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The Gul'dan of the alternate universe has found himself a second chance... with the Azeroth prime's Burning Legion. The Kirin Tor of the lost island of Kul Tiras has been taken over by warlocks led by a disguised Gul'dan. Using the magic of the local mage towers, the warlocks were able to summon a portal to Xoroth, letting demonic armies march into Azeroth and conquer the island nation. Due to its seclusion from the rest of the world after its mysterious disappearance with the Cataclysm, the Burning Legion was capable of amassing a large military presence on the world without being detected. The invasion of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms followed soon after. After the conquest of Durotar and Dun Morogh, the demonic armies were pushed back and Kul Tiras was taken by the Horde and the Alliance. The Prophet Velen convinced both Vol'jin and Varian Wrynn to form a temporary Coalition between the two factions in order to destroy the Burning Legion. But, before Argus, the capital of the Burning Legion as a whole, could be invaded, the Coalition would first have to secure control of the planet in between, Xoroth, the flaming world.


  • Level cap raised to 105
  • New world: Xoroth
  • Old world revamped
  • Subraces
  • Faiths
  • Ventures
  • New battlegrounds
  • And more!



With the invasion of the Burning Legion, lost tribes of Azotha have left their secluded mountain homelands in Stranglethorn Vale and have joined the Alliance. Azotha are slightly more primitive, tribal ancestors of the humans.


The dwarfish peoples have united under one nation in the Wetlands. With the destruction of their homelands, the Ironforge, Wildhammer and Dark Iron clans have come together as one people; the dwarfs.

Night elf

With the reintroduction of the arcane into Darnassus, the Highborne have once against found themselves as accepted citizens of Kaldorei society.


Deep in the mines of Uldaman, the mechagnomes have made a home. Created with the purpose of protecting Azeroth, the mechagnomes have answered the planet-wide call to arms against the Burning Legion and have joined the gnomes of New Gnomergan.


The corrupted Man'ari were sent to invade and conquer the Bloodmyst Isle. Soon, the Exodar sent many of their priests and prophets to meet with various Man'ari regiments. A resistance was formed and many Man'ari defected from the Burning Legion, joining the Alliance and their long lost Draenei brethren.


With the Horde's military conquests in both Draenor and Outland, the orcs ranks have increased significantly. From Outland came the chaos orcs to join the Horde, and from Draenor uncorrupted brown orcs.


The banished Grimtotem tribe has returned to Mulgore with the destruction of their refuge lands to the north by the hands of the satyrs. Magatha Grimtotem has surrendered herself to Thunder Bluff so that her people may be accepted and reintegrated into the nation.


There are many forms of undead, some physical and some spiritual. Specters, banshees and similar creatures are now joining the war alongside the forsaken in both the names of the Undercity and the Banshee Queen.


The Lost Isles, now the home of the trolls, has become something a new Zandalar. Many trolls around Azeroth are flocking to these lands to make themselves a new home with the recent war against the Legion. The forest trolls of Raventusk and defectors of the Zandalari have joined the Darkspear tribe.

Blood elf

With the Ghostlands liberated of its undead taint, many of the fallen soldiers of Quel'thalas have returned to Silvermoon City and have rejoined the Horde in their fight as Undead elves.


At level 30, you many now choose a faith to adhere to. These faiths will offer upgrades to your abilities, new abilities, new passive abilities, new quests and new objects to craft (depending on your profession). Faiths also bring limitations (such as not being able to use shadow magic as a follower of the Light or not being able to complete quests relating to destroying the natural environment as a follower of Druidism), so sometimes choosing none can be more liberating.

The faiths that you may choose from are the following:

  • Ancestor worship
  • Deep Mother
  • Dragon worship
  • Druidism
  • Earthmother
  • Elune
  • The Light
  • The Loas
  • Nath
  • The Shadow
  • Shamanism
  • The Titans


Adventurers are now able to purchase merchant stands and shops in towns on Xoroth. These can range from taverns to butcher shops.

