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The victories on Draenor were short lived. The war against the Iron Horde only acted as an opportunity for a different evil to foster on Azeroth. A thundering beneath the earth itself can be heard from sea to sea. Hordes of unspeakable horrors and aberrations march onto the surface from the Underworld to claim this world as their own. The Old God N'Zoth has returned with a vengeance that can only be quenched with the enslavement of all Azeroth. The world beneath ours is falling to these abhorrent armies and champions from the surface may be the only hope to save not only the Underworld but all Azeroth from the Fury of N'Zoth.


  • Level cap raised to 110
  • New continent: The Underworld
  • New class: Exemplar
  • New role: Support
  • New specializations
  • New player factions
  • Guild vs. guild PvP
  • And more!

New Zones

  • Barrow Deeps (100-103)
  • Azjol-Nerub (102-104)
  • Faceless Corridors (103-104)
  • The Labyrinth (104-106)
  • Bael Modan (105-107)
  • Gishan Caverns (106-108)
  • Deep Batol (107-109)
  • Ny'alotha (108-110)
  • Emerald Dream (110)
  • Gilded Passage (PvP)

New Zone Overviews

Barrow Deeps

After the defeat of the faceless ones in Timbermaw Hold, the forces of both the Horde and the Alliance advanced into the furbolg kingdom. The region is made up of giant caverns of dirt and ginormous roots that protrude from the walls. Some of the caverns are home to bodies of water with giant spires. There are even a few underground forests to be found here. Corrupted furbolg and hostile dark trolls plague the land as they will attack anyone from the surface world. The prison that held the late Illidan Stormrage is now infested with satyrs, who are arguable an even larger threat than the other races. Here is where you will select your new faction, Azjol-anak or the Trade Coalition. This is the only zone in the Underworld where your Horde or Alliance status is recognized.


The capital of the nerubian empire has been rebuilt and the nation has risen from the ashes of the War of the Spider. Giant spiders haunt these lands as they cast seemingly endless webs through these great caverns. Nerubian civilization, while still mostly in ruins, is rebuilding and expanding. Great cities and towns are once again standing and nerubians work to rebuild their great culture. The last of the scourge are found in these lands, though their days are numbered as the nerubian armies complete their capture of their homeland. Legions of aberrations have been seen in Azjol-Nerub, which has brought the nerubians into a war against the Old God N'Zoth who rules to the south. The Azjol-anak capital city of the same name is located here.

Faceless Corridors

The Faceless Corridors is an expansive region that is overrun by the Old Gods' forces. Faceless ones, aberrations and other nightmarish horrors run rampant in these lands. Tendrils creep from beneath the ground and will attack anyone who dares to challenge the might of N'Zoth. Dark magics float just above the ground like black mist, showing an apparent corruption of the land itself. The warlike arachs are also found here, though most are only loyal to themselves, rather than to Azjol-anak as many of their kind do. The only hope for civilization in these coves is the goblin Trade Coalition and with it their Steamwheedle city. Refugees from the Undermine are determined to carve out a home for themselves in these god forsaken lands.

The Labyrinth

This is a land of endless, dark tunnels. Until now, very few mortals have entered the Labyrinth and have been able to find their way out. Tunnels may take you to one section of this land the first time and a completely different location a second time. Perhaps it is magic, perhaps it is the sheer confusion that this zone entails. Not even the Old Gods' forces have truly mapped out these lands. These lands are filled with hostile natives. There are multitudes of savage cave goblin tribes which are eager to make meals out of wandering travelers. The mysterious dark elves also make their homes here. Great citadels and cities of the dark elven nation can be found here. Libraries filled with scrolls of knowledge know lost are prevalent here. Unfortunately, these scrolls were written in the dark elven tongue. There is only one friendly outpost in these uncharted lands and that outpost is owned by the Venture Company.

