes can defend their outpost from an invasion. Whether an invasion is triggered or occurs randomly can be decided later. So in addition to defending an Outpost against unfriendly attackers who want to kill the Commander heroes will also have to contend with invasions.

Invasions can be locale based or can be triggered by a hero. It may be difficult to explain how Furbolgs appear in Outland, which may mean invasions should be locale specific.

The types of invasions would include:

  • Vainglorious / Naga / Murloc – for sea side zones in Azeroth, including Pandaria
  • Corrupted Furbolg / Satyr / Legion – for northern and central Kalimdor
  • Burning Legion – for Outlands, Draenor, New Continent, Khaz Modan
  • Amani Troll – for Lordaeron and eastern Northrend
  • Moundbuilder – New Continent


Instance portal Road to Karazhan

Located in Deadwind Pass this dungeon is a fight along the path to Karazhan. Along the path, adventurers will face ambushing Ogres and Demons who will stop anyone who tries to pass them. The final boss is Lady Lena Larentha, whom adventurers have previously faced in the Swamp of Sorrows during their campaign.

Instance portal Ruins of Alakon

The Askon’s home that was taken over by the Moundbuilders when Lord Thalazaar attacked. Adventures face a Moundbuilders’ hovel for the first time in this new continent, and battle their way to the peak to reach the Askon that are stranded there.

Instance portal The Yazz’Shali Front

The demons are outside the Yazz’Shal gate, and the Ethereal want to launch an attack before they invade the city. Lord Ajeedus is the final boss and will not accept anything but victory.

Instance portal Void Mines

The former Ethereal city of Mana’Eshi has fallen and is infested with Chaos Imps and subterranean Moundbuilders. Adventurers will fight their ways into the mines and recover a massive source of Void-Imbued Crystals.

Instance portal Karazhan Crypts

The first raid tier. Adventurers travel under the iconic tower into the bowels of the crypts. As adventurers start their journey into the crypts they enter a larger circular room. The roof collapses and Ogres jump in from above. They tell you that now one gets by. The first two bosses are encountered in this room. Flowing into the next room, adventurers descend further downstairs and pass by a cavern of upside down sinners. At the base of the staircase is the next boss, an undead Caretaker. He guards the passages further below.

Once defeated the Caretaker offers attunement quests for the next sections of the Crypts. From here there are three doors, meaning three quarters to choose from, each with three bosses. Each door has a different attunement quest which will offer a key. These quests require large degrees of commitment. This point serves as a potential point where content can be lagged.

The three quarters are divided by the inhabitants. There is a demonic quarter, an undead quarter, and a worgen quarter. Only one quarter needs to be completed to move on to the next section, where adventurers face the Dark Raiders. There are two bosses in this section. One of the bosses rides a tunnelling worm like a surfboard, which will potentially be a mount.

After passing the Dark Raiders, adventurers enter the lowest point in the crypt. There is a ritual taking place. Four bosses stand above some shadowed being below channelling towards it. Each boss is a separate encounter. All four must be defeated before adventurers can pass to the ritual below. It is some form of dark energy summoning something from the Twisting Nether. The final encounter is the Dreadlord Brothers – Varimathras, Balnazaar and Detheroc. The wings above are filled with Burning Legion loyalists that usher in the return of the Dreadlords.

Instance portal E'Mana

In E’Mana adventurers face void creatures and demons, eventually facing Lady Vesselenika and Ataxia himself.

In the Ataxia encounter Illidan emerges and stuns the raid before trying to drain Ataxia’s power for himself. But Ataxia is still too powerful and breaks the stun. Adventurers then have to contend with Ataxia and an untargetable Illidan who flies about. Before the final blow can be landed the Burning Legion barges in and takes both Void God Ataxia and Illidan as prisoners. Heroes are left to defeat a Man’ari Lord, Lord Velnerus and his two Nathrezim body guards.

Instance portal Erewon

The third tier sees adventurers journey into the depth of the Moundbuilders fortress. They have recently been able to summon some of their lesser gods into this realm and are conducting another ritual to pull one of their greater gods into this realm. An image of another land can be seen reflected in the sky and a bridge of dark energy connected them as the Moundbuilders unleash all their stored magic.

The horrors below must be seen to be believed. In addition to all the resurrected horrors that were once denizens of these lands, adventurers will also have to face four of the Moundbuilders’ lesser gods, before travelling to the final chamber where the Moundbuilder Queen cradles an infant form of their greater god.

The adventurers are able to kill the Queen, but are interrupted before they can get to the infant god. The Council of Ar’Kara are channelling a chaotic firestorm, annihilating the Moundbuilders land, turning the caverns to lava. A demonic onslaught sweep in and take the infant god.

Instance portal Temple of Ar'Kara

The Council of Ar’Kara use the infant god to create a portal. It is the artifact they have been looking for. They attempt to summon their legions and Kil’Jaedon himself.

Heroes must face the Pit Lord that guards Ar’Kara and the Sisters of Supremacy before they move on towards the enslaved section of the raid. Illidan is enslaved by three crystals that must be destroyed to release Illidan from his enslavement. Next heroes must disrupt the summoning process, by interrupting the Council of Ar’Kara before they retreat, but not before losing one of their members in the fight.

Void God Ataxia is being drained in another room where one of the Council of Ar’Kara members has fled back to secure. After defeating the Council member Void God Ataxia enters the battle and Illidan returns to try to claim his power once again. The fight also feature Akama, the broken and Maiev, all before A’dal and the Naaru arrive to redeem Ataxia. It is a joyous moment for all the Naaru.

Heroes cannot stop there. They must defeat the four other Council members before arriving at the precipice of Ar’Kara. A Moundbuilder guardian guards the final door to where their god is sealed. After the defeat of the Burning Legion in Ar’Kara they have swarmed in to protect their god. A swarm of Moundbuilders must be faced before entering the final chamber.

In the final chamber tunnels have been dug to the surface and an never ending influx of Moundbuilders are running into the centre of the chamber towards the god. They are sacrificing themselves to the god, who is growing into an adult form. This is the ultimate battle for the heroes. They must face the might of this god.


Shadowsea Cavern

Under the grounds in western Shadowsea Flatlands is an enormous cavern system that the Moundbuilders have yet to discover. More importantly is the presence of an underground river fed by the same aquifer that feeds the springs above ground. It is this source of water that has driven both factions to fight over the caverns. Control of the cavern means control of the water, which means a greater army can be accommodated in the new continent.

The Alliance has their entrance to the caverns in Lightguarde, whilst the Horde has their entrance in Nerzhulium. The style of the battle is similar to Ashran where each faction has to move forward to gain territory. However the flag capture style is similar to Alterac Valley where flags have to be capped and defended over a period of time. A faction needs to control two points in each section to move forward.

A final boss must be defeated to win the battle, like in Ashran. There are several champions that can be recruited for battle and require turn-ins to be recruited. These are the only non-player units in the caverns. The requirements to recruit them into the battlefield scale based on the imbalance in the battle and their potency also scales based on the imbalance. The potency of heroes abilities also scales based on the imbalance.