New Zones

  • Kul Tiras (101-102)
  • Florgom (102-103)
  • The Burning Isles (102-103)
  • Xorothian Plains (103-104)
  • Zantherik (104-105)
  • Tru'Lanas (105)
  • Ruins of K'aresh (PvP)

New Zone Overviews

Kul Tiras

After the Cataclysm cast Kul Tiras in the middle of the sea, the secret warlocks within the Kirin Tor showed themselves to be traitors. A dimential gate was opened on the island and hordes of Burning Legionnaires swarmed the island, swiftly conquering it. The majority of the island was enslaved by the Burning Legion, though a few were able to hide on the nearby isle of Crestfall. As the whereabouts of the island was unknown to the rest of Azeroth, the Burning Legion had plenty of time to prepare their invasions of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Now that the main invasions have been repelled, the forces of both the Horde and the Alliance have staged a full scale invasion of the island. The entire island is a warzone and therefore there are no friendly towns. The Kirin Tor Tower is located on this island and is inhabited by the warlocks who brought the Legion to Azeroth.


Florgom was one of the first locations to be invaded by the Coalition. It is a land of endless dirt and tall, naked mountains. The land is hilly and cracks and crevasses dot the landscape as steam erupts from underneath the earth in this land. Native to the land are the flors, a large slug-like race. Their capital city, Flormer, has aligned themselves with the Horde and have offered their support in the war against the Burning Legion. Flormer, being hidden in the mountains, is the only flor city that has not been occupied by the demon armies. The ethereal, having lost their nearby homeworld of K'aresh, have rushed to aid the Coalition in hopes to build a new home out of Florgom. A colony known as the Ethereal Sanctuary acts the military base for the K'aresh Refugees.

The Burning Isles

West of Florgom are the Burning Isles. The isles are surrounded by Xoroth's seas, which are made of pure lava. The ground is pitch black, making it a dark and flat wasteland. Giant animals roam the lands, though are hunted by a race known as the jik that inhabit these lands. The jik are skinless humanoids, though their minds appear to be more bestial than intelligent. Hunters from Azeroth have met in these islands to hunt the jik, due to how deadly they reportedly are. No settlements were ever made on this savage isles before the Coalition appeared. Not even the Burning Legion wished to colonize these lands until now. The Malakar, a naaru ship serving as the Alliance city on Xoroth, floats above these forbidden islands.

Xorothian Plains

Dry, tropical-looking trees are found in this grey and gloomy land. Large cities corrupted with fel magic run and controlled by the Burning Legion dot the map of this area. It is a mercantile hub for the Legion on Xoroth and much of the planet's business is done here. Caravans run by dreadsteeds can be found going from city to city in these lands. A benevolent race of air elementals known as gustlings are found in these lands. Wild dreadsteeds are also a common sight, especially around the few oasis. The Xorothian Plains is the only place on the planet where fresh water can be found. Armies of earthen have emerged from beneath the earth in this land to aid the Coalition in their war against the Burning Legion.


Zanther is a region of dense forests, where the tree's leaves are made of pure fire. Lava drips from large trees here as sap would on Azeroth. Wild worgen haunt the forests here. It uncertain if they are native here or not, as they do not appear to be a cursed version of any race (as Azeroth worgens cursed humans), though they could have been summoned here long ago as they were on Azeroth. Some were corrupted by the Burning Legion and conscripted into the planet's demonic armies. Hostile flame pixies fight both the Burning Legion and the Coalition invaders here. Deep searing caverns exist underneath these jungles. There, the obsidite live, short, metallic, titanic creations.


Tru'Lanas is a giant city in the middle of the continent. Giant demonic monuments made of fel gold are found all over the city. It was once the capital city of the flor empire, but now it is now the seat of power for the dreadlord rulers of the planet. The walls of the city are being torn down by Coalition forces. The city crumbles and all sense of security has fallen. All dreadlords have retreated to this massive city as a final stand against the Coalition. There are no neutrals here, you are either a part of the Coalition or the Burning Legion.

Ruins of K'aresh

Much like Draenor, upon K'aresh's destruction, remnants of the planet floated through the Twisting Nether aimlessly. Eventually, one large region of the destroyed planet plummeted into Xoroth. Now, a war has begun over who's shall rule the land. The Alliance have intervened on the island to protect the interests of the K'aresh Remnants, while the Horde wishes to seize this broken land as their own with the help of Grommosh's Vanguard.

New Instances

  • Ironforge (100) - Once the capital of the dwarves, Ironforge is now a citadel for the Burning Legion
  • Orgrimmar (101) - The city of orcs has fallen to demonic armies. Demons rain from the sky to reinforce their military here.
  • Kirin Tor Tower (102) - Kul Tiras' largest mage tower has been taken over by warlock traitors within the Kirin Tor.
  • Flormer Prisons (103) - Hostile jiks and similarly skinless creatures are staging a revolt in the flor's prisons.
  • Worg'pe (104) - This former city has been overrun by wild worgen. This city must be taken by the Coalition before the Legion can.
  • Gorthan (105) - Gorthan is Xoroth's version of the Emerald Dream. A bright orange paradise is now falling to Burning Legion invasions.
  • Zul'Dare (Raid) - The trolls of Zul'Dare have joined the Burning Legion and are now attacking the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Deadwind Caves (Raid) - The Deadwind ogres have been found to be harboring the orc fugitive Gul'dan.
  • Tru'Lanas Keep (Raid) - The citadel of the dreadlords. The dreadlord regiments of the Legion have regrouped here as their last stand. This is the final raid of the expansion.