Bael Modan

Beneath the Barrens, dwarfish archaeologists dug the lands known as Bael Modan in hopes of finding Titanic artifacts. These are deep caverns, filled with Titanic creatures. Ancient technology and architecture expand deep into the earth's crust. The appearance of Bael Modan resembles that of Uldaman in the Badlands. Metallic Tol'vir have maintained Bael Modan until recently. Here lives a living horror. The Kalthrink is a ginormous centaur, shadowy and mutated by the Old Gods' forces, that roams these lands. His very presence was enough to make most dwarves flee to the surface during the Cataclysm. Some, however, were not so lucky and have been trapped here, fearing every day of the Kalthrink's arrival to their sanctuaries.

Gishan Caverns

Near the Maelstrom there are deep underwater caves known as the Gishan Caverns. These lands are almost entirely inhabited by murlocs, though recently Xavius and his satyr armies have made this land their base of operations. The dripping, moist caves were formerly a base of Azshara's naga, though since the war began the naga have mysteriously fled. There is no sign of naga, nor anyone loyal to Azshara here. There are, however, recently abandoned naga ruins, which are ripe for the taking by either Azjol-anak or the Trade Coalition. Xavius, the recently resurrected king of the satyrs, has come to these murky lands in order to contact Azshara and to call her naga armies to arms. Still, she is silent.

Deep Batol

Much of the city of Grim Batol crumbled during its creation, leaving the lower quarters to be trapped beneath the earth. Now, these dwarfish lands have flourish. The city below Grim Batol has been completed and a dwarfish city larger than Ironforge itself stands tall. These lands, however, are under siege by N'Zoth, who wishes to claim these lands as his own. Many of the councilmen in the underground nation have betrayed their dwarfish brethren and have accepted N'Zoth's power. These corrupted dwarfs rule much of this vast city and are ready to enforce N'Zoth's will on the rest of the society. The free dwarfs, however, are not alone as they have formed an alliance with the halflings that live on the outskirts of dwarfish civilization.


The sleeping city is the seat of power for N'Zoth and in turn the Old Gods' forces. Streets made of black metal shine as orange smoke clouds the roof of these caverns. Faceless ones patrol the street and keep the slumbering, enthralled, mortal citizens in line. Races from both the Horde and the Alliance have been abducted and turned to mind slaves for N'Zoth. In the center of the city, the Dreaming Terrace may be found. Yogg'Saron has been freed from his prison and leads the city's armies. After his attempt at usurping N'Zoth's position as leader of the Old Gods' forces, N'Zoth has fled to the Emerald Dream as a last chance to maintain control.

Emerald Dream

Practically a green paradise, the Emerald Dream is what Azeroth may have been if not for the intervention of mortal beings. The land is filled with green and blue plants. Large, twisting trees tower over the lush flora. Faeries such as the flying pixie are found flying around these lands. Wisps and other forest spirits cloud the skies of the Emerald Dream. The Old Gods have corrupted a large portion of the Emerald Dream, however, and this entire plane of existence is at threat of being irreversibly tainted. N'Zoth leads a final assault from these lands, as he desperately tries to avoid his inevitable defeat by mortal hands.

Gilded Passage

Formerly a Venture Company operation, the Gilded Passage is a large cavern with gold deposits found around every corner. Neither the Old Gods, Azjol-anak nor the Trade Coalition are aware of these rich mines. Various guilds from Azeroth come here to battle for supremacy and for control of the abundant resources.