Champions available for recruitment include:

  • Alliance: Human Retribution Paladin, Human Frost Mage, Human Holy Priest, Night Elf Demon Hunter, Worgen Subtlety Rogue
  • Horde: Orc Restoration Shaman, Orc Marksman Hunter, Orc Arms Warrior, Troll Shadow Hunter, Forsaken Affliction Warlock

Boss units are:

  • AllianceIconSmall Human Male.gifPaladinTurin, Retribution Paladin
  • HordeIconSmall Orc Male.gifShamanNadral, Orc Enhancement Shaman

Valley of Ogoun

When the Horde rushed out of northern Kalimdor after Shadow Hunter Training they left behind effigies to their Loa. One of the effigies to Ogoun found its way to a place now called the Valley of Ogoun.

In the Valley of Ogoun Night Elves and Draenei fight against Trolls and Orcs for Ogoun’s Blessing, which grants the faction of the blessing holder a 5% increase in potency whilst in the Valley. The blessing is passed to the being that scores the final blow on the being that holds the blessing. It is passed to someone who could be considered a champion. The blessing can be passed to non-player characters in the valley.

The corrupted Furbolgs have also decided to fight for the honor of the blessing. So in the valley is a three way battle between the Alliance, Horde and the corrupted Furbolgs.


New Secondary Profession: Architecture

The new secondary profession is built to support the outpost concept. Architectural plans drop from humanoid NPCs and become available for construction. During the levelling process completed architectural plans can be handed in for rewards and experience. Architectural plans for outposts can only be obtained from max level zones and are rare drops. The point of Outposts is that they are both hard to obtain and difficult to construct. They are something that would need to be worked on over time and not instant and widespread. Grinding mobs would be reserved for the honor of obtaining plans. Heroes not interested in Outposts will not have to invest the same amount of time.

There are several architectural styles offered. These include Human, Darnassian (Night Elf), Dwarven, Gnomish, Gothic Gilnean (Worgen), Draenic, Orcish, Troll, Tauren, Neo-Gothic (Forsaken), Goblin, Sindorei, Pandaren, Furbolg, Ethereal, Arrakoan, Nordic (Vykrul), and Tuskarr.

Although there are many styles of architecture not building types will be made available. Outpost owners will be able customize their Outposts as they wish, even having different ward themes. Factions will be able to obtain architectural plans from the opposing faction as architectural plans drop from humanoids and are not purchased.

Plans for Outposts are available from humanoids in a particular section. The reworking of the zones will accommodate areas for max level characters that serve the purpose of holding the plans.

  • Human: Plans drop from Bloodsail Pirates on the west coast of Khaz Modan.
  • Darnassian: Plans drop from Night Elf Demon Hunters in northern Kalimdor.
  • Dwarven: Plans drop from Dwarven cultist who worship a satyr in eastern Khaz Modan.
  • Gnomish: Plans drop from Leper Gnomes west of Gnomeregan.
  • Gothic Gilnean: Plans drop from savage Worgen in Deadwind Pass.
  • Draenic: Plans drop from broken Draenei in Outland.
  • Orcish: Plans drop from corrupted Orcs in Shadowsea Flatlands.
  • Troll: Plans drop from Trolls on an island off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale.
  • Tauren: Plans drop from Enslaved Tauren in western Kalimdor.
  • Neo-Gothic: Plans drop from Putriss Loyalists in Northrend.
  • Goblin: Plans drop from Goblin Opportunists in southern Kalimdor.
  • Sindorei: Plans drop from Illidari Blood Elves in the ruins of Outland.
  • Pandaren: Plans drop from Sha-Infested Pandaren in Pandaria.
  • Furbolg: Plans drop from corrupted Furbolgs in northern Kalimdor.
  • Ethereal: Plans drop from Void-Cursed Ethereal in the Great K’areshi Desert.
  • Arrakoan: Plans drop from Arrakoan Cultists in Shadowsea Flatlands.
  • Nordic: Plans drop from Vykrul in Northrend.
  • Tuskarr: Plans drop from Crazed Tuskarr in Northrend.

Once a plan is obtained it can be added to the Architectural log to be created. Once the basic requirements have been met to shortlist the project, the project can be added to the Guild project board where members of the guild can submit the parts to finish the project and make the building available. Once a project has been shortlisted the plan is removed from the Architectural log. The project itself will require parts from many professions to be completed as well of another grind for materials.

For example, a member of your guild has spent hours grinding the Bloodsail Pirates and finally gets an [Architectural Blueprints: Human Cottage]. On learning, it appears in the Architectural log under Human Blueprints and requires 1 [Structural Analysis Calculations], 1 [Feasibility Study], 8 [Human Architectural Component Plans], and 1 [Project Sponsor]. The Plans can be obtained through further grinding, the Project Sponsor is recruited in a particular city after completing a questline and the Structural Analysis Calculations and Feasibility Study are by products of professions while the Architectural log is active. Once these requirements have been met, completing the project will create a [Outpost Project: Human Cottage] which can be posted on the Guild project board. Guild members then find they need to obtain 100 [Oak Timbers], 20 [Engineering Brackets], 50 [Tin Tiles] and 4 [Clear Glass Panels]. The Timbers are world drops, the brackets are created by engineers, the tiles are created by blacksmiths and the glass panels are created by jewelcrafters. When all requirements are met one Human Cottage is made available for placement in the Outpost.

Given there are so many different building types that are available, including many different building for trainers and professions, getting the right Architectural plan can take a long time.


There are three different excavation types available solely on the new continent. Excavations include Ethereal, Eredar, and Moundbuilder.


Ethereal excavation sites litter both the Great K’areshi Desert and Vir’aania. Most have been covered by the shifting sand and forgotten by the beings that left their ancient sites. Unearthed excavations reveal how the Ethereal have progressed with their technologies.

Rare finds include a small Ethereal dog-like companion pet. Other excavation include various scrolls that reveal some of the history before they became ethereal beings.


Eredar excavation sites are available in the Acree Wastes and Ar’Kara. Relics from Argus can be discovered among the excavations.


Everything that is known about the Moundbuilders is only known through archaeology. The Moundbuilders do not communicate with beings – they simply appear, attack in swarms and disappear. If it was not for excavations nothing would be known about the Moundbuilders.

Idols to lost gods are found in ruins. But there still is not anything that reveals where they came from, what they are, or what their motives may be.


Early Concept Map of the New Continent

Azeroth has changed in the time that the Alliance and Horde journeyed to an alternate Draenor. Since the defeat of Gul’dan both factions have been planning their return to Azeroth. The need to do so becomes imperative, when news of a radically different Azeroth reaching the Azeroth natives in Draenor. The need to evacuate the realm is even more essential as the Burning Legion has started its invasion into the alternate Draenor.

Alternate Draenor and the New Azeroth

The campaign starts in each hero’s garrison. An important member of each faction is eagerly waiting for the hero to begin the campaign.

