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First edit: 12 Aug 2005

My sandbox, just like the one I used to play in.
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Accomplishments in this community worthy of pride

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This is the first wiki community I've extensively contributed to.

To my recollection, someone else took over on metapolicy (policy on how policies are instituted and observed). But I initiated WoWWiki policy codification as we know it: My initial proposal to set standards, and what came as a result.
I began the vandals page which turned into WoWWiki:Violations. First in the body of evidence.
I developed Template:Vandal before we had reliably-visiting administrators first to aid volunteers in combating vandalism. Later the same template served to aid in monitoring who was blocked, for how long, for what reason, and to report vandals to the administrators.
I was the first to edit the sidebar to promote important projects such as wiki-wide styling (which I suspect wasn't altogether effective, I admit) and also to link articles that appeal to most wiki visitors and contributors. I also set up a way that non-admins could suggest pages to link, but that wasn't a very successful effort.


These are some of the projects I've created or worked heavily on in my time contributing to this community, even if they do look much better than when last I touched them.

  • Item Template (deleted in favor of a superior boilerplate)
categorical, navigational templates