New Battlegrounds

  • Blistering Valley - Set in the Xorothian Plains, the Blistering Valley is a 15x15 battleground. The objective of the game is to control the most trade goods by the end of the game (8 minutes without disruption). Both factions have one caravan. The Alliance start in the east and the Horde in the west. Both caravans will continue in the opposite direction (eventually passing next to each other halfway through) until they reach the end. A caravan can be halted when an enemy player attacks the horse/wolf leading the caravan. Both factions start with 100 trade goods (10 crates). There are 100 more crates scattered across the villages to the north and south. The villages, however, are inhabited by hostile jiks. To capture a crate, you must carry it back to your caravan. If you die while carrying a crate, the crate is left on the ground. Crates can be stolen from enemy caravans and brought back to your own.
  • Florgom Isle - Set in Florgom, Flprgom Isle is a 40x40 battleground. The objective of the game is to control all 25 settlements. The more settlements you control, the more NPCs you will gain for your army (numbers vary depending on the size of the settlement). Both factions start with a village which gives both sides ten human or orc troops. Unaligned settlements are hostile to both Horde and Alliance players until their Town Hall is captured. Different settlements offer different units. Ethereal settlements offer the best DPS. Flor settlements offer the best tanks. Worgen settlements offer average DPS, but many of them. Hamlets offer 5 troops, villages 10, cities 30. If an NPC dies, it will be resurrected at the settlement that it was created at two minutes after its death.

New Reputation Factions


  • K'aresh Remnants - Those that remained on K'aresh after its destruction are now being aided by the Alliance with their war against the Horde.
  • Kul Tiras Remnants - The remainder of the island who has dedicated their forces to the war against the legion.
  • The Malakar - A naaru ship that acts as a city for the Alliance.
  • Man'ari Resistance - Man'ari who have defected the Burning Legion to join the Coalition.
  • Menethil Harbor - The new city of the dwarfs, based in the Wetlands.
  • New Gnomergan - The new city of the gnomes, based in the Badlands.


  • Darkspear City - The new city of the trolls, based in the Lost Isles.
  • Flormer City - The Horde city on Xoroth, run by the flors, a native slug-like race.
  • Grommosh's Vanguard - A Horde regiment led by Grommosh Hellscream. It is a primary faction serving on Xoroth.
  • Slar'gol - The new city of the orcs, based in Dustwallow Marsh.
  • The Undermine - The new city of the goblins, based in Kezan.


  • K'aresh Refugees - An ethereal colonial program, seeking to create a home for themselves on Xoroth.
  • Medivh's Forces - A mysterious faction of wizards led by the legendary Medivh.
  • New Council of Tirisfal - A select few who have united under one goal; protecting Azeroth from demons.
  • Veterans of the Ebon Blade - A small group of death knights who have dedicated their lives to aiding the Coalition in destroying the Burning Legion once and for all.
  • Watchers of Xoroth - Titanic creations built to keep Xoroth stable. They have emerged from below the earth when the Coalition appeared.