Alliance Introduction
Jaina Proudmoore is waiting directly outside the garrison town hall. She tells the hero that big changes have happened and dark forces are upon them and that Khadgar has personally requested the hero’s presence at the Dark Portal. She creates a portal to the Dark Portal.

Horde Introduction
Grand Magister Rommath awaits for the hero outside the garrison town hall. He tells the hero that Silvermoon has fallen, but the Sunwell is safe. Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron is amassing the remaining Blood Elves in their new home in Undercity. He says that the reis no time to mourn the loss of their city, they must get to the Dark Portal immediately. The Burning Legion is here.

At the Portal
The heros stand before the portal as they watch the fireballs start to fall. Thrall, amongst Khadgar’s party shows the members of the horde that Frostwall has been destroyed by the meteors. Jaina tell the group that Azeroth is at risk of having two invasions, one from Draenor and one from their own universe. They must close the portal.

Khadgar sends the heros on a mission to save as many people as possible as he starts to cast a spell to permanently close all portals between the worlds. The five Man’ari Lords appear and as a combined force push back the group to the Dark Portal. Lor’themar and Jaina cannot hold a protective barrier for long. Khadgar tells the group to go through the portal. He will close it from this side. Jaina protests, he has done so much in this land. But there is no other way. Khadgar is left behind as the portal is permanently closed, and Khadgar is lost in the alternate Draenor.

Before the group they find that the area is swarming with demons, and one of the Man’ari lords is commanding them, Lady Lilantha. Jaina asks how she could have passed through the portal – it was closed permanently. Lady Liadrin who had been holding the Dark Portal from this side, along with Varian, says that she did not come from the portal from Draenor, that she came from the portal from Outland. Jaina is shocked, the legion is invading? It is too soon. They are not prepared. Too much has happened since they have been fighting Gul’dan. Worse yet, there is another Man’ari lord, Lady Lena in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Blasted Lands and Swamp of Sorrows

Thrall tells Varian that the Horde will go and fight Lady Lena in the Swamp of Sorrows. Not to be told orders Varian says no, the Alliance will go. Thrall says that they must deal with the Man’ari lords, that arguing who will go where is pointless, and that the Alliance can have Lady Lena if they want.

Heroes now undertake a task to clear a path for the alliance to the Swamp of Sorrows before splitting off and each taking a region to recover.

Alliance Campaign
The Alliance has a phased campaign in the Swamp of Sorrows, fighting off the demons that have been summoned into the swamps. It is a fire filled swamp that they must fight through. Stonard is burned and the survivors have fled to hills towards the Blasted Lands. The emerald dragons and broken in the land have been corrupted, and there is a foul stench in swamp waters. Heroes find themselves slowly becoming corrupted as the foul waters taint their bodies. Velen arrives and helps to cure the heroes before they can face Lady Lena. When Lady Lilantha falls in the Blasted Lands under the force of the Horde, her demonic energy travels to her twin, Lady Lena. As the alliance is on the verge of victory, Lady Lena’s surge allows her to escape into Deadwind Pass.

Horde Campaign
The Horde fight their campaign in a phased Blasted Lands. The Ogres in the land have been subjugated. The demons are restless. Heroes must fight against the Legion, recovering a camp that they will use as a staging ground. Gazlowe flies into the recovered camp and starts construction on mechanical marvels that will aid the Horde in the Blasted Lands. Experimental Alchemists from the Apothecary in Undercity also arrive to provide their expertise in poisons. The final confrontation with Lady Lilantha will see her fall under the might of the Horde.

Introduction to Outposts

After the fall of Lady Lilantha and the escape of Lady Lena, each faction must decide on their next move. Two areas regions become the focus on the next part of the campaign. Before they can go to Outland and contend with the invasion there, they must contain any spill over in this world.

Both Deadwind Pass and Felwood will have questlines for both factions, but the focus will be the Alliance in Deadwind Pass and the Horde in Felwood. These are the areas where heroes start to understand the mechanics of the Outpost feature.

The campaign in these two regions end with the destruction of the Outposts. Heroes having experienced the Outpost mechanic can then be redirected to the new continent in Outland.

Deadwind Pass

Alliance Campaign
Varian disappointed with the outcome in the Swamp of Sorrows decides that the Alliance should follow Lady Lena into Deadwind Pass to redeem themselves, especially since the Horde were successful in the Blasted Lands. Genn Greymane has personally taken the lead in the campaign in Deadwind Pass, wanting to prove himself to the alliance. The fact that he lost control of Gilneas has been weighing on his mind. He hopes that victory in Deadwind Pass will redeem him.

The Alliance builds their Outpost at Ariden’s Camp. They do not know who or what Ariden is, all they know is that the camp is empty. Jessep, a Dark Iron Dwarf is the outpost commander in charge of the base as Genn Greymane leads the Alliance in the campaign through Deadwind Pass. The campaign in the region ends in the discovery of a dark activity underneath Karazhan.

Upset with the fall of Shatterspear the Horde decide to breadcrumb an attack on Ariden’s Camp, luring Lady Lena to destroy the Outpost.

Horde Campaign
The Horde questline in Deadwind Pass is based on sabotaging the Alliance. Stealthed Trolls and Blood Elves direct heroes to sabotage camps and lure creatures to crucial Alliance points, culminating with luring Lady Lena to the Alliance Outpost at Ariden’s Camp.


Horde Campaign
Vol’jin, under trustworthy advice, believes that the Burning Legion may have something to do with the corruption of the Furbolds in northern Kalimdor and dispatches the Horde to Felwood. He also wants to emphasize his statement to Tyrande, the Horde will not be pushed out of northern Kalimdor. The Trolls and Orcs travel to northern Felwood to try to flush out the Burning Legion force responsible for the corruption. Also fresh in the mind of Vol’jin is that the Alliance leaders may be swaying the Furbolgs favor towards them. Affirmative action to help them will tip the favour back to the Horde.

The shadow hunters can sense that some powerful demonic entity has passed through the lands and try to reconstruct Illidan’s trail in Northern Kalimdor.

The Horde builds their outpost at Shatterspear Village, under the commander Tathaka, the last of the Shatterspear. The Horde must find what the force behind the corruption is, while both fighting off the Night Elves who have a score to settle. As the campaign progresses a Furbolg appears in the Outpost.

When a Tauren druid from the Cenarion Circle appears he tells the hero that Night Elves are planning to attack the Shatterspear Village. As the heroes come close to discovering what the source of the corruption is, the Outpost is destroyed and the Horde heroes must evacuate to Ogrimmar. The Night Elves seem adamant to keep Horde feet off their lands.

During the campaign the team learns that Maiev Shadowsong has been released, and the Furbolgs task heroes to destroy the Left Petrified Eye of Archimonde, but it is stolen by Maiev during the mission.

Alliance Campaign
The Alliance questline in Felwood is centred round Tyrande and the Night Elves and their goal of driving out the Horde from northern Kalimdor. The Night Elves interfere with the Horde’s dealings with the Furbolgs, and formulating an invasion strategy to push the Horde out of Felwood.

During the Alliance campaign in Felwood, heroes inadvertently release Maiev Shadowsong form her prison. Tyrande herself appears and apologizes to the Furbolgs – she still wants their favour over the Horde.

