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World of Warcraft: The Return to Outland

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.



Ever since the Legion's defeat at Sunwell Plateau marked the end of the Burning Crusade, the heroes and adventurers have left Outland to return back home to Azeroth. The forces of Shattrath city, headed by Naaru, have begun to attempt to bring order back onto the dying realm of Outland. The heroes of Outland gave one last service to the Naaru before returning home: rounding up all the various factions that threatened the safety of Outland and imprisoning them within the fortresses of Outland.

The Legion and the forces of the Illidari may be defeated, but, ragged bands of demons and remnants of the Illidari wander the lands, waging war against the now diminished forces of Shattrath. Years passed as adventurers were sucessfully defended Azeroth against various threats - toppling the Lich King, defeating the Worldbreaker and saving an entire continent from the hubris of the then-Horde warchief. However, in Outland, the Naaru and their forces faced a losing battle as the various bands of Legion forces and Illidari waged guerrilla wars against them, re-capturing larges swathes of the land. The forces, both old and new, that threaten the safety of the people of Outland have resurfaced, threatening to bring about the destruction of Outland as each faction persues their own goals.

World of Warcraft: The Return to Outland will take adventurers back into the crumbling wastes of Outland, exploring the edges of the world and even further into the Twisting Nether. Witness the resurgence of old foes - the Burning Legion and the Illidari - and the emergence of new, yet familiar foes, the remains of the Twilight's Hammer cult. Though your enemies stand divided, warring against Shattrath and themselves, you and your friends must stand united against the incoming tides of darkness.

Expansion Changes and Updates

  • The Burning Crusade version of Outland is no longer accessible through The Dark Portal. Instead, adventurers who are level 60 must travel to the Caverns of Time to travel to the past to experience The Burning Crusade.
  • The zones of Outland have been updated and revamped, showing the drastic change in the balance of power among the various factions.
  • The level cap has been set to 100.
  • The dungeons and raids of The Burning Crusade have been updated to reflect who is in control of them. In addition, new raids and dungeons have been added at launch. More will be added in the later patches.
  • New battlegrounds and arenas will be available.


There are three major content patches for The Return to Outland expansion.

New Zones

The various zones of Outland have been updated and revamped, featuring new quests and new enemies. They are available at launch and are accessible through The Dark Portal.

The Regions of Shatterstone are available only in patch X.1.

The Realm of Netherspace is only avaliable in patch X.2 and further exploration of the Netherspace is only accessible in patch X.3.

The Broken World of Outland

The Regions of Shatterstone

  • Neutral Shards of Arak: What was left of the Spires of Arak before Draenor's implosion has crashed into the continent of Shatterstone. High, jagged peaks and steep cliffs dominate this sliver of land.
  • Neutral Coldflame Mountains: This once frozen mountainous region was thrown into chaos when Draenor imploded. Spires of volcanic rock and rivers of lava are seen together with lakes of icy water and valleys of snow.
  • Neutral Plains of Korth'halar: An endless savannah, teeming with native flora and fauna. It was been relatively untouched by the destruction of Draenor.
  • Neutral Deadlight Swamp: The ambient magical energies caused when Draenor shattered has warped the land, turning it into a fetid swamp where trees and fungi are warped and twisted and the beasts of the land all have too many limbs or eyes.
  • Neutral The Black Desert of Z'thanar: A desert composed entirely of black sand. Ancient ruins, long forgotten by any mortal, dot the landscape. An unnatural black sun burns fiercely in the tortured sky, scorching the land with its blazing rays.
  • Neutral The Darkstorm: Once a verdant land, now, fierce arcane storms rage across the barren, rocky landscape, creating rifts, scars and gorges as far as the eye can see.

The Realm of Netherspace

The Edges of Netherspace

New Dungeons

The Return to Outland expansion features a large number of both revamped and new dungeons.