Old World Changes

  • Ahn'Qiraj - The heart of the Silithid Empire is alive once more. Although now a warzone, the city is also an archeologist's dream as it is filled with ancient artefacts.
  • Arathi Highlands - The nation of Stromgarde has been rebuilt and human armies march on Forsaken territory.
  • Ashenvale Forest - With the withdrawal of the Horde from these lands, the night elves now seek to restore and regrow these lands.
  • Azshara - After the fall of Orgrimmar, legions of demons have poured into Azshara to claim to land as their own.
  • Azuremyst Isle - Draenei towns are rebuilt and the wreckage of the crash has been salvaged. The Exodar is now up and running, floating above the island.
  • Badlands - With Dun Morogh invaded, the gnomes have relocated to the Badlands, where they begrudgingly work with the local goblins to build a new home for themselves. This land is home to the new gnome capital of New Gnomergan.
  • Blasted Lands - Priests across Azeroth have come to this land to restore it and to turn it into holy grounds. They hope turn the whole of Azeroth into holy ground, to keep the Legion at bay.
  • Bloodmyst Isle - The Burning Legion has sent many of the Man'ari to invade the isle. However, a small insurgency is ongoing and some have defected to the Alliance.
  • Burning Steppes - Now under complete control of the Thorium Brotherhood, the local dark iron dwarfs carve out a new kingdom, with full fledged cities.
  • Cape of Stranglethorn - Gul'dan has fled the planet of Xoroth to recuperate in the jungles of Stranglethorn.
  • Darkshore - A war against the Burning Legion has been declared by the forces of the Old Gods. The Azshara's naga and the Burning Legion's satyrs now war over this destroyed land.
  • Deadwind Pass - The local ogres have been suspected of conspiring with the Burning Legion.
  • Desolace - The Khans of Desolace have united and with their undead armies are fighting to push all other races out of their empire.
  • Dun Morogh - The walls of Ironforge were caved in from behind by the Burning Legion. Soon, the entire land was overrun with demon armies.
  • Durotar - Demons rain from the sky in this fel-corrupted land. There appears to be little hope of cleansing the land, even if the Horde does liberate it.
  • Dustwallow Marsh - After the destruction of Orgrimmar, the orcs of the Horde have built a new nation here. The ruins of Theramore is now home to Slar'gol, the orc capital.
  • Duskwood - The land has been purged of its undead presence. The Alliance and the Horde's ogres now vie for control of the land.
  • Eastern Plaguelands - The forsaken have conquered most of these plagued lands, reversing the progress made by the Argent Crusade.
  • Elwynn Forest - Some citizens of Stormwind, fearing defeat, have defected to the Burning Legion. The Lion's Pride Inn is suspected to be harboring warlocks.
  • Eversong Forest - With the fall of Zul'Aman, many forest trolls have relocated to Eversong Forest, in a desperate attempt to make a home for themselves.
  • Felwood - The forest has been corrupted even more as the satyrs have made these lands their capital.
  • Feralas - The defeated ogres of Dire Maul have allied themselves with the invading Burning Legion and are now assaulting night elven lands.
  • Ghostlands - Purged of the undead taint, the forest is alive again. However, the new growth is proving too much for the blood elves.
  • Gilneas - The worgen, with the aid of the Alliance, have retaken Gilneas and purged the land of the undead plague. The City of Gilneas has been rebuilt.
  • Hillsbrad Foothills - Dwarfish refugees who were refused entry into Menethil have began reconquering Hillsbrad, with the help of Gilneas.
  • Hinterlands - The might of the local forest trolls has returned as their leaders gain strength from fel magic offered to them by the Burning Legion.
  • Isle of Quel'Danas - Both blood elves and the high elves vie for control of this island.
  • Kezan - As demon legions poured into Azshara, the Bilgewater Cartel went to reclaim their destroyed island of Kezan and rebuilt the city of the Undermine.
  • Loch Modan - Both gnomes and dwarfs fight together against the demon armies who have appeared in the land.
  • Lost Isles - The trolls of Durotar fled by ship and happened upon a lost chain of islands. The Darkspear have settled these lands and have built Darkspear City upon these savage lands.
  • Moonglade - With the Cenarion Circle relocated, the Horde and Alliance fight for control of this small sanctuary.
  • Mulgore - With their defeat at the hands of the Burning Legion, the Grimtotem have fled to Mulgore, surrendering themselves to Baine Bloodhoof and have integrated themselves into the Horde.
  • Northern Barrens - Refugees from across Kalimdor (especially the conquered Ratchet) have gathered in the now neutral Crossroads.
  • Northern Stranglethorn - With the Burning Legion invading the land, Nesingwary and his crew have a new beast to hunt; demons.
  • Redridge Mountains - The orcs of the land have been scattered, as various warlords now vie for control of the few lands that are not owned by the Alliance.
  • Searing Gorge - Draenor orcs, still loyal to the now disbanded Iron Horde, have taken up refuge in these lands.
  • Silithus - The qiraji have taken advantage of the new war against the Burning Legion to carve themselves out a new kingdom in the wastes.
  • Silverpine Forest - The forces of the Undercity have been forced to the very northern part of the forest. Worgen now rule most of the forest.
  • Southern Barrens - The entirety of the southern Barrens has been returned to its former state of being a lush forest. The Horde now vies with the native centaur to take control of these rich lands.
  • Stonetalon Mountains - The satyr armies encroach on the Stonetalon Mountains, threatening both Horde and Alliance expeditions.
  • Swamp of Sorrows - Wars between various lost ones tribes has erupted in the swamp. Some of the tribes have aligned themselves with the Legion.
  • Tanaris - The Steamwheedle Cartel has been disbanded, after all trade routes have been blocked by warfare. Gadgetzan, with the help of the Bildgewater, has militarized and is now expanding into the wastes.
  • Teldrassil - A new group of satyrs loyal to the Burning Legion have made their home in these night elf lands.
  • Thousand Needles - The goblins of the Horde have drained the land of its flooding and are now making the best of this desolate lands, building cities and commercial places.
  • Tol Barad - These lands have been reconquered by the Alliance. The Burning Legion, however, is testing a new undead plague here.
  • Tirisfal Glades - With all other enemies eliminated, the undead have amassed their forces in preparation for invading neighboring territories.
  • Un'goro Crater - The Cenarion Circle have relocated to these feral lands after being removed from northern Kalimdor by the Legion's armies.
  • Western Plaguelands - With the Scourge defeated, the forsaken have turned their weapons to the Argent Crusade.
  • Westfall - Tricked with promises of empowerment, the poor of Westfall have united to form a revolution in these lands. The Burning Legion is suspected to be behind this.
  • Wetlands - Dwarf clans from across the continent have united and settled the Wetlands. The dwarves are now refugees living in the rebuilt city of Menethil Harbor.
  • Winterspring - The fleeing furbolg of northern Kalimdor are fighting for their lives as the satyrs have cornered them in these arctic lands.