Shadowsea Flatlands

In the Shadowsea Flatlands heroes are introduced to the Moundbuilders and fight against the infected Man’ari Lord Thelezaar. The hunt for Illidan also begins here.

Alliance Campaign
Maiev Shadowsong appears in Lightguarde and starts the lengthy multi-zone questline to track Illidan. She allies herself with the Alliance seeing that the Alliance were the ones who freed her from her prison.

Maiev has lost the Left Petrified Eye of Archimonde, the artifact she uses to try to track down Illidan, to the Horde. The eye was destroyed and its ashes are scattered in this new land giving rise to an area called Mondlotus Fields known for the Mondlotus plants that grow and the living plants that now ravage the land. Maiev now needs to find a new way to track Illidan.

Heroes travel to Illidan’s Refuge in the shattered parts of northern Outlands to seek Illidan, but only find the sleeping Council of Aera.

AllianceLightguarde Quests

  • IconSmall Human Male.gifTuralyon
    • AvailablequestA Whole New World: Check the perimeter of Lightguarde.
    • AvailablequestProve Your Allegiance: Check that the cave under Lightguarde is still sealed. > Scout the perimeter around Lightguarde for the hidden Effete.
    • AvailablequestDegenerate the Degenerated: Kill 12 flesh craving Effete outside Lightguarde. > Slay a larger Effete Fleshmonger. > Burn the hovel that they come from.
    • AvailablequestClearwater Paths: Kill 14 aggressive fauna around the road leading out of Lightguarde. > Secure the road up to the West Springs signpost. > Save whatever of the patrol may be left. > Escort the water caravan along the secured road.
  • IconSmall HighElf Male.gifQuartermaster Cedrick
    • AvailablequestStocking the Storehouse: Bring 6 Prickly Pears to the Storehouse. > Preserve the pears in a brine solution and place them on the shelves. > Bring 12 Chunks of Felboar to the Storehouse. > Find a way to purify the meat so that it does not poison. > Deliver the meat to citizens of Lightguarde.
  • IconSmall HighElf Male.gifRanger Malindon
    • AvailablequestDefending Lightguarde: Secure a site for an eastern guard tower. > Secure a site for the northern guard tower. > Secure the cavern entry for Shadowsea Cavern.
  • IconSmall HighElf Female.gifRanger Ceylonda
    • AvailablequestTarget Practice: Successfully shoot the targets pointed out by Ceylonda.
    • AvailablequestLight Up the Ground: Kill the targets highlighted by Ceylonda.
    • AvailablequestRanger General of Lightguarde: Report to Alleria.
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifQuarzo
    • AvailablequestGreen Saltstones: Bring 4 samples of green saltstones. > Test a saltstone against the elements. > Forget he stones into cannonballs and deliver them to the canons.
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifKeelee
    • AvailablequestBombardment: Use the cannons to hold off an Effete attack.
  • IconSmall HighElf Female.gifAlleria
    • AvailablequestMessage from the Horde: Find out what the messenger wants. > Escort the messenger to Alleria and hear the message.
    • AvailablequestWindrunner Sisters: Escort a contingent with Alleria to the meeting point. > Witness the attempt to broker peace. > Return to Lightguarde.
  • IconSmall NightElf Female.gifMaiev Shadowsong
    • AvailablequestIn Search of the Betrayer: Ask around Lightguarde for any news of Illidan. > Escort Maiev to address Turalyon and Alleria. > Search Illidan’s Refuge for any signs of Illidan. > Return to Lightguarde.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifAmbassador Kirkan
    • AvailablequestVeil Ruthak Calling: Meet Kirkan outside Veil Ruthak.

AllianceNortheast Meeting Point Quests

  • IconSmall Human Male.gifTuralyon
    • AvailablequestMore Effete for Which to Contend: Kill 6 Conspiring Effete in the West. > Find the Effete hovel. > Kill 9 Effete in the Westridge hovel. > Bring back the head of the hulking Effete in the Westridge hovel.
  • IconSmall HighElf Female.gifAlleria
    • AvailablequestStrange Talking Birds: Negotiate a treaty with the Aukflever Arrakoa. > Rescue the kidnapped Lightguarde citizens. > Claim vengeance by slaying Kirran of the Aukflever.
    • AvailablequestOrcs, Orcs, Slay Them All: Kill 11 Orcs around the springs and western shipwrecks. > Plant Lightguarde banners in 7 orc corpses. > Bring back proof of your victory.
    • AvailablequestNone Shall Escape: Climb the watch tower and coordinate the attack against the retreating orcs.
  • IconSmall HighElf Male.gifRanger Malindon
    • AvailablequestCharms of the Aukflever: Discover how to remove the curse. > Collect 7 Aukflever Charms from Auckflever Deceivers. > Give a charm to a cursed caravan member. > Collect 6 Kaliri Beaks. > Crush the beaks and administer to a cursed caravan member. > Recover the cursed Human Effigy. > Destroy the cursed Human Effigy.
  • IconSmall Human Male.gifCaravan Leader Cregan
    • AvailablequestKaliri Eggs for the People: Collect 12 Kaliri eggs and bring them to Cregan.
    • AvailablequestWater Water Everywhere So Fill Up the Caravans: Escort the Caravan to the West Spring. > Fill up the Caravans with water. > Escort the Caravans back to Lightguarde.

AllianceSouth Veil Ruthak Quests

  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifAmbassador Kirkan
    • AvailablequestAukflever Relations: Listen to Kirkan tale about the Aukflever. > Slay the Aukflever Matriarch.
    • AvailablequestRuthak Clan: Gain favor with Skelnis and Tokkra and have them vouch for you with the clan. > Introduce yourself to Talon Priest Horthekk.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifSkelnis
    • AvailablequestSkelnis Needs Trout: Fish a Miracle Trout for Skelnis. > Fashion Miracle Baubles for Skelnis.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifTokkra
    • AvailablequestFirst Aider Tokkra: Bring 14 pieces of Aukflever bandage cloths. > Gather the reagents for an Antiseptic.

With now new leads to go on, Maiev eventually tracks down a rogue Demon Hunter in Shadowsea Flatlands and interrogates him to the whereabouts of Illidan. When Turalyon and his paladins arrive the find there is no reasoning with the Demon Hunter and kill it. Maiev then travels to the Great K’areshi Desert to continue her search for Illidan.

Alleria and Turalyon head the rest of the campaign in the region, hunting down and exterminating the Effete and come across the Moundbuilders. They summon paladins from Azeroth when they discover that they are particularly effective against the Moundbuilders.

After Lord Thelezaar flees Nerzhulium, the Alliance and its heroes track him down and slay him in his weakened state before the Horde has the opportunity to hunt him down.

In Zeth’kur the Gnomes are fascinated in studying the sand gnomes in the shifting sands and have established a settlement there to establish communication with them. The settlement is called Toshley Point and is headed by Toshley himself. Three sand gnomes, Stinky, Blinky and Fink, teach the Gnomes in the settlement about their totem formation. The tinkers there build a mechanical version that heroes will need to test.

