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My Characters


A free spirit born in Teldrassil. His life's goal is to gather as much Gold as he can.

He has two pets:

  • Jaguero, so named for the island on which he was tamed. After taming him, Treader discovered that he was a Night Elf in disguise.
  • Babe, so named because he's a cute little boar from the Plaguelands.


Bastard son to a Night Elf father and a Night Saber mother, he was able to shape shift into animal form. The child was abandoned on Jaguero Isle where he remained in cat form and prowling to keep from getting eaten by giant gorillas.

He was later tamed by a hunter named Treader and given a proper name.


Naggirath adopted son of Grimely. He started playing with fire at a young age. Now he is a master of the fire element.


Grimely, the Paladin. Adopted two boys, Havis and Naggirath.


Havis adopted son of Grimely. He decided that he wanted to walk the path of darkness and become a rogue.


A priest with no contempt for the common man. Rudonis's little brother.


Crashed landed with the Exodar. Learned the ways of the shaman from a Troll he met while trying to get out of the wreckage. The Troll quickly turned on him and tried to eat him.


Jaguero's half-brother (the one they kept).


Flaminio and Rudonis's big brother.


Ttik was once a paladin; however, the Light was stripped from him when he failed to save the life of his companion. After many years of sorrow and despair, he found comfort in death.

The Lich King, upon finding his lifeless body and sensing the pain in his heart, resurrected him and recruited him to fight for the Scourge. When the Lich King betrayed him, he fled.

Now, he again fights for the Light while choosing to remain in the Dark. The Dark affords him spells and abilities that he would never be able to use if he were a paladin.


The middle child of three. She has two brothers Pesch and Flaminio. She ran away at a very young age and wound up in Gilneas. When the worgen pandemic struck, she was forced to fight for her adoptive city. She, like all the others, was eventually bitten and cursed. Embarrassed and frightened by her worgen side, she prefers to stay in human form only transforming in the heat of battle.

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