New Leveling Path


  1-10  Azuremyst Isle
  1-10  Teldrassil
  1-10  Dustwallow Marsh
  1-10  Lost Isles
  1-10  Kezan
  1-10  Mulgore
  10-20  Ashenvale Forest
  10-20  Feralas
  10-20  Tanaris
  10-20  Southern Barrens
  20-30  Northern Barrens
  20-30  Silithus
  30-35  Un'goro Crater
  30-35  Stonetalon Mountains
  35-40  Desolace
  35-40  Winterspring
  40-45  Bloodmyst Isle
  40-45  Felwood
  45-50  Azshara
  45-50  Thousand Needles
  50-58  Ahn'Qiraj
  50-58  Darkshore
  80-82  Mount Hyjal
  83-84  Uldum
  100-101  Durotar
  105  Moonglade

Eastern Kingdoms

  1-10  Badlands
  1-10  Elwynn Forest
  1-10  Gilneas
  1-10  Wetlands
  1-10  Eversong Forest
  1-10  Tirisfal Glades
  10-20  Loch Modan
  10-20  Redridge Mountains
  10-20  Western Plaguelands
  10-20  Ghostlands
  20-30  Hillsbrad Foothills
  20-30  Swamp of Sorrows
  30-35  Blasted Lands
  30-35  Silverpine Forest
  35-40  Hinterlands
  35-40  Northern Stranglethorn
  40-45  Arathi Highlands
  40-45  Duskwood
  45-50  Eastern Plaguelands
  45-50  Searing Gorge
  50-58  Burning Steppes
  50-58  Westfall
  80-82  Vashj'ir
  84-85  Twilight Highlands
  100-101  Dun Morogh
  105  Deadwind Pass
  105  Tol Barad
  105  Cape of Stranglethorn
  105  Isle of Quel'Danas

New Creatures

  • Fel Earthen - The titans also seeded earthen on Xoroth. These, however, have been assimilated as a part of the Burning Legion.
  • Felworgen - Wild worgen corrupted by fel magic. They now act as militaristic protectors of the Burning Legion's interests on Xoroth.
  • Fire pixie - Magical fae-like beings from Gorthan. They are extremely hostile to all other creatures.
  • Flor - Flor are a giant slug-like race the size of ogres. They are extremely religious and worship the Naaru as gods.
  • Gustling - A small race of air elementals who have been cursed with mortality. They are wary, but not hostile towards other races.
  • Jik - Skinless men and women who hunt in packs. They are more beast than man, but are extremely cunning and dangerous.
  • Obsidite - Short human-like creatures made of molten stone. They were created by the titans to protect Xoroth.
  • Tothrezim - Cousins of the dreadlords, the tothrezim are large winged citizens of the Burning Legion. They operate primarily businessmen within the empire.
  • Wild worgen - It is unsure if this is their native planet or if they were summoned also to this world from elsewhere.