When an Ethereal trader arrives at Toshley Point he tells them that they are harnessing power from a Void-Imbued Crystal without realizing it is the same power source that the Ethereal are using in Yazz’Shal. Toshley and the tinkers see the endless potential of this power source and start a search for more Void-Imbued Crystals in Zeth’Kur, but will not find more until they go to the Great K’areshi Desert.

Horde Campaign
Where the Alliance have Maiev the Horde gets Akama and the Broken to track Illidan. He is drawn to a powerful elemental in the base. Heroes briefly travel to the Hermit’s Isle drawn by an incredible power there.

The Orcs of Nerzhulium want to spread the fire into the Shadowsea Flatlands as the find it comforting. Knowing that the Moundbuilders are out there, and coming across some of their creations in the emerald saltfields they want the strength that the fire provides them where ever they go.

HordeNerzhulium Quests

  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifFire Lord Ozai
    • AvailablequestThe Fire that Guides Us: Pay homage to the great fire in the centre of the town. > Prove yourself worthy and receive its blessing.
    • AvailablequestBoorish Apparitions: Burn the remnants of 7 boar apparitions. > Subdue the fel spirit.
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifFar Seer Zuzo
    • AvailablequestThe Fire that Lights the Path: Receive a vision from the front outside Nerzhulium. > Light the fire at the east, south and southeast towers.
    • AvailablequestNerzhulium Underground: Investigate the underground energy source. > Secure the cavern entry for Shadowsea Cavern.
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifButcher Cragsthorn
    • AvailablequestMore Meat for More Orcs: Gather 8 Felboar carcasses. > Use the fire to purify the meat.
  • IconSmall Troll Male.gifShadowhunter Wompai
    • AvailablequestFires of Nerzhulium: Build a Loa effigy and place it in front of the fire. > Ask Rommath to find a way to communicate with the fire.
    • AvailablequestPurging of the Boars: Bait traps outside the Nerzhulium walls to lure the Felboars. > Construct 8 Pure Effigies using the newly discovered Fury. > Climb the walls of Nerzhulium to purify groups of Felboars that have been baited.
    • AvailablequestDemonic Repercussions: Kill 11 Demonic Apparitions.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngGrand Magister Rommath
    • AvailablequestSalted Elements: Retrieve 9 cores from the Saltspray Elementals. > Deliver a sample to Apothecary Wuzzle and return with the results. > Deliver a sample to Magister Arami and return with the results. > Use the saltstone core to drain the Enormous Salty Elemental. > Deliver the core to Shadowhunter Wompai.
    • AvailablequestMeeting with the Alliance: Tell the messenger to deliver a message on behalf of the Warchief.
    • AvailablequestWindrunner Sisters: Escort a contingent to the meeting point. > Witness the attempt to broker peace. > Return to Nerzhulium.
  • IconSmall Orc Female.gifKaya, the Last Waterspeaker
    • AvailablequestWater Calls: Kill 5 Water Hoarders taking refuge in caves.
    • AvailablequestRain Dances in the Green Salts: Assist Kaya in her rain dance ceremony. > Collect 9 Waterless Salt Crystals. > Perform water ritual to find a source of water.
    • AvailablequestWater Water Only There, So Let’s Have a Drink: Tell the Wompai and Ozai about the water source. > Meet Kaya at Green Salt Spire, located south along the main road.
  • IconSmall Broken Male.gifAkama
    • AvailablequestFollowing the Betrayer: Assist Akama to communicate with the Fire Fury. > Muster up a contingent of troops to fly. > Search the Hermit’s Isle to find what power dwells there. > Hold off the Imp attack. > Return to Nerzhulium.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifAmbassador Krakka
    • AvailablequestVeil Ruthak: Meet Krakka outside Veil Krakka.

HordeGreen Salt Spire Quests

  • IconSmall Orc Female.gifKaya, the Last Waterspeaker
    • AvailablequestWater Attunement: Recover the core of a Thirsty Salt Elemental. > Recover 6 Flames from Alliance Fire Thieves. > Perform a ritual at the bonfire to find the next bearing.
    • AvailablequestThe Spirit of the Water Springs: Secure a path to the Guin Spring. > Perform a ritual at the Guin Spring to communicate with the Water Fury that resides there. > Gain favor with the Water Fury.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngGrand Magister Rommath
    • AvailablequestLost Artifacts: Recover 6 Shadowsea lost orc artifact. > Recover 4 shards of the lost tablet. > Slay 10 Arrakoan Guin Artifact Thieves.
    • AvailablequestAlleria Spotted: Return to Nerzhulium and wait for news to be relayed to Lor’Theron and Sylvanis.
  • IconSmall Troll Male.gifShadowhunter Wompai
    • AvailablequestCursed Charms: Obtain 6 Cursed Guin Charms from the bodies of Guin Ghouls. > Replace 6 cursed talismans with fiery effigies. > Use the fiery effigies to terrify the Guin.
    • AvailablequestFeeding the Refugees: Obtain 20 Kaliri Eggs for the new refugees. > Obtain 8 Kaliri Wings for the refugees.
    • AvailablequestExodus Orc: Climb the Spire and save help the retreating refugees from the Alliance hunt down.
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifGungar, Chief of the Lost
    • AvailablequestOrc Rescue: Find and free 5 lost Orcs. > Scout the abandoned shipwrecks around the springs for orc refugees. > Destroy the Guin Apparitions at three shipwreck sites. > Escort a group of refuges back to Green Salt Spire.
  • IconSmall Water.gifWater Spirit
    • AvailablequestWater is for Healing: Use the Cold Water to heal the burns of 4 refugees.

HordeNorth Veil Ruthak Quests

  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifAmbassador Krakka
    • AvailablequestGuin Relations: Listen to Kirkan tale about the Guin. > Slay the Guin Matriarch.
    • AvailablequestRuthak Clan: Gain favor with Kothakk and Buzzur and have them vouch for you with the clan. > Introduce yourself to Talon Priest Horthekk.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifKothakk
    • AvailablequestKothakk Delicacies: Bring Korthakk 3 Guin Smoked Trout, 3 Baked Saltroots and 3 Sundried Wormlings. > Prepare a banquet for the Ruthak Clan.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifBuzzur
    • AvailablequestGuin Dark Charms: Excavate 7 pieces of Guin Dark Charms and discover their purpose.

Following the North Veil Ruthak questline, Horde heroes continue with the neutral Veil Ruthak Questline.

The Royal Apothecary arrives in this new land, looking for new reagents for their dealings. Master Apothecary Lydon is the first to notice that some of the beings have risen from the dead. He advises that the Dark Lady best not be informed of this, yet. Lydon finds a jelly ooze in the jellyfields and says it reminds him of Umpi, and decides to call it Umpi number 2. In the Ogre Burial Mound heroes recover the last intake Ogre Remains so that the Moundbuilders do not use it as a weapon against them.

