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self notes

maybe do a category for dispels

for "blabla crafted items" categories, consider changing "crafted items" to "products." possibly supported by the term "production professions," if blizz does use it

to do/to finish
formatting & other code bits
  • manual zebra-striping on tables: |- class="alt"
  • set vertical alignment for all text in a table to top: class="vertical-align-row"
  • denote where to wrap a word if it's too long: zero-width space (​), soft hyphen (­)
  • alt text with dotted underline: <abbr title="alt text"></abbr>
other stuff
  • hash and ID for icons can be found at
  • cargo tables are found at Special:CargoTables
  • javascript modules like the one that defines race icons are found at Module:Tablename
  • hide self for screenshots: /console showplayer
  • alternative blue tracker, somewhat broken but might help in cases where no one else has a post:
  • thottbot links:
    •[NPC ID]
    •[ITEM ID]
    •[QUEST ID]
    •[SPELL ID]
  • allakhazam links:
    •[NPC ID]
    •[ITEM ID]
    •[QUEST ID]
    •[SPELL ID]
oozed ore notes
Hive location Ooze Covered Ore
Classic Retail
The Writhing Deep, Feralas Gold, Mithril, Truesilver, Thorium No ore present
Rustmaul/Sunken Dig Site, Thousand Needles Silver, Gold, Mithril No ore present
The Slithering Scar, Un'Goro Crater Truesilver Thorium, Truesilver
Hive'Zora, western Silithus Truesilver, Rich Thorium Small Thorium (non-oozed), Truesilver (maybe?), Rich Thorium
Hive'Ashi, northern Silithus Truesilver, Rich Thorium Small Thorium (non-oozed) in very small numbers
Hive'Regal, southern Silithus Truesilver (just a few), Rich Thorium Small Thorium (non-oozed), Rich Thorium (non-oozed)

bold = personally verified

no idea about ooze covered iron lmao

article layout

  • disambig line
  • article message box/temporary notices (stub, wikify, etc)
  • infobox
  • lead section
  • toc
  • article content (mob-specific):
    • history
    • abilities
    • objective of
    • drops
    • quotes
    • related items
    • notes/trivia
  • gallery
  • videos
  • patch changes
  • see also
  • references
  • elinks
  • navbox
  • categories

stuff for copying

collapsed section

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="blabla open" data-collapsetext="blabla close">
===bla bla===
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">
ble ble ble


itembox for pandaria general goods vendors
 |Pounded Rice Cake|q1=5|c1={{cost|2|40}}
 |Fresh Water|q2=5|c2={{cost|1|10}}
 |Refreshing Spring Water|q3=5|c3={{cost|||25}}
 |Thick Hide Pack|c4={{cost|12}}
 |Simple Wood|c5={{cost|||38}}

mob stuff

*{{Patch 8.2.5|note=Now scales up to level ??.}}
*{{Patch 7.3.5|note=Now [[zone scaling|scales]] to level ?. Previous level range was ? - ?.}}
 |name = 
 |image = 
 |faction = 
 |title = 
 |gender = 
 |race = 
 |creature = 
 |level = 
 |type = 
 |character = 
 |health = 
 |mana = 
 |money = 
 |aggro = 
 |affiliation = 
 |occupation = 
 |location = 
 |status = 
 |relatives = 
 |mentors = 
 |students = 
 |companions = 
 |pet = 
 |instance = 
 |source = 

silly things