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User Functions

-- Returns a list of values in whatever order you specify in order and only those you specify in order.
-- Mostly useful for functions that return multiple values.
-- This function is horribly inefficient, I just wanted to see if it could be done.
ret1, ret2, ... retN = GetReturnValues(order, functionCall) -- [talk]

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-- Return how many times needle is contained in haystack.
ret = CountChars(haystack, needle) -- [talk]

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-- Imp strsub. Returns a string starting from start to length characters from start (identical to the PHP function of the same name).
ret = substr(string, start [, length]) -- [talk]

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-- Split a string into groups of "length" each ending with "endChars" (identical to the PHP function of the same name).
ret = ChunkSplit(string [, length [, endChars]]) -- [talk]

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-- Return the exact position the cursor is at based on scale.
x, y = GetCursorScaledPosition() -- [talk]

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-- Unregister an event from all applicable frames.
nil = UnregisterEventFromAllFrames(string) -- [talk]

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-- Tell the API to stop listen for events (...)
nil = Frame:UnregisterEvents(frame, string, ...) -- [talk]

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-- Tell the API to listen for events (...)
nil = Frame:RegisterEvents(frame, string, ...) -- [talk]

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-- Register a slash command (add all commands at the end).
nil = SlashCmdList_AddSlashCommand(name, func, ...) -- [talk]

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-- Add a message to the chat frame when you gain or lose money.
-- PLAYER_MONEY Event -- [talk]

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-- Make a simple context menu.
-- Context Menu Maker -- [talk]

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-- round input to n places
number = round(input, n) -- [talk]

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-- Returns the function called when using /cmd.
slashFunction = GetSlashFunc(cmd) -- [talk]

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