HordeAng'Zuu Quests

Located southeast of Nerzhulium, Fire Lord Ozai leads the fight against the Alliance in this region.

  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifFire Lord Ozai
    • AvailablequestBringing the Fire to a Fair Fight: Light the eastern tower and western tower for war. > Gain the blessing of fire.
    • AvailablequestSummon the Elements: Recover 8 cores from salt elementals. > Use the cores to summon fire elementals to aid in the war effort.
    • AvailablequestThe Fire Will Burn Them All: Use the Spirit of Fire to Incinerate 6 Alliance camp sites.
    • AvailablequestStop the Darkness Before It Destroys Us All: Put an end to Dark Shaman Rorkon.
    • AvailablequestSecure the Orc Line: Set up Earth wards at four strategic locations to counter future Alliance incursions.
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifFonnguz
    • AvailablequestBreaking the Eastern Camp: Kill 9 Human Frontmen in the Eastern Alliance Camp. Kill 3 High Elf Rangers in the Eastern Alliance Camp.
    • AvailablequestDisable the Eastern Campsite: Steal 12 pieces of Alliance supplies in the Eastern Camp. > Burn what cannot be used.
    • AvailablequestNorthern Elven Camp: Poison the Northen Elven Camp's storage. > Start a fire in the main tent. > Slaughter the Night Elf camp leaders.
    • AvailablequestSouthwest Camp: Kill 12 Alliance members in the southwest Alliance Camp. > Kill the Night Elf Sentinel and the High Elf Ranger Lead Tactician.
    • AvailablequestDeep South Camp: Challenge Ranger Celina outside the Deep South Camp. > Chase off Ranger Celina and her allies out of orc territory.
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifDark Shaman Rorkon
    • AvailablequestDark Shaman Matters: Place the Void Totem in the Northwest Elven Camp and absorb 3 souls. > Place the Void Totem in the Southwest Camp and absorb 3 souls. > Place the Void Totem near a sacred sight in the Deep South Camp and return the totem to Rorkon.
    • AvailablequestThe Power to Crush the Alliance: Help Dark Shaman Rorkon ascend by slaying the tentacles that emerge from the ground.
    • AvailablequestAscendance: Inform Fire Lord Ozai of Dark Shaman Rorkon's Ascendance.
  • IconSmall Troll Male.gifShadow Hunter Mambo
    • AvailablequestThe Night Elves Have Arrived: Find the hidden Night Elf Sabotagers. > Obtain the mission plans from a Night Elf Tactician. > Bring back 16 Night Elf ears.
    • AvailablequestBreak Their Glaives: Destroy 2 Glaives in the Northern Night Elven Camp.
    • AvailablequestThere Be Another: Scout the Southwest Alliance Camp for signs of the Night Elf Scum. > Locate the Night Elf Scum in the Deep South Camp and bring back her head.
  • IconSmall Orc Female.gifEarth Warder Gwanra
    • AvailablequestListen to the Earth: Listen to the ground to find where the earth element may be. > Free the earth element from its salt prison. > Unleash the fury of the element in the southwest Alliance camp.
  • IconSmall Goblin Female.gifSprocky Perrywinkle
    • AvailablequestDwarven Plans in the Southwest: Recover 4 Dwarven Weapon plans from the Southwest Alliance camp.
    • AvailablequestIt All Goes Kaboom: Gain 8 samples of Dwarven Blasting Powder from the Southwest Alliance Camp.

HordeHelium Quests

Located in northern central Shadowsea Flatlands, the expedition here is headed by Grand Magister Rommath. The goal in the area is to recovery lost valuables from a sunken vessel and constructing the Beacon of Light.

  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngGrand Magister Rommath
    • AvailablequestAlatha Dera: Find the lost Blood Elf Shipwreck of Alatha Dera. > Find out if the ship was sabotaged. > Recover 3 crates of valuable cargo.
    • AvailablequestPygmy Treasure Hunters: Kill 8 Pygmy Geomancers at Meganaram. > Search the huts for evidence of the valuable cargo. > Follow the Pygmy Chieftain to his treasure cave. > Distract the Pygmy Cheiftain and recover teh valuable cargo.
    • AvailablequestFel Imbued Thieves: Slay 6 Ploggling Thieves. > Distrupt the summoning ritual being untertaken at Polothia Cri.
    • AvailablequestClose Encounters with the Unkind: Scout the Mankal Valley for the remaining pieces of valuable cargo. > Kill 3 Effete Hovel Guards.
    • AvailablequestOn Thin Lines: Confront Anaron. > Ensure Anaron's allegiance is to the Horde.
    • AvailablequestHelium Stands: Here Grand Magister Rommath's adress to the people of Helium.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Female.pngLady Liadrin
    • AvailablequestShards of Light: Recover the first shard of light from the Alatha Dera shipwreck.
    • AvailablequestThe Second Shard: Dowse the bonfire at Meganaram and recover the second shard.
    • AvailablequestThe Third Shard: Recover the third shard from Head Cultist Juud.
    • AvailablequestThe Last Shard: Recover the final shard from a cave in Mankal Valley.
    • AvailablequestThe Beacon of Light: Supervise the construction of the Beacon of Light.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngCeleron
    • AvailablequestHaunting of the Lost Vessel: Put to rest 12 Spirits of Blood.
    • AvailablequestEternal Rest for the Dera: Slay the spirit Commondere Rondel and place his ashes to rest.
  • IconSmall Pygmy.gifUugla
    • AvailablequestEven Traitors Should Have Nice Things: Recover Uugla's Beads and Favorite Rock from Meganaram.
    • AvailablequestThe Real Traitor: Discover who the Pygmy Chieftain is really working for. > Kill the Pygmy Chieftain.
    • AvailablequestPygmy Demon Horns for Beads: Recover 12 Ploggling Horns from the demonic pygmies.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngAnaron, the Demon Hunter
    • AvailablequestPloggling Energy: Harvest the energy from 4 Ploggling demonists for Anaron. > Transfer the power to Anaron.
    • AvailablequestDemon Vampire: Capture the larger Vile Ploggling and bring it to Anaron. > Assist Anaron in draining the Vile Ploggling of its fel energy.
  • IconSmall Undead Female.gifOgatha Bliztor
    • AvailablequestDegenerative Beings: Attempt to communicate with the Lonely Effete. > Slay 12 Mankal Effete.

HordeUmpilla Quests

Umpilla is located in southeast Shadowsea Flatlands. It is Akama continues his tracking of Illidan. The Forsaken have taken an interest in the unique resources in the area. It is also the first place where the Moundbuilders are encountered.