New Instances

  • Timbermaw Caverns (101) - Corrupted furbolg threaten both the Horde and Alliance expeditions into the Barrow Deeps.
  • Plagueskin Remains (102) - The last of the scourge nerubian make a final stand in Azjol-nerub.
  • Sinner's Keep (103) - A large citadel for the Old Gods' forces, Sinner's Keep is a base of operations for their aberration regiments.
  • Hollow Wastes (104) - The Hollow Wastes is a large underground desert inhabited by Xavius' satyrs.
  • Crystalgleam Library (105) - In the heart of the dark elven nation, an ancient library filled with forgotten knowledge is ripe for the taking.
  • The Undermine (106) - The former capital of the Trade Coalition, this destroyed city is now home to the remnants of the Twilight's Hammer.
  • Screaming Halls (107) - These mines are haunted by tormented spirits seeking release from N'Zoth's curses.
  • Illidan's Prison (108) - The former prison of Illidan Stormrage, these arcane warded lands are now home to some of Xavius' greatest satyr allies.
  • Gentfing Depths (109) - The Gentfing Mines, a mountainous mining island off of Tanaris, are ready to be liberated from faceless ones control.
  • Emerald Nightmare (110) - A race of corrupted dragons within the Emerald Dream have entered the war on behalf of N'Zoth.
  • War of the Spider (110) - Aid the Lich King Ner'zhul in his conquest of Azjol-nerub. This is a Caverns of Time dungeon.
  • The Black Forest (110) - Within the Emerald Dream, N'Zoth has created a land of his twisted imagination in an attempt to indoctrinate the mortal adventurer parties.
  • Blackfathom Citadel (Raid) - The naga of Blackfathom have rebuilt and have created an aboveground castle above Blackfathom depths.
  • House of the Makers (Raid) - A new discovery made in these halls have inspired the scholars to join N'Zoth's forces. What they read must be found out.
  • Tirisfal Faerygrounds (Raid) - West of Deathknell, the faeries are summoning Old Gods from distant worlds.
  • Dreaming Terrace (Raid) - Yogg'saron, who has recently attempted to take control of the Old Gods' forces from N'Zoth, rules from this section of Ny'alotha.
  • Fall of the Old Gods (Raid) - Fight alongside the Titan's forces as they overthrow the Old Gods' reign over Azeroth. This is a Caverns of Time dungeon.
  • Ahn'Qiraj Catacombs (Raid) - Beneath Ahn'Qiraj, C'thun awakens and reorganizes his qiraji armies to aid N'Zoth.
  • Throne of N'Zoth (Raid) - An island in the Emerald Dream, the Throne of N'Zoth is a corrupted paradise. N'Zoth has no escape from this land and must fight against his imprisonment. This is the last raid of the expansion.

New Class: Exemplar

The exemplar is a chainmail wearing, melee, primarily support class. They are capable of equipping one handed swords, maces, daggers and axes as well as an off hand item. The exemplar uses horns and standards to buff her/his allies abilities and attributes. The exemplar will have three support specializations (one for supporting damage deals, one for supporting tanks and another for supporting healers) as well as a tanking specialization. The exemplar will be the first class to not have a DPS specialization. The exemplar will be available to humans, dwarfs, night elves, draenei, orcs, trolls, tauren and goblins.

New Role: Support

The support may even increase the potency of rogue's poisons, increase the power of a hunter or warlock's companions or the healing done by the healer. When you are enter a dungeon using the Group Finder, the fifth player may either be a third DPS or a support. All dungeons, level 1-100, will be scaled appropriately to accommodate the new role, as dungeons prior to the change would be too easy. The following classes may act as support; paladins, priests, mages and exemplars.

Fourth Specializations

  • Warrior - Headhunter (Ranged damage)
  • Paladin - Crusader (Support)
  • Hunter - Beastmaster (Melee damage)
  • Rogue - Warden (Tank)
  • Priest - Empowerment (Support)
  • Mage - Blood (Support)
  • Warlock - Corrupted (Tank)
  • Shaman - Protection (Tank)
  • Death Knight - Spidermancer (Ranged damage)
  • Monk - Starseer (Ranged damage)

New Factions

The Horde or the Alliance invading the Underworld in order to defeat the Old God threat would bring upon the wrath of the natives. Though, neither Azjol-anak nor the Trade Coalition would turn down new champions from either Horde or the Alliance to fight on their behalf.

Upon choosing a new faction, characters (player and non-player) of the opposite faction will immediately become hostile. You will learn the language native to your new faction (Nerubian or Kezanite), allowing you to communicate with your comrades in arms, even if you were enemies on the surface. It will be possible to enter a dungeon with Horde as an Alliance player (or vice versa), assuming you both choose the same new faction, however battlegrounds will remain strictly Horde verses Alliance. This is a new land and neither the Horde nor the Alliance mean anything here.


