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Questions to ask CDev

See CDev Questions

Current Projects

Patch changes

Many, many, many pages on this wiki do not have Patch Changes noted. This is a massive ongoing project. Completed through patch 1.8.4.


Completed Projects

Filling in all red-linked achievements

All existing achievements now have pages on this wiki as of 6/26/10.

Standardizing armor token pages

  • Tiers 1&2 - N/A
  • Tiers 3-10 - Complete on 7/20/10
  • Zul'Gurub tokens - Complete on 7/20/10
  • Ahn'Qiraj tokens - Complete on 7/20/10
  • Tier 11 - Complete on 5/16/11
  • Tier 12 - TBD

'''Item''' is a [[tier #]] armor token. It can be exchanged at [[Name]] at [[Location]] for the following items:
*{{ClassIcon|Class}} {{item|link}}

== Source ==
This item drops from [[Name]] in [[Location.]]

==Patches and hotfixes==
{{Patch #|note=Added.}}

[[Category:World of Warcraft epic items]]
[[Category:Armor tokens]]
[[Category:Location items]]



Standardized all the Cataclysm gem changes.