  • IconSmall Broken Male.gifAkama
    • AvailablequestThe Dark Shadows Call Us Here: Help Akama conduct a ritual to get a bearing on Illidan. > Scout areas in the Jellyfields. > Scout areas in the eastern ridge.
    • AvailablequestThe Betrayers Footprints: Track the markers into the eastern ridge. > Uncover the identity of the shadowy figure there. > Discover whether the figure is tracking the betrayer. > Follow the hidden markers further up the ridge.
    • AvailablequestThe Betrayer In A New World: Listen to Akama's plan to enter the K'areshi Desert and pursue Illidan.
  • IconSmall Undead Male.gifApothecary Lydon
    • AvailablequestUmpi?: Bring Lydon living oozling samples until he is satisfied that one looks enough like Umpi.
    • AvailablequestThe Figures in the Mounds: Search the Southern Mound for an entrance underground. > Explore the mouth of the Southern Mound. > Bring back a sample of the dried skin from the mouth.
    • AvailablequestWhat are the Moundbuilders: Ask Far Seer Zuzo to see into the darkness.
    • AvailablequestNecromancer Of Veil Biryc: Discover how the dead are rising in Veil Biryc. > Return a sample of the essence of the Ogre Lich.
    • AvailablequestThe Ogre Necropolis: Gain access to the Ogre Burial Mound. > Search the tombs for the remains of any ogre. > Reclaim the only Ogre remains that remain in the mound.
    • AvailablequestIs It In Their Bones: Study the Ogre remains to find out how an Ogre Lich can rise.
  • IconSmall LeperGnome Male.gifAssistant Kindlee
    • AvailablequestBlobby Jellies: Bring Back 6 oozing samples from the Jellyfields. > Find a larger Jelly and return a sample.
    • AvailablequestThe Pale Corpse: Help Assistant Kindlee dissect the corpse of the Pale Moundbuilder. > Deliver the results to Apothacary Lydon.
    • AvailablequestEssence of Undead Birds: Drain the essence of an Undead Arakkoa at Veil Biryc.
  • IconSmall Undead Female.gifDeathstalker Kimberley
    • AvailablequestThe Monstrous Jelly Blobs: Discover what is inside the the large jelly blobs. > Extract the heart of one of the monsters.
    • AvailablequestThe Small Hovel: Kill 16 Southern Shadowsea Moundbuilders. > Stop the underground excavations. > Return the corpse of the Pale Moundbuilder.
    • AvailablequestThe Undead Of The Veil: Kill 6 Undead Shambers in Veil Biryc. > Burn the ground from which they originate. > Slay the 3 Risen Arakkoan Biryc Talon Guards.
    • AvailablequestSever the Burial Link: Find where the Moundbuilder are coming from in the Ogre Burial Grounds. > Collapse the tunnel system.
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gifFar Seer Zuzo
    • AvailablequestThe Earth in the East: Recover 10 pieces of corrupted elemental cores from the eastern ridge.
    • AvailablequestInto The Darkness, Under The Mounds: Observe the limited vision into the bowel of the Southern Mound.
    • Availablequest:Arakkoan Feathers: Gather 16 plume feathers from Veil Biryc. > Offer the feathers to someone at Veil Ruthak as proof of your endeavors.
  • IconSmall Undead Male.gifDeathstalker Conner
    • AvailablequestThe Underground: Recover anything suspicious from the Southern Mound.
    • AvailablequestVeil Biryc: Find out what is in Veil Biryc. > Kill 14 Moundbuilders in Veil Biryc.
    • AvailablequestMoundbuilders at the Ogre Burial Mound: Kill 12 Ogre Remains Harvesters in the Ogre Burial Mounds. > Slay the Giant Undead Ogre Gladiator.

Word reaches Sylvanas that Alleria has been spotted in this new land. Lydon tells the heroes to keep their mouth shut about the undead in this new land. When Sylvanas and the leaders of the horde arrive to the new world, heroes escort them to a central meeting point to speak to its leaders. Turalyon and Alleria are greeted by Vereesa Windrunner who is pleased to see her sister is alive and well when high elven guards race into the room telling them that the Horde leaders are requesting an audience. Alleria tells them that she will not see any Orc, highlighting her detest for them, when Vol’jin walks into the room telling them that the leader of the Horde “be not Orc”. Alleria tells him that Trolls stink as bad as Orcs and also are not welcome.
SYLVANAS: How about a sister? Will you take an audience with a sister?
Alleria looks towards this walking corpse, shocked. She has not yet heard of what has happened to Sylvanas.
ALLERIA: A sister, yes. But no sister of mine will ally themselves with Orc scum. And all my sisters are Sin’dorei.
Vereesa tells Alleria that this is indeed Sylvanas, that she stood valiantly for her people and that the Lich King stole her soul. Lor’themar Theron also vouches for Sylvanas.
Alleria declares that she cannot believe that her brethren would walk amongst Orcs. She tells them that they should no longer consider themselves brethren and that they will have no dealings will any of the Horde. Alleria tells them to leave and summons her guard. Sylvanas tells Alleria that they are still sisters even in undeath.

The Apothecary society becomes incredibly involved in this land but work secretively so that not only does the Horde not know their dealings, but also the Dark Lady.

The Nerzhulium campaign ends with Lord Thelezaar invading Nerzhulium before the lesser fire Fury becomes the greater fire Fury Magmantius. As the tide of the battle turns Lord Thelezaar retreats leaving behind a few Moundbuilders for the Faction to study.

In Zeth’Kur the Apothecary society begins its tests on the degenerative Effete who have taken residence in the port city. But as the necromancy trials fail, they seek out to find the same power that the Moundbuilders. They will need to learn how to use the Ethereal Manaforges.

Neutral Campaign

NeutralVeil Ruthak

  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifTalon Priest Horthekk
    • AvailablequestThe Ruthak Clan: Listen to Talon Priest Horthekk’s words of wisdom.
    • AvailablequestDarkness Calls: Sleep under the mangrove tree and let the darkness whisper. > Sit and listen to Talon Priest Horthekk’s story.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifAmbassador Kirkan
    • AvailablequestRavagers at Ruthak Spring: Kill 12 swarming ravagers at Ruthak Spring. > Bring 5 claws from the larger ravagers. > Smash 20 eggs in the Ravager den.
    • AvailablequestThe Dust that Grew a Field: Collect 20 samples of residue from the Mondlotus fields. > (Alliance only) Deliver the residue samples to Maiev in Lightguarde.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifAmbassador Krakka
    • AvailablequestStocking the Reagent House: Collect 6 vials of ravage venom from Ruthak Spring. > Collect 13 Glowing salt clumps.
    • AvailablequestA Greater Entity in the Mondlotus Fields: Slay 10 shadowy apparitions in the Mondlotus fields. > Drain the essence of the Greater Apparition. > (Horde only) Deliver the essence to Akama in Nerzhulium.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifKothakk
    • AvailablequestFood for a Whole Continent: Gather 8 Sweet Stalks from bottom of Ruthak Spring. > Ask citizens in Veil Ruthak for food they can spare. > Help Korthakk prepare a Banquet peace offering. > Deliver the banquet peace offering to Ambassador Kirkan.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifBuzzur
    • AvailablequestRepentance for the Bleeding Hollow: Collect 3 charms from around Veil Ruthak. > Gather 9 pieces of Ruthak spring stalks. > Help Buzzur craft an offer of piece for the orcs. > Deliver the offering to Ambassador Krakka.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifSkelnis
    • AvailablequestFish for a Veil: Bait 6 fishing nets in the Ruthak Spring. > Scare away 10 feral fauna from Ruthak Spring.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifTokkra
    • AvailablequestVeil Biryc Survivors: Deliver blankets and bandages to 12 Veil Biryc Survivors. > Show 2 Veil Biryc families to their new huts.
  • IconSmall Arakkoa.gifTalon Priest Piccle
    • AvailablequestThe Mondlotus Vision: Recover 11 Mondlotus fronds. > Recover 5 essence of salt. > Recover a single rare kaliri plume.
    • AvailablequestThe Fall of Veil Biryc: Perform the ritual to witness what happened in Veil Biryc.