After the defeat of Arthas, the nerubians were able to hatch a new empire. Azjol-nerub was retaken and now the nerubians advance south into the Underworld, even encroaching on land claimed by the Trade Coalition. Seer Ixit, leader of the Azjol-anak, refuses to allow either the Horde nor the Alliance interfere with her reign in the Underworld. She is willing to bolster her armies with surface champions who are willing to pledge themselves to Azjol-anak, however. While not at war with the Trade Coalition, the two factions are currently in a hostile stand off.

Trade Coalition

Trade routes have always existed underneath the earth between the Undermine beneath Kezan and the Underworld. When the Cataclysm shattered the world, the Undermine was evacuated through the tunnels and into this forgotten land. Within the Underworld, the capital city of Steamwheedle was built as a new home for the goblin race. The Trade Prince will do anything to stop the surface factions from interfering in his nation-building. He would not refuse individual champions, however. While not at war with Azjol-anak, the two factions are currently in a hostile stand off.

Guild vs. Guild PvP

The Gilded Caverns will work as a PvP zone unlike any other. Here, neither the Horde nor the Alliance matter. Not even Azjol-anak nor the Trade Coalition. Here, the only affiliation that you will hold is to your guild. Capture and control cities, mines, towns and other key locations with your guild to earn Gallantry points. These points may be used to purchase powerful PvP armor and weapons, as well as aesthetic goods and toys.

New Reputation Factions


  • Anikfan - A faction of arachs who have pledged themselves to Azjol-anak. They are primarily hunters and thieves.
  • Azjol-Nerub - The revived capital city of Azjol-anak. It is found in the zone of the same name.
  • Gorehelm Brigade - A mercenary faction of vrykul who have been employed by Azjol-anak.
  • Spidermancers - A faction of former death knights who use the creations of C'thun in the war against N'Zoth.
  • Zul'handrel - The shadow-cursed capital city of the dark troll empire.

Trade Coalition

  • Alchemists' Union - A worker's union of goblin alchemists, the Alchemists' Union creates biological horrors comparable to those that serve the Old Gods to fight for the Trade Coalition.
  • Kaja'cola Company - A goblin organization that deals in trading Kaja'Cola, a highly valued drink from the now destroyed Kezan.
  • Steamwheedle City - The newly built capital city of the Trade Coalition. It is found in the Faceless Corridors.
  • Steamwheedle Slavers - A goblin organization which works to enslave hostile races and put them to work for the benefit of the Trade Coalition.
  • Tinkers' Union - A worker's union of goblin engineers, the Tinkers' Union brings the best that goblin engineering has to offer to the Trade Coalition.


  • Cenarion Dream - Cenarion druids who have travel to the Emerald Dream to defend it from the Old Gods' forces.
  • Crimson Ring - The underground gladiator ring that has been relocated truly underground.
  • Gentfing Kobolds - A race of neutral kobolds in the Underworld.
  • Geomidian Herders - Halflings found in the Underworld who raise and mount pygmy geomidians.
  • Hidden Circle - An Alliance organization of rogues from Ironforge who have come to covertly aid in the war effort.

New Creatures

  • Aberration - Large, deformed and disgusting creatures created by N'Zoth. They march along side the faceless ones in their war against the surface.
  • Arach - Relatives of the nerubians, the arachs are an intelligent race of scorpion-men found beneath the earth.
  • Cave goblin - Barbaric and extremely dull grey goblins. The Trade Coalition is introducing them to Kaja'mite to raise their intelligence.
  • Dark elf - A cold race of elves with pitch black skin. They are extremely hostile to any other races and because of that there is little known about them.
  • Dark troll - Ancestors of the night elves, the dark trolls are a dark, shadowy race that live beneath the earth.
  • Geomidian - Giant gopher-like creatures, these behemoths are often used as a means of transportation by the natives of the Underworld.
  • Halfling - Halflings are a short race of men found in the Underworld. They were once metallic creations of the Titans, but now they have succumbed to the Curse of Flesh.
  • Pixie - A small, flying faery race native to the Emerald Dream.