Dungeons found in Outland

  • Hellfire Citadel
    • Hellfire Containment: Secundus: The enclosed areas of the Hellfire Ramparts have been converted into a prison for the rank-and-file survivors of Kael'thas' army. However, the Illidari have taken control of the prison and are using it as a staging area.
    • The Blood Furnace: The dark blood forges of the Blood Furnace are once again functioning, creating endless armies of fel orcs.
    • Hellfire Containment: Primaris: Formerly the Shattered Halls, this wing of Hellfire Citadel has been converted into a maximum-security prison. However, elements of the Illidari have slain the wardens and have started freeing all the prisoners.
    • Hellfire Containment: Maximus: The newest wing of Hellfire Citadel, recently constructed to house the deadliest of the Legion forces who fought at Sunwell Plateau.
  • Coilfang Reservior
    • The Slave Pens: The Slave Pens are the very area that one power-hungry Broken chieftain sold out his tribe to the Illidari, damning the tribes of Zangarmarsh and Terrokar Forest to the horrors of slavery and servitude to the Naga once again.
    • The Underbog: Within the Underbog, horrific experiements are conducted on the flora and fauna of Outland, all in an attempt to understand nature and to "improve" it.
    • The Steamvaults: The Steamvaults is the heart of Coilfang reservoir and the site where the Naga can carry out the late Warlord Kalithresh's research. Put a stop to it before the Naga's research bears its vile fruit.
  • Auchindoun
    • Auchenai Crypts: Auchindoun was once the seat of power of the once-mighty Auchenai Priory. Now, the last few Auchenai priests stalk the ancient crypts as they desecrate the dead in their attempt to corrupt D'ore.
    • Mana Tombs: It appears that Nexus-Prince Shaffar had faked his death. He and his followers have found something that could devastate Terrokar Forest within the halls of Auchindoun...
    • Sethekk Halls: Although the Sethekk were defeated once, Ikiss' followers have regrouped under a zealous Arrakoa mystic. Dark magic emanates from the Sethekk Halls as they conduct their heinous rituals.
    • Shadow Labrynith: Within the Shadow Labrynith, the remains of the Cabal are under attack by Terokk's forces.
  • Tempest Keep
    • The Mechanar: When the Twilight's Hammer cult heard that the Mechanar still had large stores of mana cells, they have stormed the satellite to secure them to power their rituals of Ascendancy.
    • The Botanica: The Illidari Wildshapers covet the wonderous Naaru technology within the Botanica and would go to any length to secure them.
    • The Arcatraz: After the defeat of the mad Warden Mellichar, the Arcatraz has been used to imprison the various criminals of Outland. Recently, the Ethereum have been freeing these prisoners...
  • Other Dungeons
    • Shadows of Oshu'gun: Oshu'gun has been overrun by demons and the Shadow Council as they seek the powers of the Void interred within
    • Twilight Hold: The Twilight's Hammer have constructed an elaborate fortress around a hollow spire of rock in the lands of the Bladespire ogres.
    • The Deathforge: The Shadow Council's last bastion of power within the Shadowmoon Valley. Destroy the forges to ensure that the Legion will never be able to craft Infernals on Outland.
    • Legion Hold: Once a fortress of the Burning Legion, The Illidari Overlord of Shadowmoon Valley now holds court on its highest peak. Assassinating him would throw the Eclipsion ground forces into disarray.

Dungeons found in Shatterstone

  • Skyreach Ruins: Once thought destroyed in Draenor's implosion, the remains of the High Arakkoa civilisation still clings onto life. Atop the ruined spires of Skyreach, the High Sage has struck an alliance with the Twilight's Hammer cult.
  • The Soulwell of Kel-Farimm: When the Illidari arrived on Shatterstone, they discovered and then assaulted the Draenei city of Kel-Farimm. Help the Draenei forces retake the city.
  • The Seige of Delonaar: With the help of their new allies, the Twilight's Hammer cult have made a last push at the Citadel of Delonaar to seize a magical artifact housed in the city's vaults.
  • Holdings of Ebonrock
  • Sunsorrow Laboratories
  • Bloodfire Sanctum
  • Empyria, Temple of the Sky: Long ago, the Apexis priesthood sacrificed their entire civilisation to ascend to the heavens, gaining immortality. After living in Empyria, a floating city, for centuries, they have now revealed themselves, ready to assert their power.
  • Bastion of Jahur

Dungeons found in Netherspace

New Raids

The Return to Outland expansion features a large number of both revamped and new raids.

Raids found in Outland

Raids found in Shatterstone

Raids found in Netherspace

The Forces that threaten Outland

Illidari Resurgence

The Illidari Resurgence are the remnants of Illidan's army that survived the Siege of Black Temple. However, with the addition of new allies within their ranks, they have grown strong once again. Led by Gathios, the new Illidari Highlord, they will stop at nothing to seek vengeance and revenge.

Burning Legion

Ever since almost all of the adventurers have been recalled to Azeroth since the end of The Burning Crusade, the leaders of the Burning Legion and their Shadow Council servants have had the breathing room and time to recoup their losses.

The Arakkoa Tribes

The years have passed since The Burning Crusade have allowed the Arakkoa to replenish their numbers as a new generation matures. Through the powers of their new god, Terokk has been reborn as an ancient to lead his people to the promised victory. In addition, they are aided by the destructive Twilight's Hammer cult, who have travelled to Outland to commune with the Arrakoa's god.