The Great K’areshi Desert

By the time heroes enter Vir’aania and the Great K’areshi Desert they are fully aware of the presence both the Burning Legion and the Moundbuilders. In this land the most immediate threat is the Moundbuilders – their great fortress Erewon is in this zone and cannot be easily bypassed. Yet the ultimate goal is to reach the Acree Highlands and rid this place of the Burning Legion that has arrived.

The first place that heroes will visit in this land is Yazz’Shal, the great eco-dome city of the Ethereal. Where Lightguarde and Nerzhulium are the major Faction cities in the new continent, Yazz’Shal is the major neutral city. Heroes will discover how the survivors in this land live from this new land.

Alliance Campaign
The Gnomes have arrived in Yazz’Shal. They are keen to learn more about this void power source, but some nefarious Ethereal characters scheme in the city. With the gnomes growing understanding they could potentially be used slave labor, running the power grids that provide the eco-dome. After heroes vanquish the nefarious character the Gnomes are free to explore the city.

Alliance heroes learn that an important character has arrived in this land and is currently in Wrynn chapel, south of Yazz’shal. It is Anduin. Anduin tells heroes that Velen has told him that destiny drives him to this land. The King’s Guard has been sent to protect him in this strange world and proves rightfully needed, as the moundbuilders are right at their doorstep. Anduin tells heroes that it would seem that embrace in the light is needed here more than anywhere else in the world and perhaps that is why Velen told him to head to these lands.

At Kings Fall, the Alliance has set up a camp that begins to study the waters that flows in from Ar’Kara above. They Draenei in the camp set to purify the corrupted water, as it is the water from their homeland. Perhaps they want the pure waters to restore their former homeland. The land around Kings Fall swarms with demons, both that have come down from Ar’Kara and the Falls and that have been summoned by Lord Therazaar in Mana’Eshi. As Alliance heroes get their first taste in warfare against this Burning Legion Maiev Shadowsong appears and tells heroes that their services are required on the other side of the Great K’areshi Desert. She has sensed enormous energies there.

In Shadowsong Camp, Maiev leads heroes in the fight against the void when she spots Illidan. She has finally hunted him down in the Voidlands. But as she is about to engage him he disappears, fleeing into the Gorgelands.

In the final chapter of the Alliance campaign in the Great K’areshi Desert three prominent figures lead the charge in Ranger Hill. Maiev Shadowsong who is after Illidan in the Gorgelands, Turalyon who has arrived to fight the Moundbuilders at their source and Anduin who has come to discover his destiny.

Horde Campaign
The Horde operations begin with the Apothecary Society wanting heroes to learn how to use the Manaforges in the city and to identify the reagent for its power. Once Lydon knows how to harness the power of the Manaforge he needs another test subject and sets up a camp under the mile high cliffs, Loffly. Only trusted members of the Apothecary society set up camp in Loffly. There tests begin with the monstrous fish in Lake Waddi. When the experiments fail Lydon tells heroes that they need to learn to use a Voidforge in E’Mana.

Goblins have arrived keen to make a profit in this new land. They have set up a mine to the south of the eco-dome, Zanka’s Excavation, to capitalize on selling the product to the Ethereal bringing with them hired Ogre and Orc bodyguards. But as excavation begins they encounter the Moundbuilders. It seems that they may have excavated into an underground tunnel system. The Goblins at Zanka’s Excavation will have to seal a major Moundbuilder artery and dispose of the escaped Moundbuilders that terrorize their excavation.

Grand Magister Rommath also arrives in the land, keen to understand how the Ethereal harness this incredible new power. Perhaps they can use it as a substitute to the Sunwell. The secrets that the Ethereal will not share will them, they will have to discover for themselves in Mana’Eshi. The ruined city has many of the same facilities, the elves just need to learn how to use them. Chaos Imps are the least of their problems in the region. Blood Elves send heroes on their journey from Zanka’s Excavation.

In the deep east, beyond E’Mana a solitary figure stands. He is reluctant to speak to others, but he needs them to complete his plan. The place is Betrayer’s Point. And the figure is Illidan. Yes, Illidan sends the Horde heroes on a mission to close the portals in the Voidfields and try to lure the Void God out of E’Mana. But when these attempts fail he abandons the heroes, just in time as Maiev Shadowsong has finally tracked him down. He flees towards the Gorgelands – a place that heroes are warned to avoid.

When heroes finally return to Loffly they discover that the energy rods they brought back from the Voidforge as results in a failed experiment. Lydon tells the hero that there must be a way and that they should keep looking.

In the final chapter in the Great K’areshi Desert storyline Akama and the Broken arrive and tell the hero that they heard about Illidan. They are shocked to hear that the hero aided the betrayer and threaten to break their alliance. But valuable information that is provided places the hero on a very thin line. Akama and the Broken set up a camp on the edge of the Gorgelands in Ash Hill and start an expedition into the one area the heroes were told to absolutely avoid. Tracking Illidan in the Gorgeland ends up futile as he has already left for more northern lands.

Neutral Campaign
The Maraad Jinn are accepting help from heroes from both factions. Their home at Al’Czar is in Voidfield lands, and are constantly fighting against the void forces – both the void creatures and the Jann, their traitor brethren. There are several Ethereal that help in the fight against the void, wanting their vengeance against the beings that shattered their world and vaporized their bodies. Amongst the plethora of quests available from Al’Czar are sabotage missions to disrupt the void-like nexus stalkers manaforges where they become monsters, bounty missions to kill the leaders in the void camps and a rescue mission to save some of the Maraad that are being held captive.

End Cinematic
Even though Illidan has left the region heroes still witness a disturbing event. The Moundbuilders have been disturbed and are swarming out of their mountain. And with them is a line of Ogre-lich monsters. In the encounter heroes unite with all legendary figures present, whilst fighting off the unstoppable force. The only way the heroes can escape is that the combined effort from factions holds the attack off while the hero can evacuate. During the fight a monumental event takes place – Turalyon throws a Paladin’s hammer to Anduin and tells him to use the light. It is ultimately Turalyon who smashes Ogre-lich face, but as the factions evacuate heroes are left to ponder if Anduin is going to become the next great Paladin.


to be continued...


Ogoun’s Champion

Near the Valley of Ogoun an effigy of the shadow hunter Loa to war a champion stands. This is Ogoun’s champion, blessed with Ogoun’s power. This champion is a powerful shadow hunter and formidable challenge for heroes that wish to challenge him.